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Buy Slay In Solid Bedsheet- Yellow at Vaaree online
Sold: 60
Available: 25
Buy Mango Mania Bedsheet- Rust at Vaaree online
Sold: 36
Available: 36

Mango Mania Bedsheet- Rust

From ₹ 1,529.00
Buy Floral Wonder Bedsheet- Yellow at Vaaree online
Sold: 32
Available: 37

Floral Wonder Bedsheet- Yellow

₹ 3,000.00₹ 1,500.00
Mizu Pink Bedsheet
Sold: 32
Available: 63

Mizu Pink Bedsheet

₹ 3,102.00₹ 1,551.00
Buy Aztec Celebration Bedsheet at Vaaree online
Sold: 61
Available: 0

Aztec Celebration Bedsheet

From ₹ 1,259.00
Buy Solid Spice Bedsheet- White at Vaaree online
Sold: 44
Available: 0

Solid Spice Bedsheet- White

From ₹ 1,169.00


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Buy Victorian Floral Bedsheet at Vaaree online

Victorian Floral Bedsheet

100% Cotton

₹ 3,442.00₹ 1,721.00
Buy Abstract Applique Printed Bedsheet at Vaaree online

Abstract Applique Printed Bedsheet

100% Cotton

₹ 3,268.00₹ 1,634.00
Buy Dusty Rose Floret Bedsheet at Vaaree online

Dusty Rose Floret Bedsheet

100% Cotton

₹ 3,000.00₹ 1,500.00
Buy Endless Spring Bedsheet at Vaaree online

Endless Spring Bedsheet

100% Cotton

From ₹ 1,583.00
Buy Plum Rose Bedsheet at Vaaree online

Plum Rose Bedsheet

100% Cotton

From ₹ 1,583.00
Buy Fab n' Floral Bedsheet at Vaaree online

Fab n' Floral Bedsheet

100% Cotton

₹ 4,312.00₹ 2,156.00
Crossroads Bedsheet

Crossroads Bedsheet

Glace Cotton

₹ 946.00₹ 757.00
Buy Pristine in White Bedsheet at Vaaree online

Pristine in White Bedsheet

100% Cotton

From ₹ 1,442.56
Buy Light Blue Floral Bedsheet at Vaaree online

Light Blue Floral Bedsheet

100% Cotton

From ₹ 2,146.00
Buy Tack & Tile Geometric Bedsheet at Vaaree online

Tack & Tile Geometric Bedsheet

100% Cotton

₹ 2,636.00₹ 1,318.00
Floral Splatter Bedsheet

Floral Splatter Bedsheet

Glace Cotton

₹ 1,037.00₹ 830.00
Buy Sassy Green Bedsheet at Vaaree online

Sassy Green Bedsheet

100% Cotton

From ₹ 1,053.00

Shop Bedsheets Online at the Best Price in India

A dull and boring bedroom doesn’t need a makeover, it just needs a new set of bedsheets to spice up the decor! Bedsheets are no longer just ‘essentials’, they are a key element in brightening your interiors and infusing freshness. How fun is it to just change the sheets and enjoy a new bedroom look anytime you want!

Vaaree understands the importance of bedsheets for a good night’s sleep and in maintaining the aesthetics of your petty bedroom. This is why when you buy bedsheets online at Vaaree, you will see an extensive collection of attractive prints to beautify your space. Top-notch quality and premium fabric are what we promise you at prices that come as a pleasant surprise. You will love our affordably priced bedsheet collection and the wide range of designs we bring to you!

Shop From Vaaree's Collection of Designer Bedsheets Online

Besides an eclectic range of bedsheets, Vaaree also offers complete ease of shopping for bedsheets online. You can browse the collection by style as well as by size making it simpler and time-saving to purchase your desired pattern.

Our bedsheets are categorized into five lovely patterns:

1. Classic Solid Bedsheets:

Think of a colour and you will find it in our solid bedsheet range. From earthy hues to soft pastels, we have it all.

2. Modern Abstract Bedsheets:

Bedsheets in prints that are like our thoughts just before bed! These vivid and varied designs will win your heart with their charm.

3. Quirky Floral Bedsheets:

Every linen closet has more than one floral bedsheet! There’s no escaping the vivaciousness of our dreamy floral prints.

4. Gorgeous Geometric Bedsheets:

For those who like clean lines and clear designs, we have geometric bedsheets. It comes in a plethora of shades, symmetrical prints, and never-seen before patterns.

5. Fabulous Indian Prints Bedsheets:

Enchanting Indian prints inspired by the rich diversity our country has to offer! You will love the magnificent narrative encased in each motif. From Sanganeri to hand block, Ajrakh, and more, we have bedsheets in every Indian print.

In each of the above amazing categories, you will find the following sizes:

1. King Bedsheets:

Made for beds that spell grandeur. Our king-size bedsheets are just the right size for your mega bed. There is ample fabric to cover the bed and tuck underneath for a smooth fit.

2. Queen Bedsheets:

Struggling with finding the apt size for a queen bed? Worry not because we have a special range that is made to fit queen-size beds perfectly.

3. Single Bedsheets:

Don’t let your single beds feel ignored because we cater abundantly to keeping them nice and pleasing.

4. Double Bedsheets:

For beds that are too small to be called king or queen, double bedsheet is the answer!

5. Fitted Bedsheets:

Tired of the everyday struggles of keeping the bedsheet crease-free? Try our fitted bedsheets that wrap tightly around your mattress in a jiffy and prevent folds.

Buy Cotton Bed Sheets Online At Vaaree

The truly luxury bedsheets are always crafted in pure cotton because no other fabric can match its breathability and lasting softness. For your convenience, each bedsheet at the Vaaree store also comes with a softness meter that tells you its thread count so you can assess the degree of softness. To sum it up, we are the cotton bed sheets specialists and the online store where you would love to shop! 

Vaaree Bedsheets Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Which Bedsheets Colors Are Available At Vaaree?

If you choose to buy bedsheets online at Vaaree, the world is your oyster – both in terms of designs and colours. Whether you are looking for dark tones like black bedsheets or neutral hues like brown or beige bedsheet, you name the color and we promise you’d find it here!

2. How do you choose good bed sheets?

Good bedsheets are usually determined on the basis of material & thread count. Higher the thread count, softer is the bedsheet. Thus, comes better comfort and best sleep! Likewise, cotton bedsheets are accounted good and are preferred over others due to its soft skin-feel & breathability quotient. Other than this, bedsheets that look good obviously make good bedsheets!

3. What type of material is best for bedsheets?

Bedsheets are made from many different materials. And not to brag, but you’d find all of them at Vaaree! A few types of bedsheet materials include:

  • Cotton bed sheets
  • Silk bedsheets
  • Polyester bedsheets
  • Satin bedsheets
  • Bamboo bedsheets
  • Modal bedsheets
  • Blended bedsheets – Made from a mix of two or more different materials.