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Artificial Plants - Faux Evergreen Ficus Plant with Pot - 5.91 ft

Faux Evergreen Ficus Plant with Pot - 5.91 ft


₹5,999 ₹9,000 33%Off
Artificial Plants - Faux Long Butterfly Palm Plant With Pot - 4.92 ft

Faux Long Butterfly Palm Plant With Pot - 4.92 ft


₹5,999 ₹10,000 40%Off
Artificial Plants - Faux Banana Musa Plant With Pot - 4.92 ft

Faux Banana Musa Plant With Pot - 4.92 ft


₹5,880 ₹9,000 35%Off
Vase - Milo Vase - Set Of Ten
Set of Ten

Milo Vase - Set Of Ten


₹6,999 ₹11,499 39%Off
Wall Lamp - Abeer Wall Lamp

Abeer Wall Lamp

Glass Shade

₹1,800 ₹2,499 28%Off
Artificial Plants - Faux Evergreen Bamboo Plant With Pot (4.92 ft) - Light Green

Faux Evergreen Bamboo Plant With Pot (4.92 ft) - Light Green


₹4,999 ₹9,000 44%Off
Artificial Plants - Faux Cape Ficus Plant With Pot - 5.25 ft

Faux Cape Ficus Plant With Pot - 5.25 ft


₹4,499 ₹8,000 44%Off
Floor Lamp - Palm Pie Norfolk Floor Lamp

Palm Pie Norfolk Floor Lamp

Fabric Shade

₹3,395 ₹6,750 50%Off
Showpieces - Ocean Lord Showpiece

Ocean Lord Showpiece

Metal, MDF

₹2,399 ₹3,999 40%Off
Wall Lamp - Vintage Pulley Wall Lamp

Vintage Pulley Wall Lamp

Metal Shade

₹1,754 ₹4,000 56%Off
Showpieces - Vintage Auto Rickshaw Showpiece

Vintage Auto Rickshaw Showpiece

Brass, Aluminum

₹861 ₹1,230 30%Off
Artificial Plants - Faux Butterfly Palm Plant With Pot - 2.79 ft

Faux Butterfly Palm Plant With Pot - 2.79 ft


₹1,149 ₹2,000 43%Off
Floor Lamp - Blace Netima Floor Lamp With Shelf - Almond

Blace Netima Floor Lamp With Shelf - Almond

Fabric Shade

₹3,149 ₹9,186 66%Off
Table Lamp - Mabel Hammered Golden Table Lamp - Green

Mabel Hammered Golden Table Lamp - Green

Fabric Shade

₹1,500 ₹3,000 50%Off
Table Lamp - Fiza Etched Table Lamp - Green

Fiza Etched Table Lamp - Green

Fabric Shade

₹1,520 ₹3,000 49%Off
Wall Lamp - Ornate Farola Wall Lamp

Ornate Farola Wall Lamp

Glass Shade

₹1,112 ₹2,900 62%Off
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Artificial Plants - Faux Green Areca Palm Plant With Pot - 2.79 ft

Faux Green Areca Palm Plant With Pot - 2.79 ft


₹1,149 ₹2,000 43%Off
Vase - Fika Vases - Set of Two
Set of Two

Fika Vases - Set of Two


₹899 ₹1,499 40%Off
Artificial Flowers - Baby Breath Stems - Set Of Seven

Baby Breath Stems - Set Of Seven

Dried Flowers & Leaves

₹1,459 ₹1,751 17%Off
Mummy Approved
Artificial Plants - Faux Multicolor Monstera Silk Plant With Pot - 55 cms

Faux Multicolor Monstera Silk Plant With Pot - 55 cms


₹499 ₹800 38%Off
Dinner Set - Sleek Serenity Dinner Set - 33 Piece Set

Sleek Serenity Dinner Set - 33 Piece Set


₹15,195 ₹15,995 5%Off
Floor Lamp - Classic Chic Vintage Stand Floor Lamp - White

Classic Chic Vintage Stand Floor Lamp - White

Fabric Shade

₹3,304 ₹6,500 49%Off
Wall Lamp - Sallow Wall Lamp - Set Of Two

Sallow Wall Lamp - Set Of Two

Glass Shade

₹3,500 ₹4,200 17%Off
Showpieces - Bloom Garden Showpiece

Bloom Garden Showpiece

Metal, MDF

₹3,023 ₹5,399 44%Off

Unique Gifts Online for Everyone

Now and then life presents us with enough opportunities to present the best gifts to our loved ones. But finding the perfect gift as per the occasion, the recipient’s interest, the bond you share with them, and within your budget can be a painstakingly complex move. With so many gift websites, picking unique gifts online is just like searching for a needle in a haystack. But imagine an online store that answers all your gifting needs. How amazing is it? Vaaree is that platform that houses an extensive range of stunning gifts online. 

