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Buy The Artsy Bedsheet at Vaaree online | Beautiful Bedsheets to choose from

The Artsy Bedsheet

100% Cotton - 210 TC

From ₹1,699.00₹2,499.00 32%Off
Buy Patch Match Bedsheet - Brown at Vaaree online | Beautiful Bedsheets to choose from

Patch Match Bedsheet - Brown

100% Cotton - 240 TC

₹1,699.00₹2,999.00 43%Off
Buy Patterned VIBGYOR Bedsheet at Vaaree online | Beautiful Bedsheets to choose from

Patterned VIBGYOR Bedsheet

100% Cotton - 180 TC

₹1,621.00₹3,242.00 50%Off
Buy Brush Stroke Bedsheet at Vaaree online | Beautiful Bedsheets to choose from

Brush Stroke Bedsheet

100% Cotton - 210 TC

From ₹1,699.00₹2,499.00 32%Off
Buy Mosaic Abstract Bedsheet - Blue & Peach at Vaaree online | Beautiful Bedsheets to choose from

Mosaic Abstract Bedsheet - Blue & Peach

Glace Cotton/Microfiber - 110 TC

₹910.00₹1,037.00 12%Off
Buy Striped Sass Bedsheet at Vaaree online | Beautiful Bedsheets to choose from

Striped Sass Bedsheet

Glace Cotton/Microfiber - 130 TC

₹1,105.00₹1,281.00 14%Off
Buy Dots & Stripes Bedsheet - Blue & Maroon at Vaaree online | Beautiful Bedsheets to choose from

Dots & Stripes Bedsheet - Blue & Maroon

100% Cotton - 144 TC

₹1,211.00₹1,937.00 37%Off
Buy Patchie Bedsheet at Vaaree online | Beautiful Bedsheets to choose from

Patchie Bedsheet

100% Cotton - 154 TC

₹1,421.00₹2,274.00 38%Off
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Buy Hearty Hue Bedsheet Online in India | Bedsheets on Vaaree

Hearty Hue Bedsheet

Glace Cotton/Microfiber - 160 TC

From ₹591.00₹739.00 20%Off
Buy Abstract Applique Printed Bedsheet at Vaaree online | Beautiful Bedsheets to choose from

Abstract Applique Printed Bedsheet

100% Cotton - 144 TC

₹1,634.00₹3,268.00 50%Off
Buy Illustrator Brush Stroke Bedsheet at Vaaree online | Beautiful Bedsheets to choose from

Illustrator Brush Stroke Bedsheet

Glace Cotton/Microfiber - 200 TC

From ₹616.00₹2,329.00 74%Off
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Buy Big Tide Bedsheet at Vaaree online | Beautiful Bedsheets to choose from

Big Tide Bedsheet

Glace Cotton/Microfiber - 110 TC

₹910.00₹1,037.00 12%Off

Buy Abstract bedsheets With High Thread Count

Every bedroom is incomplete with bedsheets. Though perceived as a basic necessity to cover the top of beds, we believe bedsheets have a lot more to offer. 

For instance, if your bedroom is low-key on wall decor and other accents like a floor lamp, you know what can immediately uplift its vibe? You guessed it right, abstract bedsheets!

It is high time we start considering bedsheets as a medium accentuate homes and not just as furnishing. Wondering how you can leverage the magic of abstract bedsheets? Read on to know. 

Is Abstract Bedsheet Right for Your Bedroom?

Absolutely yes! Especially if you are fond of art or all things unconventional, you gotta have abstract bedsheets. Every time you spread it across your bed, trust us when we say your rooms will feel like an artistic haven!

Know abstract bedsheet sizes

The key to a breathtaking bedroom that speaks a thousand words is having the right bedsheet. And when we say right, we don’t mean only the design. We mean the bedsheet size. 

Believe it or not, most homeowners end up with bedsheets that are either too big or too small for the bed. For instance, if your bed needs king size sheets and you use a double bedsheet instead, it will look like a crumpled mess.

Likewise, if it needs queen bed sheets and you use king instead, it will be haphazardly tucked. To avoid this, always measure your bed from corner to corner. Additionally, don’t forget to include the height of your mattress while calculating. 

Focus on abstract bedsheet material

We all gawk at bedsheet designs when shopping online. But how many of us pay attention to the bedsheet material? We have two words for you to remember for life – “Material matters!” The material of the bedsheet will define how your skin feels in it, the quality of your sleep, and for how long you will get cuddles! 

  • Pure cotton abstract bedsheets

Abstract cotton bed sheets are a great all year round fit. Super breathable, delightfully soft and easy to soft, they are a gold standard in bedsheets

  • Egyptian cotton abstract bedsheets

Experience what true luxury feels like by investing in an Egyptian cotton abstract bedsheet. Being the highest quality of cotton, these are butter-y soft and a treat to sleep in. 

  • Silk bed sheets

Real silk bed sheets are expensive and a rare find. But as they come with many perks like – frizz-free hair, unmatched softness, and hypoallergenic to name a few, many individuals do invest in them. A close but slightly affordable substitute for silk bed sheets is a satin bedsheet. 

A few other bedsheet materials include – polyester, linen, bamboo, microfiber, pima cotton and blends. 

Vaaree – The Ultimate Hub for Affordable Abstract Bedsheets

Finding abstract bedsheets that are affordable, high-quality, exquisitely designed and safely shipped is a dream. And at Vaaree, we make it come true! Walking extra mile to ensure you get nothing but a good sleep every night, we present to you the biggest collection of abstract bedsheets you will ever discover.

Must-Have Bedsheets In Every Home

One of the easiest ways to change the face of your bedroom is to simply change your bedsheets! Here are a few staples that you must have handy to revamp your bedroom as and when your heart desires:

  • Solid bed sheet

solid bed sheet is like aloo paratha…everyone loves it! Classic, timeless, and effortlessly elegant, it is the understated element of any room. If you are big on solid bed sheets, Vaaree’s collection will be your new-found obsession. Stacked in a variety of shades, whether you like pastel lilac bedsheets or dark-hued ones, we have it all! 

  • Floral bed sheet

We have never met anyone who doesn’t fancy a floral bed sheet. Refreshing for the soul and pleasing to the eye, these bedsheets can transform any room with their magnificence. Just balance out a floral bed sheet with minimal and boho décor to give it the attention it deserves. 

  • Geometric bedsheets

Doesn’t matter if you didn’t like geometry in school. We are sure you would love our assortment of geometric printed bedsheets! Featuring quirky imprints, geometric bedsheets are perfect for both busy and laid-back room settings. 

  • Indian prints bedsheets

Every room has a theme. If yours happens to be traditional, vintage or country, we know you would instantly fall for our Indian prints bedsheets. Extremely indigenous with their motifs, sure an aesthetic way to stay connected to your roots. 

Be it cotton bed sheets queen, king, single, double, flat, or fitted, you name it, at Vaaree we have it all. Following a curated marketplace model, our bedsheets are handpicked and available at steal deals. So, next time you are shopping for designer bed sheets, we hope you now know where to browse!

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