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Artificial Plants - Faux Evergreen Ficus Plant with Pot - 5.91 ft

Faux Evergreen Ficus Plant with Pot - 5.91 ft


₹5,999 ₹9,000 33%Off
Artificial Plants - Faux Long Butterfly Palm Plant With Pot - 4.92 ft

Faux Long Butterfly Palm Plant With Pot - 4.92 ft


₹5,999 ₹10,000 40%Off
Artificial Plants - Faux Banana Musa Plant With Pot - 4.92 ft

Faux Banana Musa Plant With Pot - 4.92 ft


₹5,880 ₹9,000 35%Off
Wall Lamp - Abeer Wall Lamp

Abeer Wall Lamp

Glass Shade

₹1,800 ₹2,499 28%Off
Artificial Plants - Faux Evergreen Bamboo Plant With Pot (4.92 ft) - Light Green

Faux Evergreen Bamboo Plant With Pot (4.92 ft) - Light Green


₹4,999 ₹9,000 44%Off
Wall Accents - Shego Tree Wall Accent

Shego Tree Wall Accent


₹6,641 ₹12,299 46%Off
Floor Lamp - Palm Pie Norfolk Floor Lamp

Palm Pie Norfolk Floor Lamp

Fabric Shade

₹3,395 ₹6,750 50%Off
Artificial Plants - Faux Cape Ficus Plant With Pot - 5.25 ft

Faux Cape Ficus Plant With Pot - 5.25 ft


₹4,499 ₹8,000 44%Off
Wall Accents - Bird Flight Fancy Wall Accent - Set Of Five

Bird Flight Fancy Wall Accent - Set Of Five


₹3,600 ₹4,299 16%Off
Showpieces - Ocean Lord Showpiece

Ocean Lord Showpiece

Metal, MDF

₹2,399 ₹3,999 40%Off
Wall Art & Paintings - Begum Bagh Wall Painting - Set Of Two

Begum Bagh Wall Painting - Set Of Two


₹1,644 ₹6,000 73%Off
Wall Clock - Urma Wall Clock

Urma Wall Clock


₹1,499 ₹3,999 63%Off
Exclusively On Vaaree
Ottomans & Pouffe - Gajendra Acacia Wood Ottoman

Gajendra Acacia Wood Ottoman

Acacia Wood, Cotton, Foam

₹2,199 ₹2,639 17%Off
Pot with Flowers
Vase - Ganola Vase With Naturally Dried Flower Bunch

Ganola Vase With Naturally Dried Flower Bunch

Ceramic, Dried Flowers & Leaves

₹1,290 ₹1,390 7%Off
Artificial Plants - Faux Butterfly Palm Plant With Pot - 2.79 ft

Faux Butterfly Palm Plant With Pot - 2.79 ft


₹1,149 ₹2,000 43%Off
Floor Lamp - Blace Netima Floor Lamp With Shelf - Almond

Blace Netima Floor Lamp With Shelf - Almond

Fabric Shade

₹3,149 ₹9,186 66%Off
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Showpieces - Vintage Auto Rickshaw Showpiece

Vintage Auto Rickshaw Showpiece

Brass, Aluminum

₹861 ₹1,230 30%Off
Table Lamp - Mabel Hammered Golden Table Lamp - Green

Mabel Hammered Golden Table Lamp - Green

Fabric Shade

₹1,500 ₹3,000 50%Off
Table Lamp - Fiza Etched Table Lamp - Green

Fiza Etched Table Lamp - Green

Fabric Shade

₹1,520 ₹3,000 49%Off
Wall Art & Paintings - Life Tree Wall Art - Set Of Four

Life Tree Wall Art - Set Of Four


₹1,530 ₹9,999 85%Off
Artificial Plants - Faux Green Areca Palm Plant With Pot - 2.79 ft

Faux Green Areca Palm Plant With Pot - 2.79 ft


₹1,149 ₹2,000 43%Off
Wall Accents - Flavian Peacock Wall Decor

Flavian Peacock Wall Decor


₹5,499 ₹10,499 48%Off
Foliage Glam Wall Clock

Foliage Glam Wall Clock


₹1,899 ₹2,849 33%Off
Wall Accents - The Alpinist Showpiece (Black) - Set Of Three

The Alpinist Showpiece (Black) - Set Of Three


₹1,890 ₹2,590 27%Off

Buy Vaaree Home Décor Items at the Best Prices in India

Coming to a home that’s an expression of your artistry is always the best feeling! The space where you smile, celebrate, and make memories deserves to be laden with beauty and warmth all around. Home décor is an important element in achieving this inviting aura.

Given how crucial the interiors for home decorations are to one’s lifestyle, decorating it becomes a daunting task. Fortunately, Vaaree is here to help you create an attractive space with trendy home decor products. We have a colossal collection of home decorative items online for you to shop from!

