Fake statistic (but likely true): sofa's with throws are 76% prettier!
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Buy Weaves of Sunshine Throw at Vaaree online | Beautiful Throws to choose from

Weaves of Sunshine Throw


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Buy Truly Brown Shaded Throw at Vaaree online | Beautiful Throws to choose from

Truly Brown Shaded Throw


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Multicoloured Mess Throw


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Neutral Blaze Throw


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Ginny Fringed Throw


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Buy Esher Throw - Beige Online in India | Throws on Vaaree

Esher Throw - Beige


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Regal Wrap Throw - Yellow


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Esher Throw - White


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Esher Throw - Blue


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Hot Chocolate Throw


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Gulabari Throw


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Buy Caribou Throw - Yellow Online in India | Throws on Vaaree

Caribou Throw - Yellow


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Elevate Comfort With Soft Throws

Throws are more than just an accent piece in your living room. These squishable babies are the key to making any space that is as aesthetic as comfortable. Usually draped at the back or sides of a seating arrangement for an added comfort value, decorative throws are essential to uplift the aura of your home. 

Whether you want to take a sweet little nap, cuddle while watching your favorite movie or simply turn in to a burrito on the couch, soft throws are versatile enough to fit every purpose. Also known as throw blankets and coverlets, they make a great addition to any basic chair, bean bag, puffy, ottoman and bed ends. 

Choose From The Different Types Of Throws On Vaaree

Every home has a different vibe. As it is an extension of the homeowner’s personality, everything from color to décor to functionality is unique. Irrespective of how extraordinary your home is, at Vaaree, we have a variety of soft throws for you! 

Soft Cotton Throws:

Just like nothing can go wrong with dal rice on a rainy day, soft cotton throws are a classic. Breathable yet warm, they are perfect for snuggles all around the year. Available in a variety of prints, textures, and weaves, soft cotton throws are an understated beauty. People who would like to take the comfort of soft cotton throws a notch higher can try the organic variants. Crafted sustainably, sourced ethically, and skin-friendly to the T, Vaaree offers the best organic cotton throws. 

Acrylic Wool Throws:

Soft cotton throws make a great all-season accompaniment, especially for cities like Mumbai. But for places like Delhi where winters are chilly but oh-so-mesmerizing, acrylic wool throws will be your best bet. Durable, lightweight, and fluffy to a whole new level, acrylic wool throws are just the thing you need for that snooze-worthy afternoon kip. Thanks to its exquisite texture, woolen throws blend with any home setting – from contemporary to rustic and more. 

Hand Block Print Throws:

Summer times, festive season, and uninvited guests, all call for a beautiful show-off with soft throws! And not the conventional solid cotton throws. We mean something as enthralling as hand block print throws. Artistic in its appeal, the hand block print throws at Vaaree are one-of-its-kind; just like your sweet abode! If you want to break the monotony of your living room or décor style…skip the doubt just hand block print it out! 

Chenille Throws:

Chenille throws are usually handwoven, extremely durable, and pretty much wrinkle resistant. If you want your throws to keep you nestled in its warm embrace, especially during the colder months of the year, that too without compromising on aesthetics, you now know what to buy!

Stylish Cushion Cover Designs To Pair With Throws

No matter how dull the ambiance is, a throw blanket can accentuate almost anything. But if you want to your home décor game to be unmatched, it is time you pair it with the sassiest cushion covers

Just like too many cooks spoil the broth, too many clashing elements can ruin the charm of any space. Keep all elements minimal yet complementing. For instance, if your cushion covers are statement, ensure you team them up with any soft cotton throws in a subtle monochrome hue. Likewise, if your throw is an eye-catching piece with oversized motifs or glittery texture, put it together with a set of solid cushion covers to create a drop-dead gorgeous duo. 

Pro tip: Don’t forget to consider the palette of the curtains!

How To Take Care Of Throws

Throws quite like its name are thrown almost everywhere. No lie here. Ask yourself, don’t we all curl up & eat ice-creams on the throw? Or even worse toss it anywhere once the Netflix and chill on the sofa time is up? The good part is that throws are decently resilient. Just wash them as per the care instructions in the mildest machine cycle and always dry in shade. That’s it. Fresh & ready for cuddles again! 

Buy Affordable Throws & Throw Pillow Covers Online

The thing about throw pillow covers, cushion fillers, soft throws, basically any thing home is that most of them are exorbitantly priced. Unless you shop for them at Vaaree. A specialty marketplace that envisions nothing but beautiful homes at affordable prices, Vaaree procures everything directly from manufacturers. This way, you get A-grade quality products at the lowest possible prices. Shop what your heart desires at Vaaree and let us help you build the home of your dreams, within budget!