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Buy Patch Match Bedsheet - Brown at Vaaree online | Beautiful Bedsheets to choose from

Patch Match Bedsheet - Brown

100% Cotton - 240 TC

₹1,699.00₹2,999.00 43%Off
Buy Micola Floral Printed Bedsheet - Blue at Vaaree online | Beautiful Bedsheets to choose from

Micola Floral Printed Bedsheet - Blue

100% Cotton - 120 TC

From ₹1,447.00₹2,605.00 44%Off
Buy Sanganeri Floral Bedsheet - Yellow Online in India | Bedsheets on Vaaree

Sanganeri Floral Bedsheet - Yellow

100% Cotton - 180 TC

₹1,529.00₹1,999.00 24%Off
Buy Runa Floral Bedsheet - Red & Yellow at Vaaree online | Beautiful Bedsheets to choose from

Runa Floral Bedsheet - Red & Yellow

100% Cotton - 210 TC

₹1,389.00₹1,999.00 31%Off
Buy Posies Bedsheet at Vaaree online | Beautiful Bedsheets to choose from

Posies Bedsheet

Glace Cotton/Microfiber - 210 TC

From ₹914.00₹1,249.00 27%Off
Buy Branch Out Bedsheet - Aqua Online in India | Bedsheets on Vaaree

Branch Out Bedsheet - Aqua

100% Cotton - 200 TC

From ₹2,204.00₹3,149.00 30%Off
Buy Doddled Blossoms Bedsheet at Vaaree online | Beautiful Bedsheets to choose from

Doddled Blossoms Bedsheet

Glace Cotton/Microfiber

From ₹914.00₹1,249.00 27%Off
Buy Rose Bloom Bedsheet Online in India | Bedsheets on Vaaree

Rosy Lily Bedsheet

100% Cotton - 130 TC

₹1,422.00₹1,999.00 29%Off
Buy Light Orange Floral Bedsheet at Vaaree online | Beautiful Bedsheets to choose from

Light Orange Floral Bedsheet

100% Cotton - 180 TC

From ₹1,294.00₹1,849.00 30%Off
Buy Wildflower Wrap Bedsheet at Vaaree online | Beautiful Bedsheets to choose from

Wildflower Wrap Bedsheet

Glace Cotton/Microfiber - 120 TC

₹891.00₹1,699.00 48%Off
Buy Blooming Dahlia Bedsheet at Vaaree online | Beautiful Bedsheets to choose from

Blooming Dahlia Bedsheet

100% Cotton - 180 TC

₹1,900.00₹3,800.00 50%Off
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Buy Pristine in White Bedsheet at Vaaree online | Beautiful Bedsheets to choose from

Pristine in White Bedsheet

100% Cotton - 210 TC

From ₹1,364.00₹1,949.00 30%Off

Buy Floral Bedsheets Online At India's Best Online Store - Vaaree

Floral bed sheets are the secret to fresh and fabulous looking rooms. Not only do they instantly brighten up a boring room but are also easier to maintain as compared to solid bed sheets.

Though there might be numerous places to buy floral bed sheets online, there is no place like Vaaree. Why? Because our bedsheets are the perfect combination of affordability, quality, and variety!

Make deep sleep your BFF and statement bedrooms the new normal, shop for floral bedsheets on Vaaree!

Our Floral Bed Sheets Are Made From Various Materials

Just like how we dress for the season, our bedsheet selection also must be modified depending on the time of the year. For instance, woollen bed sheets are ideal for winter and lightweight cotton/bamboo bedsheets are perfect for summer. At Vaaree, we have a selection of floral bedsheet designs in a variety of materials like:

  • Floral design cotton bedsheet

Floral cotton bedsheets are by far the most popular and preferred type. Given its breathable nature, long durability, and soft skin-feel, who wouldn’t want to laze on a flamboyant floral cotton sheet on a lazy Sunday? Perfect to use all year round.

  • Polycotton/blended floral bedsheet

Blended bedsheets are usually composed of polyester and cotton in no fixed proportion. Extremely long-lasting and color fast, these bed sheets also have a natural sheen to them.

  • Glace cotton/microfiber floral bedsheet

Glace cotton and microfiber floral bedsheets are equal parts smooth and stunning! As are slightly more breathable and softer than cotton, these bed sheets are ideal for hot and humid climates.