Why to Buy Home Decor Items Online?

Buying home decor items online offers several advantages, making it a popular choice for many consumers. Here are some reasons why people prefer to buy home decor items online:

1. Convenience:

Online shopping allows you to browse & purchase items from the comfort of your home. There's no need to travel to physical stores, saving time & effort.

2. Variety and Selection:

Online platforms offer a vast range of home decor items, providing you with a diverse selection. You can explore different styles, colours, & designs from various sellers or brands, giving you more options to find the perfect pieces for your home.

3. Comparison Shopping:

Online shopping enables you to compare prices, styles, & customer reviews easily. This helps you make informed decisions & ensures that you get the best value for your money.

4. Access to Exclusive Items:

Many online retailers & marketplaces feature unique & exclusive home decor items that may not be available in local stores. This allows you to find one-of-a-kind pieces to personalize your space.

5. Customer Reviews:

Online platforms often include customer reviews & ratings for products. Reading these reviews can provide insights into the quality, durability, & overall satisfaction of other customers who have purchased the same items.

6. Sales and Discounts:

Online retailers frequently offer promotions, discounts, & sales events. This can help you save money on your home decor purchases compared to buying from brick-and-mortar stores.

7. Easy Returns and Refunds:

Reputable online retailers typically have customer-friendly return policies, allowing you to return or exchange items easily if they don't meet your expectations.

8. Time-Saving:

Shopping online eliminates the need to spend time traveling to multiple stores. With just a few clicks, you can quickly find & order the items you want.

9. Customization Options:

Some online platforms allow you to customize certain home decor items, such as furniture or wall art, to better suit your preferences & style.

10. Availability 24/7:

Online stores are accessible 24/7, allowing you to shop whenever it's convenient for you. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with busy schedules or those in different time zones.

Budget-Friendly Home Decor Items: Tips for a Stylish Living Space

Online shopping for home décor items for living room can be simple & enjoyable. Here are some budget-friendly home décor ideas for quick Internet home decoration things:

1. Define your style:

Before you start shopping, determine the style and theme you want for your home décor. Having a clear vision of your preferred style will help you narrow down your search & find the right items more easily.

2. Set a budget:

Decide on a budget for your home décor product purchases. This will help you avoid overspending & focus on items that fit within your price range.

3. Measure your space:

Take accurate measurements of the areas where you plan to place your beautiful home décor items. This will help you determine the appropriate sizes & dimensions when browsing online.

4. Read product descriptions and reviews:

Pay close attention to your home décor product descriptions, including dimensions, materials, and any special features. Additionally, read customer reviews to get an idea of the item's quality & how well it meets expectations.

5. Look for clear product images:

Ensure that the best home decor online store provides clear & high-resolution images of products like Vaaree. This will help you visualize how the item will look in your home decorations.

6. Take advantage of filters and search options:

To reduce your alternatives, use the filters & search functions offered by the online retailer for your home decor. You can narrow your search to exactly what you want by using price, color, style, or any other criteria.

By following these timeless home décor trends & budget-friendly tips to revamp your home decorations, you can make your online home decor shopping experience more convenient & enjoyable, while finding the perfect items to enhance your living space.

Different Types of Home Decor Items

You will be enchanted by the treasure chest of charming collectibles at Vaaree that can elevate the ambiance of any room. All of our home decor products have been curated to create an impact and leave a lasting impression of beauty and grace. All it needs is your artistic vision to become distinct and special!

If you’re ready to make your home decor the ‘neighbour’s envy’ then here’s a glimpse of the home decorative items that Vaaree has to offer:

1. Wall Décor Items:

Never overlook the importance of decorated walls to home decor! Wall decor for home decorations can instantly spruce up the space without much investment. Statement wall decor items have long been used by interior decorators to provide the room with a focal point and make it come alive. Choose from stunning wall clocks online, magnificent metal artwork, stylish photo frames, and much more at Vaaree.

Style Tip: Wall decor pops out even more fabulously if you paint one wall in a different colour than the rest of the room, also called an ‘accent wall’. Decorating a blank wall can add character and personality to a room. Here are some wall décor ideas to help you get started.

2. Lamps:

Believe us when we say that lighting can make or break the room’s ambiance. Use it to create a sense of depth, cut cosy spots, and draw attention to the most appealing aspects of the space, as well as to light up your home with decorative table lamps. Besides permanent light fixtures, home decor lamps and lighting are a great way to achieve the desired effect. Shop classy and quirky table, wall, and floor lamps at Vaaree available at the most affordable prices!

Style Tip: Decorators always create lighting layers to make a room look posh and expensive! Ambient, task, and accent lighting are what you need to aim for in every space.

