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Diyas - Sanjora Brass Diya

Sanjora Brass Diya


₹304 ₹599 49%Off
Diyas - Brass Maneya Oil Lamp

Brass Maneya Oil Lamp


₹387 ₹1,999 81%Off
Incense Holders - Nega Incense Burner - Black

Nega Incense Burner - Black


₹799 ₹1,099 27%Off
Incense Holders - Mitra Brass Incense Stick Holder

Mitra Brass Incense Stick Holder


₹1,113 ₹1,855 40%Off
Festive Accents - Poorna Urli With Diya

Poorna Urli With Diya


₹836 ₹1,999 58%Off
Diyas - Brass Shanku Chakra Diya - Set Of Two

Brass Shanku Chakra Diya - Set Of Two


₹730 ₹949 23%Off
Festive Accents - Trikshana Hanging Urli - Set Of Two

Trikshana Hanging Urli - Set Of Two


₹2,000 ₹2,799 29%Off
Festive Accents - Titiya Hanging Urli - Set Of Two

Titiya Hanging Urli - Set Of Two


₹2,000 ₹2,799 29%Off
Festive Accents - Karthava Ethnic Urli (Blue) - Set Of Two

Karthava Ethnic Urli (Blue) - Set Of Two


₹1,400 ₹1,599 12%Off
Diyas - Silver Sacred Tortoise Akhand Diya Box

Silver Sacred Tortoise Akhand Diya Box


₹600 ₹899 33%Off
Diyas - Lotus Bloom Brass Diya - Set Of Four

Lotus Bloom Brass Diya - Set Of Four

Copper, Brass

₹475 ₹1,599 70%Off
Idols & Sets - Ganesha Sangeeth Incense Holder

Ganesha Sangeeth Incense Holder


₹836 ₹1,399 40%Off
Incense Sticks & Cones - Phool Classic Incense Gift box

Phool Classic Incense Gift box

Diyas - Brass Luna Akhand Diya

Brass Luna Akhand Diya


₹399 ₹899 56%Off
Diyas - Kerala Brass Diya - Set Of Two

Kerala Brass Diya - Set Of Two


₹576 ₹749 23%Off
Festive Accents - Gerjona Sama Urli - Set Of Three

Gerjona Sama Urli - Set Of Three


₹1,600 ₹2,499 36%Off
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Festive Accents - Nirvana Urli With Diya

Nirvana Urli With Diya


₹475 ₹1,199 60%Off
Diyas - Kalana Pooja Thali

Kalana Pooja Thali


₹562 ₹999 44%Off
Diyas - Om Swastik Brass Diya - Set Of Two

Om Swastik Brass Diya - Set Of Two


₹570 ₹999 43%Off
Diyas - Rangita Panchdeep Diya

Rangita Panchdeep Diya


₹418 ₹699 40%Off
Idols & Sets - Lambodara Bless Idol

Lambodara Bless Idol


₹3,544 ₹4,685 24%Off
Incense Holders - Brass Wave Incense Stick Holder

Brass Wave Incense Stick Holder


₹562 ₹999 44%Off
Festive Accents - Sthirani Hanging Urli - Set Of Two

Sthirani Hanging Urli - Set Of Two


₹2,000 ₹2,799 29%Off

Buy Pooja Essentials Online in India at the Lowest Prices

The Pooja room/Mandir has a ubiquitous presence in most Indian households. It is a tradition that has endured since times immemorial and is practiced today too. How about adding a touch of grandeur and design to this ritual? Vaaree has a wide range of Pooja decoration items and Pooja essentials available to beautify your temple. Each item has been lovingly curated to add serenity to the ambience of your Pooja room. All the religious & spiritual items that you see at Vaaree have been sourced directly from A-grade manufacturers. All this to ensure you get the lowest and best prices, even when it’s not sale time!

Some Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Pooja Items Online

When you are buying someone so pure and pristine online, a lot can go wrong. Below are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for Pooja items online:

  1. Focus on the quality:

It is important to be sure of the purity and sturdiness of the items you are purchasing. Pooja essentials like brass diyas must be of good quality as well as design. At Vaaree, quality is the heart of everything we do. As our products go through strict quality checks, you can be assured that your purchase is made to last!

