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Buy Panchmukhi White Ganesh Idol at Vaaree online | Beautiful Idols & Sets to choose from

Panchmukhi White Ganesh Idol


₹1,200.00₹4,000.00 70%Off
Buy Tribal Bonfire Tealight Candle Holder at Vaaree online | Beautiful Tea Light Candle Holders to choose from

Tribal Bonfire Tealight Candle Holder


₹1,326.00₹2,321.00 43%Off
Buy Almighty Jesus Lamp at Vaaree online | Beautiful Table Lamp to choose from

Almighty Jesus Lamp

Acrylic Shade

₹1,198.40₹1,999.00 40%Off
Buy Meditating Gautam Buddha Statue at Vaaree online | Beautiful Idols & Sets to choose from

Meditating Gautam Buddha Statue

Stone Dust

₹960.00₹3,200.00 70%Off
Buy Bird Nest Candle Holder - Set Of Two Online in India | Tea Light Candle Holder on Vaaree

Bird Nest Candle Holder - Set Of Two


₹509.00₹1,000.00 49%Off
Buy Oceane Wooden Tall Candle Stand - Set Of Two Online in India | Candle Holders on Vaaree

Oceane Wooden Tall Candle Stand - Set Of Two


₹1,403.00₹4,800.00 71%Off
Buy Krishna Core Showpiece at Vaaree online | Beautiful Idols & Sets to choose from

Krishna Core Showpiece


₹6,844.00₹8,897.00 23%Off
Buy Mecca-Madina Lamp at Vaaree online | Beautiful Table Lamp to choose from

Mecca-Madina Lamp

Acrylic Shade

₹1,198.40₹1,999.00 40%Off
Buy Ever Antique Candle Stand - Set Of Two Online in India | Candle Holder on Vaaree

Ever Antique Candle Stand - Set Of Two


₹1,523.00₹1,599.00 5%Off
Buy Sacred Shri Buddha Showpiece Online in India | Idols & Sets on Vaaree

Sacred Shri Buddha Showpiece


₹1,920.00₹6,400.00 70%Off
Buy Abhidya Hanging Urli - Set Of Two at Vaaree online | Beautiful Festive Accents to choose from

Abhidya Hanging Urli - Set Of Two


₹1,799.00₹2,799.00 36%Off

Buy Religious Spiritual Items Online at the Best Prices

Spirituality is a crucial part of any human’s well-being. It is said that consistent practice and deep belief boosts both mental and physical health. This is why, it is essential to have a safe space in your abode where you can engage in religious and spiritual participation. 

When it comes to religious items, it is necessary to get products that are produced and sourced ethically. As Vaaree curates its range of religious spiritual items directly from trusted manufacturers, we assure you of every item’s authenticity, purity, and essence. 

Every item curated and listed on Vaaree goes through a series of stringent quality checks. Not only is our quality worth revving but so are our prices. As we have eliminated middlemen and other unnecessary expenses from our curating process, the lowest prices on spiritual items & pooja essentials online are a promise from Vaaree to you!

Time to elevate your religious and spiritual practice, explore now at Vaaree!

Choose the Best Selling Religious & Spirituality Products Price

Whether you want to enhance the aura of idols & accent pieces for your home or desire to create a devotional corner of any belief in your home, here are a few spiritual products or prayer tools that you can find at Vaaree:

  • Idols – At Vaaree, we have deity idols of every belief like Lord Krishna, Ganpati, Goddess Lakshmi, Shiva, Jesus, etc. Furthermore, every idol is available in a variety of materials like ceramic, polyresin, brass, metal, etc., and in myriad colors/finishes to match your religious setup. They also make excellent devotional gift itemsfor housewarmings and occasions like Diwali, Christmas, EID, etc. 
  • Diyas – A diya is known to eradicate darkness from life, both literally and spiritually. From traditional brass diyas to contemporary painted diyas and holders, at Vaaree, we have a collection large enough to spoil you with choices. 
  • Showpiece –Religious spiritual items are not only meant to be kept in chapels or pooja rooms. You can keep them on side tables, and entryways or hang them on a wall in a Vaastu-recommended direction to cleanse the aura of your homes. Spiritual products like water fountains, urli, smoke fountains, pooja thali, hanging diyas, feng shui turtle, etc. make fantastic showpieces. 
  • Lamp –Spiritual products should make you feel good, and your home’s environment feel positive. And nothing makes a better way to illuminate your home with good vibes other than a lamp! Just like our entire assortment of religious items, we have lamps for every belief. 
  • Incense Sticks & Cones – No spiritual or religious practice is complete without incense sticks and cones. Stimulating the smell sense of individuals, at Vaaree we have myriad fragrances to suit the penchant of every person. 

You get exactly what you see! Our other popular collections include Home Decor Collections, Garden Decor Collections, Bathroom Decor Collections, Dining Decor Collections, Kitchen Decor Collections, Living Room Decor Collections, & Bedroom Decor Collections... the list goes on. Explore more now on

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  1. What are religious and spiritual items?

Anything that has religious or spiritual significance accounts as religious and spiritual products. A few examples are:

  • Idols
  • Religious photos, frames, and posters
  • Ornaments
  • Incense sticks, dhoop, or scented candles
  • Diya
  • Pooja Thali Sets
  • Kalash
  • Religious Books
  1. Where can I purchase religious and spiritual items?

You can purchase religious and spiritual items online on Vaaree. We take pride in offering religious and spiritual products of every belief and for every budget. 

  1. How can I choose a religious or spiritual item?

Religious and spiritual sentiments are different and so are items that fall in respective categories. Generally speaking, choose a religious items based on your beliefs. And choose spiritual items based on your practice. For instance, if you want to bless your homes with positive vibrations, get healing crystals, Kansa wands, and singing bowls. 

  1. How should I care for religious and spiritual items?

There are different guidelines to care for religious and spiritual items. For instance, idols should be cleaned only with a soft, natural material (cotton, mul etc.) cloth that is not used for any other purpose. If it breaks, donate it to temples/churches etc. or place it near a banyan tree after conducting Prana Pratishta Vidhi. Every type of religious and spiritual item has a unique way of caring. Consult with a spiritual or religious expert for guidance on a specific product.

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