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Cushion Cover Sets - Prospering Tree Cushion Cover (Beige) - Set Of Two
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Prospering Tree Cushion Cover (Beige) - Set Of Two

Cotton & Printed

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Cushion Covers - Lost in Dreams Printed Cushion Cover
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Lost in Dreams Printed Cushion Cover

Polyester & Printed

From ₹238 ₹512 54%Off
Cushion Covers - The Dotted Rainbow Cushion Cover
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The Dotted Rainbow Cushion Cover

PolyCotton & Embroidered

From ₹377 ₹873 57%Off
Top Rated
Cushion Covers - Black of Diamonds Cushion Cover
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Black of Diamonds Cushion Cover

Cotton & Woven

From ₹320 ₹439 27%Off
Cushion Cover Sets - Tinsel Cushion Cover - (Beige) - Set Of Two
Cushion Cover Buy4 Get1

Tinsel Cushion Cover - (Beige) - Set Of Two

Cotton & Embroidered

₹1,880 ₹3,202 41%Off
Cushion Covers - Querencia Cushion Cover
Cushion Cover Buy4 Get1

Querencia Cushion Cover

Cotton & Printed

₹740 ₹1,242 40%Off
Cushion Covers - Blis Gyla Cushion Cover - Blue
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Blis Gyla Cushion Cover - Blue

Cotton & Solids

₹375 ₹470 20%Off
Cushion Cover Sets - Kumudini Cushion Cover - Set Of Two
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Kumudini Cushion Cover - Set Of Two

PolyCotton & Printed

From ₹753 ₹1,745 57%Off
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Cushion Covers - Melona Cross Tufted Cushion Cover - Set Of Two
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Melona Cross Tufted Cushion Cover - Set Of Two

Cotton & Tufted

₹693 ₹831 17%Off
Cushion Covers - Blooms Cushion Cover- Tres Jolie Collection
Cushion Cover Buy4 Get1

Blooms Cushion Cover- Tres Jolie Collection

Cotton & Embroidered

Cushion Covers - Blue Bath Tufted Cushion Cover - Set Of Two
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Blue Bath Tufted Cushion Cover - Set Of Two

Cotton & Tufted

₹628 ₹753 17%Off
Cushion Cover Sets - Ethnic Serenade Cushion Cover - Set Of Two
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Ethnic Serenade Cushion Cover - Set Of Two

Polyester & Printed

₹734 ₹1,049 30%Off

Stylish Vaaree Cushion Covers to Decorate Your Home

Cushions…what can we even talk about them? Squishy, soft, and the best replacement for a warm bear hug, cushions are the best décor thing to ever happen to us! When it comes to functionality, cushions can do a lot more than comfort us on a sad day. With the right cushion covers, you can take your home from ordinary to drool-worthy. Pair it with soft throws and congratulations you have now unlocked the secret to homes that are equal parts comfortable and chic!

Tips on Styling Homes with Cushion Covers

We have always heard that cushions, throws and pillows are the key elements to a snuggly home. But the thing is, nobody talks about how to do it. Or even worse, guides in a generic way that doesn’t amplify the space as it should. Not anymore! Here are some foolproof tips to bring out the charm cushion covers hold.

1. Get the best cushion filler:

No matter how fancy your cushion cover is, it will not look half as pretty if your cushion filler is flat. A typical fluffy cushion filler for sofa will sit corner to corner with the cover. Thus, letting the cushion covers shine. Lastly, choose a fiber cushion filler instead of a cotton one for enduring softness.

2. Experiment, experiment, experiment:

When it comes to online cushion cover styling, there is no set guideline. We think that is the beauty of it! From tufted to printed, velvet to cotton, cushion covers are available in myriad designs and countless textures. This is why, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that cushion covers allow you to channel the artist in you. Just don’t go too overboard to avoid stealing the thunder away from every cover.

3. ‘Throw’ it up:

Just like ice cream is incomplete without confetti, and samosa without chutney, a cushion cover is incomplete without throws! Other than enlivening your living room, cotton throws for sofas can bring you the warmth you need while binge-watching crime thriller movies! And yes, you need not necessarily opt for cotton throws. Depending on the season, the fabric of the sofa, and complementing cushion covers, you can choose from fleece throws, acrylic throws, chenille throws, and more.

4. The colour play:

You can choose a colour that matches your furnishings or go for something that is in contrast with the rest of the decor. 

What we intend to say is – that don’t shy away from colors and don’t stick to your comfort palette. For instance - if all your cushion and decorative pillow covers are in beige, you know it is time for a big fat and vibrant change. Trust us when we say, flamboyance is always in!

Types of Cushion Covers You Should Have

Cushion covers are available in several different types, colours, and materials, which you can experiment and mix and match to add personal flair to your living space. Listed below are some of the common types of cushion covers.

1. Decorative Cushion Covers:

These covers are designed primarily for aesthetic purposes. They come in various colours, patterns, & textures to complement the overall decor of a room.

