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Chef's Kiss Knife Set - Set Of Six

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Grandma's Kitchen Press

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Buy Modern Kitchen Tools & Gadgets Online in India at Vaaree

Every kitchen deserves its own arsenal that is equipped with kitchen tools. They simplify tasks, make chores easier, and enhance safety in the kitchen. Needless to say, kitchen tools are every homemaker’s best friend. After all, you need someone by your side when handling difficult foods and to finish your tasks quicker!

Vaaree offers a variety of kitchen gadgets and tools to make your job easier. You will find some handy gear designed to finish off cumbersome tasks in a jiffy and leave more time for other activities. Durability, value, and quality are what you can expect in every kitchen tool that you see at Vaaree. You will be surprised at the innovative products on offer that can make anyone a whiz in the kitchen!

The Essential Kitchen Tools & Gadgets You Need To Stock Up

Here are a few tools that can make life in the kitchen easier for you:

  1. Garlic Press: Nobody likegarlic-smellingng hands or worse spending hours to crush them. Pressed garlic imparts a better flavour to the food and is definitely more convenient than crushing. This kitchen tool takes up less storage space too!
  2. Kitchen Scissor: Not just for snipping the milk pouch, a dedicated kitchen scissor is super helpful in cutting herbs and chillies too. No more messy chopping!
  3. Knife Set: A set because different knives serve different purposes. Each blade is designed for a specific task like chopping, slicing, fileting, carving, etc. You will see the difference it makes in taste and plating when you use the right knife!
  4. Pizza Slicer: If you can dish up a restaurant-style pizza, you should cut it like them too! Use it to cut pizza, brownies, lasagne, etc., neatly and of course without taking off the top layer of the cheese.
  5. Lemon Zester: Yes, you can use a grater too, but a lemon zester will give you the finest zest with the sharpest punch. Your cakes and drinks will love the tang!
  6. Peeler: To finely peel away the skin from fruits and vegetables, a peeler is required. Unlike knives, peelers give you thin peelings which avoid food wastage. You can use this to instantly spruce up your salad plating too!
  7. Potato Masher: It is called a potato masher, but you can always use it to mash any veggie or crumble cheese too.
  8. Pastry Brush: Make glazing easier with a pastry brush. It is extremely helpful in spreading the butter/sauce etc., evenly onto the dish while keeping your hands clean!
  9. Wine Bottle Opener: For all those parties where you struggled to open the cork, a wine opener will definitely come in handy! Keep it around to smoothly open those precious bottles. Spend more time savouring the drink and less time opening it.
  10. Dough Cutter: A dough cutter can be an extremely valuable tool for those who like to bake. It aids in cutting the dough into various shapes and adds fun to the baking process! Perfect for cutting pizza dough balls too!
  11. Chopping Knife: Right chopping is the soul of cooking. And we know how much everyone dreads it. Which is why having the right chopping knife is so imperative. When selecting a chopping knife, pick one that fits your palm ergonomically enough to rock back and forth, fast yet steadily. Pay extra attention to the blade – the sharper it is, the more precise will be the cuts, and effortless will be the chopping.
  12. Spoons: Spoons are one of the most underrated kitchen tools. If you use the same spoons for your cooking as your use for eating, you’re doing it wrong. Wrong spoons can ruin your cookware! Have a good assortment of wooden, silicon, and steel spatula spoons for different functionalities like flipping, scraping, spreading, and mixing.

Browse through Our Online Store for All Your Kitchen Gadgets Needs

Luckily for you, Vaaree has everything you need to make your kitchen more functional. Here, you will find the finest quality kitchen tools that will assist in keeping your kitchen clean, orderly, and mess-free.

And don’t worry about the price point as we promise premium quality and value deals. How? By dodging middlemen and minimizing unnecessary facades like packaging and advertising. We curate directly from manufacturers and put in all our resources only on quality. This way, every time you shop with us, you get more product value for the price you pay.

Lastly, if you are all set up with your collection, remember to never settle for less when it comes to maintaining the hygiene and efficiency of your kitchen tools! Buy kitchen accessories from Vaaree for an organized kitchen and pamper the little master chef within you!
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