  1. Opt for sets:

It is better to buy a set of items than buy them individually. This ensures that the Mandir looks and feels divine! For e.g., purchase a Pooja thali set which includes all essentials like diya, bell, roli chawal stand, etc.

  1. Prefer metals like brass, silver, and gold Pooja items:

It is said that any items used in the Pooja room are recipients of positive energy. Brass is considered auspicious as it absorbs these good vibes. Likewise, silverware is known to attract patience. And gold Pooja items are said to draw wealth and good fortune.

Benefits of Purchasing Pooja Essentials Online

When it comes to Pooja essentials, such as idols and accent pieces, we all are old school. We all want to touch, feel, and sense the aura before the purchase. However, change is the only constant. And here are reasons why you should switch to purchasing Pooja essentials online:

  • Something for every belief:

Doesn’t matter which deity or religion you believe in, there is no place for judgement in the online world. Even if your belief is different than the one you were raised in, you can buy and worship anything your soul resonates with. We think this tops the list of buying Pooja products online.

  • Effortless price comparison:

In an offline market, it is impossible to stroll from shop to shop to get the right product at the right price. But if you opt for Pooja items online shopping, you can compare any product price across countless platforms in a few clicks.

  • Utmost convenience:

In today’s busy schedule, it gets difficult to take out the time to go to the market and buy Pooja decoration items. Not to forget the traveling expense that comes with it. Conversely, if you choose a Pooja store online, you can save your precious time and money.

Must-Have Pooja Essentials Available At Vaaree

If you are setting up a new Mandir or looking to add some items to your existing one, Here is a list of Pooja products to buy online for your home decor:

  • Pooja Thali:

K3G and many more Bollywood flicks have told us how important a well decorated Pooja thali is to the Pooja! It serves the useful purpose of keeping all Pooja essentials organised in one place. Buy yours in a silver or gold finish from Vaaree.

  • Idols:

Brass idols in a plain as well as enamel finish await you at Vaaree. The beautiful craftmanship on these idols will impart peace and tranquillity. Not only that, but our assortment of marble idols will also blow your mind away.

  • Brass Diya:

You will be stunned by the exquisite designs we have in store for you. Take your pick from elegant diyas that are crafted in a myriad shapes and sizes to give your Mandir a designer touch.

Besides Pooja essentials, you will also find gift sets at affordable prices to delight your friends and family on festive occasions. These gift sets include everything one needs to set up or add to their Pooja room!

Why Should You Purchase Pooja Items from Vaaree?

Here is why Vaaree should be your go-to Pooja store online:

  • An array of Pooja decoration items as well as Pooja essentials to choose from. You will find the best in quality and design at Vaaree!
  • Lowest prices since the Pooja products online come straight from the manufacturers thereby eliminating the middlemen and reducing prices.
  • Besides money, you also save time because all Pooja essentials like idols, incense sticks, diyas, fountains, and more is available in one place.
  • Shop from the comfort of your home and have the Indian Pooja items online safely delivered at your doorstep in a timely manner.

Get started on making your Mandir pretty with the fabulous Pooja decoration items online that Vaaree has in store for you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What are the best Pooja items available online?

If you are shopping for your Pooja items at Vaaree, everything is best here! That said, our brass idols, diyas, Mandir lamps, incense sticks, Pooja thalis, bells and mats are the most popular categories.

  1. What should be stored in a Pooja room?

There are no peculiar norms on what should be kept in a Pooja room. It is the place to connect with your truest self and your creator. So, ideally Pooja decoration items that have a calming effect on the mind and body should be kept in the Pooja room. Think Idols, incense sticks, bells, flowers, holy books and diyas. Avoid keeping anything that is generally considered impure like animal skin or bags made from leather.

  1. Which is the best website to shop for puja items?

Not blowing our own trumpet but the best website for buying puja items is Vaaree! The reason is simple – we promise premium quality at great prices! With us, you will never have to worry about receiving damaged goods or something that looks different from the picture. As quality is the heart of everything we do, the design/material you see on the website is EXACTLY what you get!

  1. Where can you get a Puja Samagri?

The best place to get a Puja Samagri is online or Vaaree to be precise! Here, you will be spoilt with choices. From Pooja decoration items to Mandir essentials, you will find the most premium quality product that too under the roof. And of course, at steal deals!


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