About Us

Okay, we aren’t here to put a long, clichéd narrative about how great or mission oriented we are. Well, we’re pretty modest that way. Our story is simple. We want everyone to have authentic and beautiful homes. We are here to make shopping for home products easy peasy lemon squeezy. Vaaree is the only curated, themed marketplace for home products.


Just so you know we source products from certified manufacturers across the country and the products offered by Vaaree have their own story to tell. We make sure all our products go through a stringent testing process so we can offer you the best of the best!


In today’s fast paced world, spending time on home products can be a task. But we also know that having a beautiful house is a statement in itself. Our ‘shop the look’ section is here to the rescue! It is one of a kind. Our designers put in time and effort into curating the perfect set of products for you. Now, you don’t have to break your head over what designs or colours match! That’s why we’re here! Easy come, easy go!

Very honestly, we’re not here to sell products or services. Don’t worry, we’re not the holier-than-thou brand either. We are here to offer you a lifestyle. A lifestyle that will upgrade your house to your home. Home is where the heart is. Ladies and gentlemen, take a deep breath because Vaaree is here to steal your heart. (yes, we’re a little extra).