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Buy Hiresh Table Lamp at Vaaree online | Beautiful Table Lamp to choose from

Hiresh Table Lamp

Fabric Shade

₹2,419.00₹3,389.00 29%Off
Buy Fancy Pants Table Lamp With Drum Shade - Khadi at Vaaree online | Beautiful Table Lamp to choose from

Fancy Pants Table Lamp With Drum Shade - Khadi

Fabric Shade

₹2,195.00₹2,800.00 22%Off
Buy Bisara Palmer Table Lamp at Vaaree online | Beautiful Table Lamp to choose from

Bisara Palmer Table Lamp

Fabric Shade

₹2,649.00₹4,119.00 36%Off
Buy Little Birdie Lamp at Vaaree online | Beautiful Table Lamp to choose from

Little Birdie Lamp

Fabric Shade

₹1,598.90₹3,000.00 47%Off
Leaves In Wind Wooden Table Lamp

Leaves In Wind Wooden Table Lamp

Fabric Shade

₹1,866.00₹2,559.00 27%Off
Buy Illeana Pleated Hexa Dome Lamp - Black at Vaaree online | Beautiful Table Lamp to choose from

Illeana Pleated Hexa Dome Lamp - Black

Fabric Shade

₹1,770.00₹3,750.00 53%Off
Buy Sundarban Metal Chrome Table Lamp at Vaaree online | Beautiful Table Lamp to choose from

Sundarban Metal Chrome Table Lamp

Fabric Shade

₹1,239.00₹2,250.00 45%Off
Buy Arohana Table Lamp - Beige at Vaaree online | Beautiful Table Lamp to choose from

Arohana Table Lamp - Beige

Fabric Shade

₹1,975.00₹5,100.00 61%Off
Buy Fancy Pants Table Lamp at Vaaree online | Beautiful Table Lamp to choose from

Fancy Pants Table Lamp

Fabric Shade

₹2,195.00₹2,800.00 22%Off
Buy Estoile Wooden Table Lamp - Green Online in India | Table Lamp on Vaaree

Estoile Wooden Table Lamp - Green

Fabric Shade

₹1,625.00₹3,250.00 50%Off
Buy Mabel Hammered Golden Table Lamp - White Online in India | Table Lamp on Vaaree

Mabel Hammered Golden Table Lamp - White

Fabric Shade

₹1,500.00₹3,000.00 50%Off
Buy Reina Wooden Table Lamp - Green Online in India | Table Lamp on Vaaree

Reina Wooden Table Lamp - Green

Fabric Shade

₹1,625.00₹3,250.00 50%Off

Buy Beautiful Table Lamps (Desk Lamp) Online at Vaaree

The secret to magazine-worthy homes and killer ambiance is great lighting. And what is the easiest way to create that cosy setting? Table lamps!

An excellent decor element for any home, table lamps are not only pretty looking but also extremely convenient to set up and style. Bring its magnificence home and shop for the widest variety of table lamps online at Vaaree!

Bright Ideas: Essential Tips for Effortless Table Lamp Shopping

Nobody can deny the sophistication that table lamps lend to a room. But just like any other decor, you need to choose a piece, or else the room won’t appear cohesive. Below stated are a few tips that will make your table lamps online shopping a breeze:

  1. Clearly determine the purpose:

There are numerous styles of table lamps out there. Each of it designed to meet a specific purpose. So, before buying lamps online, figure out their final usage and placement.

For instance, a lamp could be an ambient, task, or accent light. To help you understand better – a study table lamp qualifies as a task light. It is typically small but with a bright bulb to ensure no strain on the eyes. Likewise, table lamps for the bedroom can either be ambient – that glow up the entire room or accent – that highlight only a section/element.

  1. It’s all about the size:

Size matters, at least when it comes to table lamps! Once you have comprehended the placement and type of lamp you want to buy, the next step is to consider its measurements. As a thumb rule, remember that a table lamp should always be of the same height or smaller than the table and the rest of the furniture in the room. If you still end up liking a design that’s taller than the table, cap the height at 1.5x.

  1. Shade or no shade:

Just like love, modern table lamps at Vaaree come in all designs, shapes, sizes, and materials! Depending on the theme of your room, take your pick from a full glass table lamp or one with a shade. If a lamp with shade seems ideal, you can further experiment with base materials – wood, metal, glass, etc.

