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String Lights - Lantern Glow String Light

Lantern Glow String Light


₹399 ₹1,200 67%Off
String Lights - Water Drop String Light

Water Drop String Light


₹438 ₹1,100 60%Off
String Lights - Snowflakes LED Fairy Light

Snowflakes LED Fairy Light


₹384 ₹1,000 62%Off
String Lights - Warm Glow Curtain Lights

Warm Glow Curtain Lights


₹799 ₹2,500 68%Off
String Lights - Rose Elegance String Light

Rose Elegance String Light


₹399 ₹1,200 67%Off
String Lights - Leafy Love String Light

Leafy Love String Light


₹399 ₹1,200 67%Off
String Lights - Bobble Fairy Light

Bobble Fairy Light


₹384 ₹1,000 62%Off
String Lights - Globe Glow String Light

Globe Glow String Light


₹399 ₹1,200 67%Off
String Lights - Glowsome String Lights (Warm White) - Set Of Four

Glowsome String Lights (Warm White) - Set Of Four


₹766 ₹2,400 68%Off
String Lights - Heavenly Glow Curtain lights

Heavenly Glow Curtain lights


₹850 ₹2,700 69%Off
String Lights - Sky Fairy Light

Sky Fairy Light


₹384 ₹1,000 62%Off
String Lights - Enchanted String Lights - Set Of Four

Enchanted String Lights - Set Of Four


₹384 ₹1,400 73%Off
String Lights - Vintage Vino Lights - Set Of Eight

Vintage Vino Lights - Set Of Eight


₹548 ₹2,500 78%Off
String Lights - Starry Glow String Light

Starry Glow String Light


₹399 ₹1,200 67%Off
String Lights - Glow Bells String Light

Glow Bells String Light


₹399 ₹1,200 67%Off
String Lights - Starry Nights Curtain String Light

Starry Nights Curtain String Light


₹657 ₹1,400 53%Off
String Lights - Glowsome String Lights - Warm White - Set Of Two

Glowsome String Lights - Warm White - Set Of Two


₹437 ₹1,200 64%Off
String Lights - Hearty Glow String Light

Hearty Glow String Light


₹399 ₹1,200 67%Off

Buy Decoration String Lights Online at the Best Prices

It is hard to imagine a festive décor without string lights! These tiny specks of illumination are certainly the life of any party. Whether it is a personal occasion or a festival, no celebration is complete without the warm glow of decorative string lights.

Since Indian homes have multiple occasions and festivals to rejoice in, it is a good idea to buy quality string lights that can be put up at any time for instant delight. If you’re wondering how to stock up on some decorative string lights, then look no further than Vaaree. We have a collection of lamps and lighting that will be the crowning jewel of your decor.

Different Types of String Lights Available on Vaaree

To add a little more radiance and drama to your festivities, Vaaree has a collection of string lights in different shapes and colours. Here is a glimpse of the myriad of magical lights that await you at Vaaree:

  1. Rice Lights:

Displaying an array of hues, rice lights are tiny but pack a punch. Hang them around the porch to leave a subtle glow outdoors or use them to outline doors and windows for a fairy tale appearance. They are available in shapes such as conical, bell, firecracker etc. Pick any of them to give your room a makeover as well as light up the ambiance for special events.

  1. Fairy Lights:

Twinkling LED fairy lights are the easiest way to brighten up any room or enhance a party décor. Given the multiple uses these lights can be put to, they are a favourite with décor enthusiasts. You can wrap them around a mirror, put them in mason jars, or drape them around plants for a surreal look.

  1. LED Lights:

You will also find LED string lights for home at Vaaree in warm golden colours that create an enchanted aura. Enjoy them in the shapes of the moon, stars, and snowflakes. Apt for Christmas time or just regular days when you need a festive spirit to cheer you up!

  1. Curtain String Light:

Lend some sheen and sparkle to your curtains with cute curtain string lights in various designs. It is an ideal way to introduce mood lighting into your room and make it appear cosy.

Safety Tips for String Lights

  1. Choose copper wires fairy light strips as they are insulated and do not overheat quickly.
  2. Ensure that the lights are water-resistant if you intend to install them outdoors or in open spaces.
  3. Prevent tripping hazards by keeping the Diwali string lights at a height.
  4. Avoid leaving string lights up for too long as they are not meant for prolonged use extending over months.

Lighten Up Your Home With Led String Lights For Diwali And Other Festivals

Every festival is an opportunity to deck up your home with string lights. Festivals like Diwali, Christmas, and New Year are incomplete without illuminating every nook of your house. Whether your color calling is in red, yellow, multi or green, at Vaaree we have hanging fairy lights for any and every liking.

A thing that we feel every buyer should know about us - Each piece has undergone a rigorous quality check to ensure only the best and safest LED decorative lights reach you. This means unlike the ordinary string lights available out there, ours will not go dead in a day. Order from the convenience of your home and soak in the alluring radiance of coloured fairy lights.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What are string lights?

String lights are small lights on a wire. They are usually used as decoration, think Christmas tree or Diwali string lights. Though most string lights work on electricity, now there are also battery and USB-operated options available. String lights are also known as fairy lights.

  1. What types of string lights are available?

A few types of string lights are:

  • Rice Lights
  • Fairy Lights
  • Led Decorative Lights

The good news is all types of string lights are available on Vaaree. Browse through our eclectic collection to pick the most affordable and colourful string lights out there.

  1. What are the benefits of using LED string lights?

The benefits of using LED string lights are:

  • Unlike the traditional filament string lights, the LED variant doesn’t burn out and are extremely durable.
  • They are extremely easy to install.
  • Despite decorative LED lights being powered on for a long time, they are less likely to overheat.
  • These lights are also energy-efficient and thus save money on big bills.
  • LED lights also double as ambiance lights when not used as LED fairy lights.
  1. What are the best ways to decorate with string lights?

String lights are one of the most versatile wall lights. Here are a few cool ways to decorate your home with them:

  • Install them around your tv unit, inside the false ceiling or on thick framed furniture to create a killer ambiance.
  • Place string lights in a mason jar to DIY an affordable yet chic side table lamp.
  • Hang string lights on a wall and pin your favourite photos on it.
  • Leave a trail of string lights on your existing photo frames to highlight your beautiful memories and of course the wall.
  • Hang string lights above/below the bed or in dark reading corners for a Pinterest-y appeal.
  1. How do you store string lights?

If you want your string lights to last forever, quality matters and so does the storing technique. Here is how you can store your string lights like a pro:

  • Always keep the original packaging of the string lights handy. Once you are done using them, pack it in the same way you received it and store it in a dry place.
  • If you don’t have the original packaging, take a cardboard cut-out and tightly wrap the cord around it. Secure it with a plastic layer and store it in a dry place.
  • If you don’t have a cardboard either, substitute it with clothes hanger, newspaper, or bubble wrap.
  • Lastly, if you have none of the above-mentioned props, just neatly wrap the light around your palm in a circle, secure it with cable ties and pack it in any plastic bag.


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