3. Showpieces:

Home decor showpieces are perhaps the simplest way to make your home decorations like it’s straight out of a magazine! They come in all shapes, sizes, textures, and colors to enhance the beauty of your room. You will be surprised by the elegance a majestic brass piece can bestow to your room, or the refinement brought in by a pretty tea light holder! If you want to add these beautiful showpieces for home decor, Vaaree has you covered here as well. We promise to be your home decor accent oyster. Whether you are hunting for flower vases or delicate statues, here you will be spoilt for choice.

4. Aroma Candles:

Led lights for home decorations are great for Diwali. But how can you make your everyday extraordinary? With aroma candles! An effortless way to tantalize your smell senses, from aqua to woody and more, at Vaaree we have aromatic candles for every penchant. Go on, light one to meditate, laze, romance, or create a whole new vibe for your lovely abode.

5. Pooja Essentials:

When it comes to home décor accents, most of us seldom pay heed to the Pooja room. Little do we know, Pooja Essentials can double as the best home decor items. Be it traditional brass divas, big urlis, or God statues, we have it all and at steal deals! Check out our curation of Pooja essentials, pick one that aligns with your spirituality, and watch it transform the aura of not only your Pooja room/Mandir but the entire home!

6. Artificial Flowers & Plants:

Artificial flowers and plants have become increasingly popular for home decor and landscaping, thanks to their low maintenance and long-lasting nature. They provide a way to add greenery and floral accents to your space without the need for regular watering and care.

7. Clocks:

Clocks are essential timekeeping devices in homes, providing both functional value and decorative elements. There are various types of designer clocks you can incorporate into your home decor.

8. Mirrors:

Mirrors serve both functional and decorative purposes in homes. Decorative mirrors can enhance the aesthetics of a space, create an illusion of more space, and provide a convenient way to check your appearance.

How to choose the right home decor items online?

Choosing the right home decor items online can be a fun & creative process. Here are some tips to help you make informed decisions:

1. Define Your Style:

Identify your personal style. Are you into modern, traditional, bohemian, minimalistic, or eclectic designs? Knowing your style will help you narrow down your options.

2. Consider the Existing Decor:

Take into account your existing furniture, color scheme, & overall theme of your home. This will ensure that your new decor items complement the existing elements.

3. Set a Budget:

Determine how much you're willing to spend on home decor. Setting a budget will help you narrow down choices & prevent overspending.

4. Measure Spaces:

Measure the spaces where you plan to place new items. This will help you choose appropriately sized decor that fits well in your home.

5. Quality Check:

Read product descriptions, reviews, & ratings. Check for materials, craftsmanship, & durability. High-quality items tend to last longer & provide better value for your money.

6. Color Palette:

Stick to a cohesive color palette to create a harmonious look. Consider the colors of your walls, furniture, & other elements in the room.

7. Functionality:

Choose decor items that serve a purpose. Functional decor not only adds aesthetic value but also contributes to the usability of the space.

8. Personal Touch:

Incorporate items that reflect your personality or have sentimental value. This will make your home feel more personalized & unique.

9. Stay Updated on Trends:

While it's important to choose items that suit your style, staying aware of current design trends can inspire your choices & keep your decor fresh.

10. Return Policy:

Before making a purchase, check the return policy of the online store. This ensures that if the item doesn't meet your expectations, you can return or exchange it easily.

11. Shipping and Delivery:

Consider the shipping costs, delivery time, & return process. Choose reliable online stores with a good track record in customer service.

12. Read Customer Reviews:

Reviews from other customers can provide insights into the quality & satisfaction level with the product. Consider both positive & negative reviews to make an informed decision.

13. Visualize with Virtual Tools:

Some online platforms offer virtual tools or apps that allow you to visualize how a particular item will look in your space. Take advantage of these tools if available.

Keeping Home Décor Items in Good Condition

Maintaining your home décor items is essential to ensure they remain in good condition & continue to enhance the aesthetics of your space. Here are some general tips for keeping up with home décor items maintenance:

1. Regular Cleaning:

Dust and clean your décor items regularly using appropriate cleaning tools such as microfiber cloths, dusters, or gentle brushes.

Be mindful of the materials your décor items are made of, & use suitable cleaning products to avoid damage.

2. Avoid Harsh Chemicals:

When cleaning, avoid using harsh chemicals that may damage the surfaces of your décor items. Opt for mild & non-abrasive cleaners.

Test any new cleaning product on a small, inconspicuous area before applying it to the entire item.

3. Proper Storage:

If you have seasonal or occasional décor items, store them properly when not in use. Consider using storage containers to protect them from dust, moisture, & potential damage.

4. Protect Against Sunlight:

Direct sunlight can fade & damage certain materials. Place items away from prolonged exposure to sunlight or use window coverings to protect them.

