5 Ways to Decorate Your Dining Area with Table Runners

5 Ways to Decorate Your Dining Area with Table Runners - Vaaree

Table runners are underrated table accessories. Table runners are long strips of fabric that are placed in the middle of tables. They’re primarily used for decorative purposes. Table runners are useful for regular usage and suitable for special occasions where a delicate touch is required. Depending on the colour and texture one selects, a table runner can make a subtle or bold improvement to a table setting. 

Consider a table runner that is themed for the holiday season or the festive season to make the house look trendy. And if all one wants to do is change the atmosphere at home, a new table runner can be the perfect way to do that. Table runners, like other table linen, are available in various designs and sizes. They’re used to protect the table from stain marks as well. One of the easiest and most convenient ways to spruce up your dining area is by using beautiful table runners. 

There are many different ways to use table runners. Continue reading to understand more!

  1. The Traditional Approach

This approach involves placing the table runner along the length of the dining table. Usually, table runners are placed in the middle of the dining table. This way, the attention goes on the table runner. This layout allows one to place serving dishes on the runner. Table runners can also be placed along the edges and not only in the centre. Multiple table runners can be used to make the table look fresh and peppy! If one wants to highlight the length of the dining table, this approach is the best. 

  1. The Width-wise Approach

This approach is a rather modern variation of the traditional approach of laying table runners. Here, one can place the table runner along the WIDTH of the table. Yes, you read it right! The table runner is placed along the shorter side of a table. Instead of using table mats, one can place table runners across the table. This contemporary and trendy way of placing table runners is gaining a lot of popularity lately! This placement not only looks beautiful but also is efficient and effective. It also makes cleaning the table an easy process. 

  1. The Shorter Approach 

As the name suggests, this approach involves using a small and short table runner. Traditionally, placing a table runner along the length of the table allows one to focus more on the centre of the table. This is just a twisted version of that. Placing a shorter table runner in the middle of the table brings a fresh and modern vibe to the setting. The table runner is a lot smaller than the table itself, in terms of length. People also get a glance of the table when a runner is placed in this way. This also brings in a very vogue and fashionable touch to the dining table!

  1. The Linen-on-linen Approach 

This approach involves using a table cloth. A table cloth is a piece of fabric that is spread across the table. It’s more like a covering for the table. People use table cloths to protect the table from external damage. Using a soft tablecloth makes the experience of the people who are dining extremely pleasant. Placing a table runner on top of a tablecloth is like a cherry on the top! Contrasting colours of table linen are recommended. Even different textures will do the job. For example, placing a graceful lace table runner against a solid coloured tablecloth is a classic combination. This makes both the fabrics stand out and makes the table look prettier!

  1. The DIY Approach

Who says that one needs to choose from these few styles mentioned above? A table runner can be styled in any way. Let the creative juices flow, people! Placing table runners in an ‘X’ formation on the dining table is becoming common in today’s day and age. One can place a table runner diagonally across the table too! There is not a standard way to go about this. Dining areas vary from house to house. Some people have circular tables while others have rectangular tables. There are no rules that have to be followed. It is your house and your choice - style it the way you want!

Table runners can be modern, traditional, royal, vintage, elegant and even chic! There are a million different options to choose from. Depending on the setting of an individual’s home, a choice has to be made. Table runners can be used in multiple ways. The usage of table runners is not restricted to dining tables. Centre tables, work stations, study tables and even side tables look extremely beautiful with table runners on them! Vaaree has a curated variety of table runners that suit almost all settings! Head over to www.vaaree.com to buy the best table runners available in the market!


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