While choosing bed sheets, remember to not only check material but also thread count and GSM. As a thumb rule, bedsheets with higher thread count are softer. At Vaaree, as we focus solely on quality, we only curate floral bedsheets with a high thread count.

Purchase Floral Bed Sheets In A Variety Of Sizes

No matter how breathtaking a floral pattern bed sheet is, it will not look appealing if it’s in the wrong size. However, at Vaaree you never have to worry about getting the wrong size because of two reasons – we mention the size of every product very clearly in both inches and cm in the description. Just in case of miscalculation, we offer easy returns too!

  • Floral single bedsheet

Only because you have a single bed, doesn’t mean you can’t luxuriate in the vibrancy of a floral print single bedsheet. Vaaree has your back or should we say your bed’s back?

  • Floral double bedsheet

A double bedsheet is smaller than both queen and king bedsheets. However, it is one of the most common sizes in Indian homes. So, expect the largest variety of floral double bedsheets online!

  • Floral queen bed sheet

A queen size bedsheet is bigger than double bedsheet but smaller than king. Choose the right one from our assortment to never face issues with tucking in or excessive creases.

  • Floral king bedsheet

A king-sized bed occupies the most space in the room. This is why, it is important to pick a floral printed bedsheet that not only looks alluring but is also of the right size.

  • Floral fitted bedsheet

Unlike regular bedsheets, fitted ones have elastic on the edges. They are easier to spread and stay in place unless manually pulled out. Floral fitted bedsheets at Vaaree are also available in single, double, queen, and king size variants.

How To Choose The Right Size Bedsheet?

Measure the length (longer side) and width (shorter side) of your MATTRESS. Match the measurement with the bedsheet you would like to purchase.

Floral Bed Sheets Are Available In a Variety of Colours

The beauty of buying flora bedsheets from Vaaree is that sky is the limit. At least when it comes to the choice of colors and motifs. Here are a few popular floral bedsheet colors you will stumble upon on our website:

  • Black floral bedsheet - Yes, you heard it right! Black floral bedsheets do exist and probably ONLY on Vaaree!
  • Pink floral bedsheet – The mention of floral bed sheets is incomplete without pink. Dark, light, baby, we have floral bedsheets in all types of pink!
  • Red floral bedsheet – A special colored floral bedsheet for special occasions!
  • Brown floral bedsheet – If you love floral but have a very classic/earthy room, brown flower bedsheets to the rescue!
  • Grey floral bedsheet – Versatile, chic, and timeless, do you need more reasons to buy a grey floral bedsheet?
  • Pastel floral bedsheet – Pastels are the new thing. And when teamed with florals, they are love at first sight!
  • Blue floral bedsheet – Blue is said to have a calming effect on the mind. And let’s be real, we all need it.
  • White floral bedsheet – A universally loved floral bedsheet color that pairs well with any and every room theme.
  • Beige floral bedsheet – If white floral linens seem too light for you, beige floral sheets are a perfect substitute.

Why Should You Buy Your Bedding From Vaaree?

The three pillars of deep sleep are – a comfortable mattress, a worry-free mind, and quality bedding!

You should buy your bedding from Vaaree because we promise premium products at affordable prices! Whether you are looking for bedsheets, sets with sheet + pillow cover + bed cover + dohar cover, only pillow covers, or any other bedding variation, we have it all under one roof!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What is the best colour for a floral bedsheet?

The best colour for a floral bedsheet varies with the color of the room and your preference. For instance, if your preference is something neutral, you would like floral bedsheets in earthy tones of grey, beige or brown. Likewise, if you are more of a vibrant personality, you will not get enough of red, blue, pink or even neon floral bed sheets!

2. Why buy a floral bedsheet from Vaaree?

  • A floral bedsheet for every type of décor theme with unmatched quality and an unbeatable price point is our forte. And we’re absolutely proud of it.
  • We curate our bedding collection from India’s top manufacturers that export to luxury brands worldwide. This means, you can find the same branded pieces at the not-so-branded price tag.
  • We have floral bedsheets in a plethora of colors, designs, sizes, materials, prices, and even thread count!
  • Fast and safe shipping + easy returns.

3. What is the best material for floral bedsheets?

The best material for floral bedsheets is cotton, microfiber, and even bamboo.

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