Throw Pillow Covers:

Similar to decorative cushion covers, throw pillow covers are used to add a touch of vibrancy and texture to your sofa, bed, or chair.

3. Tufted Cushion Covers:

Tufted cushion covers are trendy designer cushion covers with tufts sewn to them. They often attach knots or buttons to the tufts to add a pop of texture that elevates the aesthetics of the room.

4. Embroidered Cushion Covers:

Embroidered cushion covers are yet another style that is in popular demand, they feature intricate embroidery that adds a touch of elegance and artistry to your space that instantly brings in an opulent charm to your space.

5. Printed Cushion Covers:

Printed cushion covers come in a wide range of designs and patterns, they offer versatility in matching to several different interior styles. They offer versatility in matching different interior styles.

6. Solid Colour Cushion Covers:

These covers come in a single, solid color without any patterns. They are a versatile choice & can easily blend with various furniture & decor styles.

7. Woven Cushion Covers:

 Woven cushion covers are made using threads and yarns. The weaving results in various patterns and textures that elevate the style of the room.

8. Velvet Cushion Covers:

Velvet covers offer a luxurious & plush feel. They are usually chosen for more sophisticated and opulent loos. 

9. Linen Cushion Covers:

Linen covers are known for their natural, relaxed appearance. They are breathable & can add a casual & comfortable vibe to a space.

10. Leather or Faux Leather Cushion Covers:

Leather covers provide a sleek & modern appearance. Faux leather options are also available, offering a cruelty-free alternative with a similar aesthetic.

11. Seasonal Cushion Covers:

Some covers are designed with specific seasons in mind, featuring motifs or colours associated with certain times of the year. For example, you might find cushions with snowflakes for winter or floral patterns for spring.

12. Custom or Personalized Cushion Covers:

Custom covers allow you to personalize your pillows. Monograms, names, or specific designs with sentimental importance are examples of this.

13. Patchwork Cushion Covers:

Patchwork cushion covers are unique as it is made by sewing together different pieces of cloth to give an eclectic design. This type of cover adds a bohemian or vintage vibe to your decor.

Remember that the choice of cushion covers depends on your style, the overall theme of your home decor, and the level of comfort you seek. Mixing and matching different types can also create an interesting & dynamic look in your living spaces.

Vaaree – The Home Furnishings Haven

Believe it or not, the right home furnishings can bring a whole lot of difference to your den. Your choice determines whether your home will be comfortable & classy or mediocre & mundane. Knowing this, at Vaaree, we have curated a selection of pillow & cushion covers, throws, and everything home that is too good to be true. We put in a lot of thought into selecting these pieces because we know your abode deserves nothing but the best!

A few last things to keep in mind:

  • Check the cushion cover size guide before the purchase.
  • Understand the usability of throws before finalizing the material.
  • Decorative pillow covers can be embellished. Avoid sleeping on it.
  • ALWAYS read and follow washing instructions to ensure these beautiful babies stay eternally beautiful.

Check out our other popular home furnishings collections including decorative cushion coverscushion fillerscurtainsthrows, & diwan sets... the list goes on. Explore more now on

How to Decorate Cushion Covers for Every Occasion

Decorating the cushion for different occasions is a great idea to invite to the celebration. Below are some amazing ideas for decorating cushion covers:

1. Seasonal Decor:

  • Spring: Use pastel colours, floral patterns, & light fabrics.
  • Summer: Bright colours, beach-themed prints, & lightweight fabrics like cotton or linen.
  • Fall: Earthy tones, rustic textures, & prints inspired by autumn foliage.
  • Winter: Deep colours, faux fur or velvet fabrics, & holiday-themed embellishments like snowflakes or reindeer.

2. Holiday Themes:

  • Christmas: Red & green colour schemes, snowflakes, reindeer, or even jingle bells.
  • Halloween: Orange & black colours, spooky patterns, & images like pumpkins or bats.
  • Valentine's Day: Red & pink hues, heart-shaped designs, & romantic patterns.

3. Special Occasions:

  • Birthdays: Customised covers featuring the birthday person's name or age.
  • Anniversaries: Use the couple's initials or the wedding date.
  • Graduations: Use school colours, photographs of graduation caps, or motivating quotes.

4. Customization Techniques:

  • Embroidery: Add monograms, quotes, or intricate designs using embroidery.
  • Fabric Paint: Create custom designs using fabric paints or markers.
  • Appliqué: Attach fabric shapes or designs onto the cushion cover for a 3D effect.
  • Patchwork: Combine different fabrics to create a patchwork design.

5. Themed Decor:

  • Nautical: Use navy blues and whites, and add anchors or ship wheel motifs.
  • Bohemian: Mix and match vibrant colours and patterns, and add tassels or fringe.
  • Minimalist: Stick to neutral colours and simple geometric shapes.

