Dream Catchers & Wind Chimes

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Windchimes - Positive Vibes Hanging Bells

Positive Vibes Hanging Bells


₹410 ₹615 33%Off
Windchimes - Paranaya Wind Chime

Paranaya Wind Chime


₹194 ₹999 81%Off
Windchimes - Flock Of Birds Metal Wall Hanging

Flock Of Birds Metal Wall Hanging


₹679 ₹899 24%Off
Windchimes - Metal Golden Hanging Bells

Metal Golden Hanging Bells


₹747 ₹899 17%Off
Windchimes - Lotus Sutra Hanging Bells

Lotus Sutra Hanging Bells


₹395 ₹899 56%Off
Dreamcatchers - Bohemian Passion Dreamcatcher - Azure

Bohemian Passion Dreamcatcher - Azure

Metal, Feathers

₹261 ₹525 50%Off
Dreamcatchers - Fantasia Dreamcatcher

Fantasia Dreamcatcher

Metal, Feathers

₹1,829 ₹3,097 41%Off
Dreamcatchers - Chand Sifarish Dreamcatcher - Set Of Two

Chand Sifarish Dreamcatcher - Set Of Two

Metal, Feathers

₹524 ₹759 31%Off
Dreamcatchers - Rainbow Dreamcatcher

Rainbow Dreamcatcher

Metal, Feathers

₹298 ₹447 33%Off
Dreamcatchers - Agathe Macrame Wall Hanging

Agathe Macrame Wall Hanging


₹519 ₹1,000 48%Off
Dreamcatchers - Bohemian Passion Dreamcatcher - Rosey

Bohemian Passion Dreamcatcher - Rosey

Metal, Feathers

₹277 ₹525 47%Off
Dreamcatchers - Ek Dantay Dreamcatcher

Ek Dantay Dreamcatcher

Metal, Feathers

₹314 ₹629 50%Off
Windchimes - Lunar Eclipse Windchime

Lunar Eclipse Windchime

Metal, Wood

₹779 ₹1,089 28%Off
Windchimes - Bird Melody Windchime

Bird Melody Windchime

Metal, Wood

₹858 ₹1,159 26%Off
Dreamcatchers - Bohemian Passion Dreamcatcher (Rainbow) - Set Of Two

Bohemian Passion Dreamcatcher (Rainbow) - Set Of Two

Metal, Feathers

₹366 ₹979 63%Off
Dreamcatchers - Wish Weaver Dreamcatcher

Wish Weaver Dreamcatcher

Metal, Feathers

₹569 ₹1,355 58%Off
Dreamcatchers - Bohemian Passion Dreamcatcher - Pink

Bohemian Passion Dreamcatcher - Pink

Metal, Feathers

₹314 ₹525 40%Off
Dreamcatchers - Bohemian Passion Dreamcatcher (Azure) - Set Of Two

Bohemian Passion Dreamcatcher (Azure) - Set Of Two

Metal, Feathers

₹467 ₹979 52%Off
Dreamcatchers - Unicorn Dreamcatcher

Unicorn Dreamcatcher

Metal, Feathers

₹318 ₹477 33%Off
Dreamcatchers - Har Har Mahadev Dreamcatcher

Har Har Mahadev Dreamcatcher

Metal, Feathers

₹314 ₹629 50%Off
Dreamcatchers - Bohemian Passion Dreamcatcher - Orange

Bohemian Passion Dreamcatcher - Orange

Metal, Feathers

₹261 ₹525 50%Off
Windchimes - Birdie Flock Windchime

Birdie Flock Windchime

Metal, Wood

₹1,060 ₹1,449 27%Off
Windchimes - Owl Hoot Windchime

Owl Hoot Windchime

Metal, Wood

₹729 ₹1,019 28%Off
Dreamcatchers - Bohemian Passion Dreamcatcher - Rainbow

Bohemian Passion Dreamcatcher - Rainbow

Metal, Feathers

₹261 ₹525 50%Off

Buy Wind Chimes and Dream Catchers Online at the Best Prices

If you want your wall decor to do more than just beautify the home, wind chimes and dream catchers are the answer! Known for their many benefits, these wall-hanging items are synonymous with good vibes and a positive home ambiance. 