  1. Colour play:

Colours can make or break the appeal of your entire home. If you want to leave a classy impact with your table lamps, be extremely mindful of your pick. For instance, table lamps for the living room can be printed and popped. However, dining room lights should be comparatively mellow.

  1. Placement matters:

No matter how sassy a desk lamp is, it will never look pretty enough if it’s not placed in the right spot. For instance, opt for small glass lamps for your bedside. A medium/large-sized lamp with shade for your coffee tables. And a sleek moving arm table lamp for your reading corners.

Stylish Table Lamps Available on Vaaree

Stylish table lamps can enhance the aesthetics of any room while providing functional lighting. There are countless designs to choose from, catering to various tastes & interior styles. Here are some popular & stylish table lamp options available on Vaaree:

Shop by Colour

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Shop by Type

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Wood Type Table Lamps

Table Lamps

Yellow Colour Table Lamps

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Wall Lamps

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Green Colour Table Lamps

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Blue Colour Table Lamps

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Black Colour Table Lamps

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Silver Colour Table Lamps

Plastic Shade Type Table Lamps


Purple Colour Table Lamps

Acrylic Shade Type Table Lamps


Brown Colour Table Lamps

Wooden Shade Type Table Lamps


Beige Colour Table Lamps

Rattan Shade Type Table Lamps


Pink Colour Table Lamps



Grey Colour Table Lamps



Transparent Colour Table Lamps



Gold Colour Table Lamps



Multicolour Colour Table Lamps



Maroon Colour Table Lamps



Copper Colour Table Lamps



Ivory Colour Table Lamps



Bronze Colour Table Lamps




Shop for Table Lamp Online at Vaaree

Whether you need some extra light for a reading nook or just intend to spice up the bedroom, at Vaaree we have striking table lamp options for you! Ranging from trendy table lamps for study to classic lamps with shade, we have something for every taste and tabletop!

The best part about shopping for lamps & lightings items like ceiling lampswall lampsfloor lampsstring lights, and table lamps at Vaaree is – you get the perfect trio of variety, quality, and affordability. As we source our wide assortment of lamps from the top manufacturers in India, we offer the lowest price and highest quality guarantee. Not only that, but we also take measures to exercise strict quality control right from sourcing to shipping. All this only so that you can achieve the dream lighting in your loving homes!

Make your homes look lit, shop table lamps from Vaaree today.

You get exactly what you see! Our other popular collections include Home Décor CollectionsGarden Decor CollectionsBathroom Decor CollectionsDining Decor CollectionsKitchen Decor CollectionsLiving Room Decor Collections, & Bedroom Decor Collections... the list goes on. Explore more now on

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What are the best table lamps to buy online?

The best table lamps to buy online absolutely depend on your usage. If you are a bookworm, get a reading lamp. Likewise, if you write/work or do any intricate tasks on your desk, an LED table lamp is recommended.

2. How to choose the best table lamp online?

Here are a few tips to choose the best table lamp online:

  • The colour of the table lamp should pair well with your interiors.
  • As lamps online come in myriad shapes (both with and without shades), pick the style that blends with the rest of your décor.
  • Choose a table lamp as per the purpose of usage. Ambient table lamps – to create a holistic mood lighting, accent table lamps – to draw attention to certain décor elements, and task table lamps – to throw light to accomplish activities like studying.
  • A table lamp should always be placed above or at eye level. So, select the lamp height accordingly as per the table top you’ll place it on.
  • Take care that the wire of the lamp is of adequate length.
  • Opt for quality products instead of solely focusing on the price. Table lamps can brighten homes for the rest of your lives!
  • If you’re bored with a lamp at home, just get a new shade online and swap for an effortless revamp.

3. What is the best desk lamp for studying?

LED table lamps with an adjustable focus are the best desk lamps for studying as they are extremely bright, sleek, and durable.

4. What are the benefits of a table lamp?

The benefits of table lamps are:

  • Convenient to use.
  • Easy to unplug and port.
  • Illuminates only a specific section of the room.
  • Creates a mood uplifting ambiance.
  • Makes the home look more inviting, warm, and refined.
  • A study lamp acts as visual assistance for various tasks.
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