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Buy Pots & Planters - Callena Planter With Stand - Set Of Two at Vaaree online

Callena Planter With Stand - Set Of Two


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Buy Pots & Planters - Pastel Mimic Planters - Set Of Three at Vaaree online

Pastel Mimic Planters - Set Of Three


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Buy Pots & Planters - Heaven Blush Planter - Set Of Two at Vaaree online

Heaven Blush Planter - Set Of Two


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Buy Pots & Planters - Terazzo Terracotta Planters - Set Of Four at Vaaree online

Terazzo Terracotta Planters - Set Of Four


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Buy Pots & Planters - Gold Leaf Planter at Vaaree online

Gold Leaf Planter


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Buy Pots & Planters - Swirl & Geometric Planter at Vaaree online

Swirl & Geometric Planter


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Buy Pots & Planters - Goldo Glamour Planter - Set Of Two at Vaaree online

Goldo Glamour Planter - Set Of Two


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Buy Pots & Planters - Ugaoo Watermelon Original Color Ceramic Planter at Vaaree online

Ugaoo Watermelon Original Color Ceramic Planter


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Buy Pots & Planters - Botanical Beauties Jute Planter at Vaaree online

Botanical Beauties Jute Planter


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Buy Pots & Planters - Sofia Macrame Plant Hanger - Set Of Two at Vaaree online

Sofia Macrame Plant Hanger - Set Of Two


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Buy Pots & Planters - Creta Metal Planter - Set Of Two at Vaaree online

Creta Metal Planter - Set Of Two


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Buy Pots & Planters - Artistic Jute Planter at Vaaree online

Artistic Jute Planter


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Buy Pots and Planters Online in India at the Lowest Prices

Time spent in nature = time well spent. But in the race for life and the city’s unthoughtful infrastructure, who gets to luxuriate in the laps of nature? Only the lucky ones, we suppose.

Well, you can be lucky to enjoy the green life every day, too. How? By becoming a plant parent. By blessing your homes with indoor plant pots!

The best part about shopping for indoor plants online on Vaaree is – we deliver the freshest plants and planters at the lowest prices!

Vaaree Offers A Variety Of Pots And Planters

Whether you are looking for a new flower pot for your fresh blooms or need a new live plant with a pot, just explore the selections on Vaaree to be spoilt with choices. Here are a few types of pots and planters we offer at our online store:

  • Indoor Plant Pots – As the name states, this type of planter is ideal for indoor usage i.e., in the living room, bedroom, etc. We have both small and large indoor plant pots.
  • Outdoor Planter – Outdoor pots are usually heavier, bigger, and sturdier, kept in balconies/large open spaces.
  • Hanging Planter – Hanging planters are suspended from a rope/hook both in indoor and outdoor settings. They are perfect for blooms like English Ivy or vines like money/spider plants.
  • Table Top Planter – This type of pottery planters are usually small in size and is placed on the table. The cutest way to add some greens!
  • Railing Planter – Don’t have even an inch of space in your home? Railing planters to the rescue! As it mounts on the edge of the balcony, deck, patio or any other type of railing, it looks extremely stylish and is space-saving. Must-have kitchen garden pots for growing herbs or any other microgreens.
  • Floor Planter With Stand – Big indoor plant pots can be a headache to move and maintain. Enter floor planters with stand. As the pots are resting on a sturdy stand, you can easily clean the floor.
  • Accent Planter – Accent planters are more decorative than functional. Think cute flower pots with faux stems, a puppy-shaped planter with cactus, and other similar variants. This type of planter is ideal for small plants like bonsai, succulents, etc.

Vaaree Offers A Variety Of Pot Material Options

A plant-primarily needs five things to grow – good nutrition, light, water, air, and space. However, when growing green babies in a planter, you must also take care of the material because every plant requires a specific material and soil mix to survive. If you fail to select the right pot material, your plants might not thrive. At Vaaree, we offer a host of planters as per sizes and material. These include:

  • Ceramic plant pots:

When it comes to planters, ceramic plant pots are the preferred choice. As ceramic is naturally porous, retains moisture and promotes better airflow, it makes a perfect planter for most types of plants. Our curation ranges from small to large, outdoor as well as indoor ceramic plant pots. Additionally, our ceramic plant pots assortment is further categorized into terracotta planters and porcelain flower pots.

  • Metal planters:

If modern pots are on your mind, metal is the apt material for you. Sturdy, durable and rustic-looking, it is ideal for indoor use only. To enhance their longevity whilst keeping the blooms fresh, we recommend placing a plastic pot inside the metal planter.

  • Wooden planters:

Wood is naturally lightweight and toxin-free. However, it is not durable if drenched in water. Hence, wooden planters make remarkable decorative plant pots to display your faux pieces. If you are fixed on planting live plants in a wooden planter, line it with plastic or another pot.

  • Plastic/Polypropylene planters:

Plastic planters are a great choice for gardening accessories because they are lightweight, inexpensive, highly durable, and compatible with the majority of plant requirements. If you have just started your journey and are unsure of how it’d go, invest in the plastic variant and then upgrade to ceramic plant pots.

  • Cane planters:

Just like wood, the cane is lightweight and doesn’t favour water. Ideal as an indoor planter, use it for faux plants or line it with another pot.

  • Coir planters:

Coir is bio-degradable, aerates the soil and has good water retention properties. Optimal for growing medium plants, coir pots are excellent to germinate a delicate seed. Later on, they can be transferred into large ceramic plant pots – where they can decompose, and the plant can thrive.

  • Concrete planters

Concrete planters are the sturdiest plant pots and are used both outdoors and indoors. Perfectly compatible with all plants.

Why Should You Purchase Flower Pots from Vaaree?

  • No matter what you want to grow, we have the right planter for you! From indoor plant pots to quirky flower pots, we boast the largest planter collection curated from top manufacturers in India.
  • Premium quality is a forever promise. From sourcing to shipping, quality is the core of everything we do.
  • Lowest price guarantee. As we get our stock directly from manufacturers, we eradicate all other factors in the supply that lead to price surges like middlemen commission, packaging, logistics etc.
  • What you see on the website is what you get in real. We upload only verified product images and supportive descriptions to help you make an informed purchase.

You get exactly what you see! Our other popular collections include Garden Decor Collections, Bathroom Decor Collections, Home Decor Collections, Dining Decor Collections, Kitchen Decor Collections, Living Room Decor Collections, & Bedroom Decor Collections... the list goes on. Explore more now on vaaree.com.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Where can you buy the best planters (pots)?

You can buy the best planters(pots) online from Vaaree! We also offer plant and planter together, in single styles and even seeds!

2. Which would be the best ceramic pots for plants?

The best ceramic pots for plants depend on the type of plant – how much water it would require, how tall it will grow etc. If you are too confused about which ceramic pot planter is right for you, explore our website or chat with us on Whatsapp.

3. Where do we get unique pots and plants Online?

You will get the most unique pots and plants online on Vaaree. As we source our items from top manufacturers in India, every time you explore our website, you will discover a never-seen-before variety at unbelievable prices.

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