At Vaaree, you will find the largest collection of wind chimes and dream catchers online. Listed in a variety of feng-shui-compliant colors and designs, our curation of wind chimes and dream catchers will blow your mind away. 

As our entire assortment of dream catchers and unique wind chimes online is curated from trusted and ethical manufacturers, top-notch quality and the lowest price go hand in hand. Make your home the epitome of peace and poise, shop wind chimes and dream catchers now!

Importance of Wind Chimes

Wind chimes make a soothing melody every time there is a breeze. But does it do anything more than that? Let’s check out wind chimes benefits:

  • Attracts good luck, success, and prosperity.
  • Deflects bad energy, evil eyes, and jealousy. Replaces it with calmness, good health, growth, and well-being.
  • Promotes a sense of balance in the home.
  • Boosts state of mind and well-being.
  • Aligns the chakras of an individual with all 5 elements of nature namely wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.

To get all the aforementioned wind chimes benefits, follow the below-stated guidelines:

  • Before you buy wind chimes online, check for their authenticity. At Vaaree, we only list wind chimesmanufactured ethically. 
  • It is recommended to hang wind chimeswith a red ribbon or thread.
  • Always hang wind chimesat a place where they have enough space to chime without clashing with walls or curtains. 
  • The right placement of the wind chime is as per its material. For instance, metal wind chimes should be hung in the West, North, or Northwest direction of the home or office. Likewise, wooden wind chimes should be hung in the East, South, or Southeast direction. 
  • Wind chimes with 6-8 hollow rods are recommended for most purposes. However, the number can vary depending on your reason for hanging it.

Importance of Dream Catchers

Did you know dream catchers are also known as sacred hoops? As the name prominently states, dream catcher purpose is to catch bad dreams in its web and flows them back into the universe from its feathers. It is also said to make way for good dreams and positivity. 

Though originally dream catchers were only associated with peaceful sleep and delightful dreams, depending on the color, type of embellishment, and shape, they also have other significance like good luck, boosted motivation, and creativity. 

You can only experience this magic if you hang authentic dream catchers in your homes. When we say authentic, we mean a wooden hoop with a mesh of natural fibers accentuated with sacred adornments like beads, string lights, feathers, etc, and preferably handmade. As we exercise strict vendor background checks and impeccable quality control, Vaaree certainly becomes the best place to buy genuine dream catchers online.

Our other popular wall decor collections include wall art & paintings, wall accents, wall shelves, photo frames, hooks and key holders ... the list goes on. Explore more now on vaaree.com.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  1. What are wind chimes and dream catchers?

Wind chimes and dream catchers are a type of wall decor. Hanging them in Vaastu-approved directions is said to attract good luck, and positive vibes and induce a relaxing state of mind. 

  1. What is the purpose of wind chimes?

Wind chimes are one of the most popular types of wall hanging. However, it has more than just aesthetic importance. Wind chime benefits include:

  • Wind chimes are believed to create a symphony between people and all 5 elements of nature namely wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. 
  • Additionally, its melodious sound has a soothing effect on the brain. 
  • Lastly, wind chimes are said to eliminate negative energy from home and upkeep positive vibrations. 
  1. What is the origin of wind chimes?

Wind chimes have a long history. In 1100 BC, music and various bell sounds were used to ward off evil spirits in China. After a long evolution of shapes and civilizations, wind chimes were designed to be pleasant not only for the ears but also for the eyes.

  1. What is the origin of dream catchers?

Dream catchers originated in the Ojibwa culture in the 1800s. It was created by a tribe’s medicine woman to protect the Woodland chief’s infant from illness, evil spirits, and bad dreams. Alongside Ojibwa culture, Crees and Naskapis also employed dream catchers for the same purpose.


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