6. Personalized Photo Cushion:

  • Print a memorable photo onto the cushion cover using photo transfer techniques.
  • Add a caption or date to commemorate a special moment.

7. DIY Tie-Dye:

  • Create a tie-dye effect using fabric dye or tie-dye kits for a funky, colourful look.

8. Festive Sequins or Beads:

  • Sew or glue sequins or beads in festive patterns for a glamorous touch.

9. Nature-Inspired Designs:

  • Use leaf prints, floral patterns, or botanical designs for a natural & calming look.

10. Quirky and Fun:

  • Incorporate quirky prints, cartoon characters, or fun quotes for a playful vibe.


  • Choose fabrics that complement the occasion or theme.
  • Ensure that any embellishments or additions are securely attached for durability.
  • Don't be afraid to mix and match different techniques for a unique look.

FAQs for Cushion Covers

1. How do I choose the right size of cushion cover for my cushions?

Choosing the right size of cushion cover is important as ill-fit cushion covers can affect the aesthetics of your decor negatively.

  • Measure Your Cushions
  • Consider the Thickness
  • Add Extra Fabric for Fullness
  • Check the Closure Style
  • Shape Matters
  • Consider Fabric Stretch

2. How do I clean cushion covers?

Cleaning and maintenance of cushion covers differ from material to material, but here are some tips to care for your cushion covers.

  • Check the Care Instructions
  • Remove Loose Debris
  • Spot Cleaning
  • Machine Washing
  • Drying
  • Ironing
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Hand Washing 

Always keep in mind to take note of the care instructions given by the manufacturers to ensure the longevity of the product. If case the instructions are not clear test any cleaning method on a small inconspicuous area of the cover to check for any adverse reactions.

3. What are the best fabrics for cushion covers?

The choice of the cushion covers depends on a number of factors including intended use, personal taste, and maintenance options. Here are some of the popular materials cushion covers are made of.


Pros: Breathable, durable, and easy to clean.

Cons: Prone to wrinkles and may fade over time.


Pros: Elegant, breathable, and has a natural texture.

Cons: Wrinkles easily and may require more maintenance.


Pros: Sturdy and durable, making it suitable for high-traffic areas.

Cons: Can be a bit stiff and less soft compared to other fabrics.


Pros: Luxurious and soft, adds a touch of elegance to the decor.

Cons: May show wear over time, and it can be a bit challenging to clean.


Pros: Resistant to wrinkles, durable, and often more affordable.

Cons: May not be as breathable as natural fibers and can pill over time.


Pros: Luxurious and smooth, adds a touch of sophistication.

Cons: Delicate and may require special care; not as durable as some other fabrics.


Pros: Naturally resistant to wrinkles, insulating, and durable.

Cons: May be prone to pilling and can be more expensive.

Outdoor Fabrics (e.g., Sunbrella):

Pros: Designed to resist water, UV rays, and mildew, making them ideal for outdoor use.

Cons: May feel less soft than indoor fabrics.


Pros: Stain-resistant, durable, and often soft.

Cons: May not have the same luxurious feel as natural fibers. 

While buying a cushion cover always consider the overall appearance and ambiance you what to bring in, the comfort sought, and how well you can keep up with the maintenance instructions of the fabric.

4. How do I remove wrinkles from cushion covers?

Here are some common techniques to remove wrinkles from cushion covers. It would always suggested to do reverse ironing to preserve the color and print of the fabric.

  • Steam Ironing
  • Fabric Steamer
  • Wrinkle Release Spray
  • Damp Towel Method
  • Hanging and Gravity
  • Dryer Method

5. How do I store cushion covers when not in use?

How you store your cushion covers after use has a great impact on the longevity of the product.

  • Clean Before Storage
  • Dry Completely
  • Fold Carefully
  • Use Storage Bags or Containers
  • Avoid Sunlight
  • Mothballs or Cedar Blocks
  • Labeling
  • Regular Checkups
  • Avoid Heavy Items on Top
  • Ventilation

6. How do you make cushions look good?

Here are some common tips to make cushions look good and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Colour Coordination
  • Patterns and Textures
  • Size and Shape
  • Layering
  • Consider the Theme
  • Quality Matters
  • Personal Touch
  • Seasonal Changes 

Remember that personal preferences play a significant role, so feel free to experiment and mix and match combinations to get a personalized style.

7. Where can I buy quality cushion covers near me?

You can find a great variety of cushion covers at Vaaree Online. We offer a wide range of sizes and designs at affordable prices.

8. Are there different price ranges for cushion covers?

Vaaree has got cushion covers to fit every budget and style! Our printed and trusted cushion covers start at Rs 200 and go up to Rs 1800. The solid cushion covers range from Rs 300 to Rs 1200. Now if you are feeling a bit fancy and artistic, our embroidered and woven covers are priced between Rs 400 -Rs 1800. We have got you a bunch of designs and combinations to jazz up your couch or bed.

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