Your search for gifts for family, friends, or colleagues ends here with Vaaree. Every time you visit our gift collection, you find something new that wins your heart. Our curated selection of presents includes exclusive decorative items that are sure to impress. We believe that every gift should be as unique as the person receiving it. To stay true to our belief, we deal with the most diverse and thoughtfully chosen collection that caters to every taste and preference.

Gifts and Hampers Online at Vaaree

At Vaaree, we understand that gifts are more than just items; they are expressions of love, appreciation, warm wishes, goodwill, and care. The moment you present someone with a gift, you build a bond with them that can last forever. These moments of sharing gifts become the joyous, and memorable moments of life that we celebrate and give us the will to move forward when life throws lemons at us. 

Here at Vaaree, we have the greatest stock of unique gifts online along with gift hampers. We don’t bind you in the shackles of only picking tangible items. Our gift hampers online let your loved ones pick the gift boxes online that speak to their needs. With the promise of unfolding the prettiest, and largest gift options, it’s time to dive deep into our selection of gifts online in India:

Gifts by Occasions

People often start scouring through our gift options when there’s a special occasion or event nearby. With a strong grip on customers’ preferences, we’ve also listed down gift ideas as per festivals or occasions. Check them out right below:

  1. Housewarming Gifts

The event of being a house owner and shifting to a new building is always a euphoric occasion that homeowners love to celebrate with near and dear ones. If you’re a lucky invitee for such an event, then our housewarming gifts collection has some of the most functional and decorative pieces that you can never go wrong with. Luxury dinner sets, showpieces, teapots, cotton bed sheets, cups & mugs are perfect gift ideas for new homeowners. 

  1. Baby Shower Gifts

The beginning of a new journey as a parent is always ecstatic. It’s the ideal occasion to gift the mom-to-be and dad-to-be baby essentials that will help them in the coming days after the baby’s arrival. Presents like kids' toys or crib bedding essentials are perfect for this occasion. Check out Vaaree for the best baby shower gifts online.

  1. Return Gifts

When someone is leaving an event premise after a wedding, birthday, or anniversary celebration, make their day special, and the event memorable by handing them out return gifts like candle stands & holders, idols & sets, and bedding essentials. It’s a standard practice to share the joy you experience from your guests’ presence at the event, and receiving exquisite wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, or unique birthday gifts from them. They deserve this special treatment for investing their time, and effort in making your celebration glorious.

  1. Farewell and Thank You Gifts

Bidding adieu to a co-worker or a family member while they are moving companies, cities or countries can be heart-wrenching. But sharing the best gifts with them is a great way to make the move less painful, and more exciting. If you’re gift online shopping to pick the best farewell gift from our collection, you can’t help but admire how beautiful our barware, glassware, and wall decor items are. 

  1. Corporate Gifts

Corporate events also necessitate sharing corporate gifts with employees, and clients to build a strong bond among everyone involved in establishing a business. While designing joining kits for employees or celebrating work anniversaries of long-term employees, kitchen linens, bakeware, cookware, boxes & baskets, or natural plants can be excellent presents. 

Gifts by Relation

Finding the right gifts online for dear ones is easy with Vaaree’s gifts for loved ones category. Here we’ve unfolded the best gifts for the people close to your heart:

  1. Gifts for Girlfriend

The lovely lady in your life who can go to any length to support you during every obstacle you face deserves the best gifts. Just ensure to select gifts for your girlfriend as per her interests, likes, dislikes, and passions. If she loves gardening, garden accessories are her things; if she loves to decorate her home with photos, stylish photo frames will present her with a grin on her face. 

  1. Gifts for Boyfriend

The special ‘he’ in life is your pillar of strength. So shower love on him with unique gifts online such as plants & seeds, bathroom accessories, bath linens, desk organizers, or lamps & lighting. Help him to organize his living space just as he wishes.

3. Gifts for Wife

Your wife will surely appreciate home essentials such as laundry baskets, magazine holders, shelves, and kitchen & dining organizers as presents. Make her day special with gifts online chosen from the charming gift collection of Vaaree. 

4. Gifts for Husband

Your husband will fall in love more as he unwraps the presents that arrived at your home wrapped in gift boxes from Vaaree. Surprise him with impressive wall accents, decorative vases, accent bowls & trays, and clocks that he can use daily in his day-to-day life. 