Consider rotating or repositioning items periodically to ensure even exposure.

5. Handle with Care:

Be gentle when moving or handling fragile items. Lift and carry them properly to prevent breakage or scratches.

Use padding or cushions when stacking or storing items to avoid surface damage.

6. Inspect for Damage:

Regularly inspect your décor items for any signs of damage, wear, or loose parts. Address any issues promptly to prevent further deterioration.

Repair or replace damaged items as needed.

7. Upholstery Care:

If you have upholstered furniture or décor items, follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning & maintenance.

Vacuum upholstery regularly to remove dust & debris, & address spills or stains promptly.

8. Proper Display:

Consider the location of your décor items. Keep fragile or valuable items out of high-traffic areas to reduce the risk of accidental damage.

Use appropriate supports or wall anchors for wall-mounted items to ensure stability.

9. Temperature and Humidity Control:

Maintain a stable indoor environment by controlling temperature and humidity levels. Extreme conditions can cause damage to certain materials over time.

10. Read Care Instructions:

Always follow the care recommendations supplied by the manufacturer for each item. These instructions are particular to the materials used in the product.

Explore Home Essentials Online at Vaaree

Explore home decor and essentials online at Vaaree and transform your living space with our curated selection of premium items. Discover designer bedsheets for ultimate comfort, beautiful curtains to enhance any room of your home and stylish sofa cushion covers to add elegance to the place. Our collection includes exquisite clocks for home, barware items and practical kitchen storage containers. Elevate your dining experience with our elegant dinner sets and refresh your space with bathroom decor and essentials. At Vaaree, find everything you need that suits your taste and uplift the looks of your home!

Vaaree - Your Ultimate Home Decor Destination

Affordability and quality are the hallmarks of all home decoration items you can find at Vaaree. The best part about shopping with us is that we follow a marketplace model. This means we source from luxe Indian manufacturers whose focal point is nothing but top-notch quality at jaw-dropping prices.

This means you can shop for your heart’s desire and decorate your house while still adhering to the budget. It’s a win-win for your pocket and home decor! Why wait longer? The choicest house decoration items await you at India’s best home decor online store – Vaaree!

Home Decor Items Price List

We offer classy home decor items designed to make your home look good. Check out our latest home decor online prices are reasonable rates:

Home Decor

Price (Rs.)

Boho Fauna Carved Table Lamp

₹ 1,416.00

Modern Haveli Lantern

₹ 1,096.00

Train Blue Pottery Inspired Decorative Plates

₹ 1,095.00

Shahi Darbar Wall Lamp

₹ 1,096.00

Ornate Farola Wall Lamp

₹ 1,097.00

Lit Lotus Lamp

₹ 1,577.18

Imane Wall Lamp

₹ 1,316.00

Lotus Lantern Lamp

₹ 1,682.00

Flavian Peacock Wall Décor

₹ 5,499.00

Vintage Car Decorative Plate

₹ 1,095.00


What Makes your home “Home” by Vaaree?

Bhavana Pandey's house in Mumbai | Home Tour

Festive Home Gifting Items

Purchase festive gifting products online at the best prices. Vaaree offers a wide range of festival gifting goods, including beautiful plates, secret candles, gift boxes, and much more.

FAQs on Home Decoration:

1. Why is home decoration important?

A home decorations reflect your personality. This is the place where you unwind and reconnect with your truest self. If you want to experience a sense of belonging and create a visually pleasing space for your mental/physical well-being, home décor is the answer. By choosing the right room decoration items, you can determine how you’d like your mood to be when you’re in there.

For instance, if one of your rooms is filled with aroma candles, dim lighting, a couple of indoor plants, and a rack of books/music, you know that will be your official and forever relaxation place.

2. What are the most common home décor items?

The most common home decor items vary with the personality of the homeowner. However, here are a few decorative items that we think you would find in every home decoration:

  • Wall Clock

  • Vases

  • Aroma Candles

  • Floor/table/ceiling lamps or accent lighting

  • Pooja essentials like God figurines.

3. What is popular in home décor?

We believe the most popular home décor items, universally, have to be wall clocks. Because we all want to know what time is it, right? That said, we think the most popular home décor products amongst millennials and Gen-Z are aroma candles, boho wall décor, and killer lamps. How do we know? First, our sales. And second, influenza in them sure craves aesthetics!

4. Where can I find the best home décor accessories?

You can find the best home décor accessories online at Vaaree! Be it wall décor, vases, cushions, lighting, or anything for home décor, we have the largest assortment of quality home décor at the lowest possible prices. No matter how picky you are, how humble your budget is, or how unique the theme of your home decorations is, we promise you’ll find something you love at Vaaree!


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