5. Gifts for Couples

Are you invited to attend an anniversary or wedding? Show your love, and good wishes for the couple by choosing the absolute necessities that they need in their everyday life. Some fine examples of such gifts are cooking pots & handi, duvet covers, dohar, razai & blankets, bedcovers, and more home essentials

6. Gifts for Best Friend

Wow your friends on their birthdays with home essentials like Diwan sets, rugs & carpets, curtains, and cushion cover sets

Gifts by Special Days

Make every special day memorable with Vaaree’s selection of ‘gifts by special days’. Wondering what you can expect from us? Let’s check them out:

  1. New Years Gifts

As you step into a new year, and warmly welcome the new beginning, express your fondness for your beloveds by gifting them pans & grill pans, tawa, cookware sets, or candles & aromas that mesmerize their senses. 

2. Friendship Day Gifts

Don’t let this opportunity to surprise your friends slip through your fingers. Stun them on this friendship’s day with embroidered cushions, sofa throws, comforters & AC quilts, wall plates, outdoor lamps, and other home decor items that your friend takes an interest in. 

3. Christmas Gifts

As the end of the year is near, it’s time to arrange parties with friends, and family. If you’re invited to a Christmas party, help the host make the party lively by presenting them practical Christmas gifts online such as string lights, wall posters, artificial flowers & plants

Gifts by Festivals

We Indians celebrate the spirit of every festival with pomp, and fervor. Be a part of this heartfelt celebration by participating in the festivals and sharing unique gifts online chosen from Vaaree’s ‘gifts by festival’ collection. Let’s explore our selection of gifts for Indian festivals:

  1. Diwali Gifts

As Navratri or India’s favorite Durga puja is over, every corner of this sub-continent lights up in flowers, decorative papers, lamps & lights. During this time, many households arrange Laxmi or Kali puja. If you’re lucky enough to receive an invitation to attend these puja ceremonies, make the day of the host by presenting decorative urli, toran, diya, wall lamps, or ceiling lamps as unique Diwali Gifts.

2. Rakhi Gifts

Rakhi is a festival that celebrates the pious bond between a brother, and sister. Don’t miss this opportunity to purchase the finest Rakhi gifts online from Vaaree. Our amazing gift collection covers the best Rakhi gifts for sisters such as towel sets, and jewelry organizers along with the perfect Rakhi gifts for brothers such as key holders, and accent furniture. 

Gifts by Budget

Sifting through so many gift websites online might make it seem that gifting is an expensive endeavor. But trust us, gift online shopping doesn’t have to break the bank. Vaaree helps you stick to your budget with the freedom to choose among an umpteen amount of stunning, practical gifts:

  1. Gifts Under ₹499

If you’re tight on budget, worry not! Check out our Gifts under ₹499 collection to unlock a sea of impressive, and practical gift options. 

2. Gifts Under ₹999

No need to go overboard with your budget as you peruse the gifts online. Our Gifts under ₹999 collection takes the curtain off of some of the phenomenal decor items.

3. Gifts Under ₹1499

Stay true to your budget, and bring out the widest smile on the recipient’s face by picking a present from our lovely Gifts under ₹1499 collection. You can pick items from this selection of gifts that you can use in your routine life.

4. Gifts Under ₹1999

If your budget permits you to select high-end gifts online, then our Gifts under ₹1999 collection has the best options listed under it. 

Explore Gifting, Home Decor & Essential Items Online

Vaaree is a highly reliable gifting shop that primarily deals online. Browse through its nook and cranny and you’ll come across exclusive home decor and everyday essential items that are not found anywhere else. So make the most of this opportunity, and give your loved ones eccentric presents that make their day.

Why Choose Vaaree for Buying Gifts Online?

Vaaree is your one-stop shop for buying the best gifts online. Our outstanding collection, high-quality products, and exceptional customer service make us the best choice for all your gifting needs. No matter the purpose behind your gift shopping, Vaaree has covered all. Shop with confidence from Vaaree knowing that each gift is carefully selected to meet the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

FAQs on Gifting

What are some creative gifts?

The best creative gifts can come in the form of wall plates, windchimes & dreamcatchers, festive decor, lamps, lanterns, candle holders, and pooja essentials.

How do you make a gift unique?

The best way to make a gift unique is by customizing it with the recipient’s name, initials, or a special date that holds significance to the recipient or both the recipient and the sender. Handmade presents, personalized messages, and quirky packaging can also make a gift stand out.

How do I choose a unique gift?

Choosing a unique gift that also speaks to the recipient requires thoughtful consideration of the recipient’s interests, hobbies, and likes. Items that resonate with their personality and passion make one-of-a-kind gifts that one holds close to their heart.

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