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Showpieces - Happy Place Showpiece

Happy Place Showpiece


₹1,779 ₹2,224 20% OFF
Showpieces - Summer Dale Swan Showpiece (Silver) - Set Of Two
Set of Two

Summer Dale Swan Showpiece (Silver) - Set Of Two


₹2,520 ₹3,999 37% OFF
Showpieces - Bloom Garden Showpiece

Bloom Garden Showpiece

Metal, MDF

₹3,023 ₹5,399 44% OFF
Exclusively On Vaaree
Showpieces - Vintage Tripod Camera Table Accent

Vintage Tripod Camera Table Accent


₹2,250 ₹2,500 10% OFF
Showpieces - Floral Spring Showpiece

Floral Spring Showpiece

Metal, Wood

₹2,575 ₹4,599 44% OFF
Idols & Sets - Krishna Core Showpiece

Krishna Core Showpiece


₹6,844 ₹8,897 23% OFF
Showpieces - Symphonic Sisters Showpiece - Set Of Four
Set of Four

Symphonic Sisters Showpiece - Set Of Four


₹3,699 ₹5,599 34% OFF
Showpieces - Nocturna Nest Owl Showpiece

Nocturna Nest Owl Showpiece


₹1,999 ₹3,999 50% OFF
Showpieces - Ocean Lord Showpiece

Ocean Lord Showpiece

Metal, MDF

₹2,399 ₹3,999 40% OFF
Showpieces - Abundance Mantra Laughing Buddha - Yellow

Abundance Mantra Laughing Buddha - Yellow


₹3,647 ₹5,999 39% OFF
Showpieces - Laughing Budha Showpiece - Black

Laughing Budha Showpiece - Black


₹3,179 ₹5,999 47% OFF
Showpieces - Lotus Paradise Table Decor

Lotus Paradise Table Decor

Metal, MDF

₹2,015 ₹3,599 44% OFF
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Showpieces - Deer Buddies Showpiece - Set Of Two
Set of Two

Deer Buddies Showpiece - Set Of Two


₹2,800 ₹4,000 30% OFF
Showpieces - Master Of Sea Showpiece

Master Of Sea Showpiece

Metal, MDF

₹2,399 ₹3,999 40% OFF
Showpieces - Vintage Auto Rickshaw Showpiece

Vintage Auto Rickshaw Showpiece

Brass, Aluminum

₹861 ₹1,230 30% OFF
Showpieces - Maximus Roman Man Sculpture Showpiece - Beige

Maximus Roman Man Sculpture Showpiece - Beige


₹2,339 ₹3,999 42% OFF
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Exclusively On Vaaree
Showpieces - Florona Spread Showpiece

Florona Spread Showpiece


₹1,034 ₹1,550 33% OFF
Showpieces - Elephant Fun Showpiece - Set Of Two
Set of Two

Elephant Fun Showpiece - Set Of Two

Iron, Wood

₹2,000 ₹4,000 50% OFF
Showpieces - Flopsy Buddies Showpiece - Set Of Three
Set of Three

Flopsy Buddies Showpiece - Set Of Three


₹1,480 ₹3,000 51% OFF
Mummy Approved
Showpieces - Gramophone Vibes Showpiece

Gramophone Vibes Showpiece

Brass, MDF

₹378 ₹540 30% OFF
Showpieces - Vintage Cars Showpiece - Set Of Four
Set of Four

Vintage Cars Showpiece - Set Of Four


₹2,940 ₹4,200 30% OFF
Showpieces - Slender Yogasanas Showpiece - Set Of Four
Set of Four

Slender Yogasanas Showpiece - Set Of Four


₹4,299 ₹7,899 46% OFF
Doll Dance Fancia Showpiece - Set Of Five
Set of Five

Doll Dance Fancia Showpiece - Set Of Five


₹6,800 ₹10,200 33% OFF
Showpieces - Stallion Chariot Showpiece - Gold & Black

Stallion Chariot Showpiece - Gold & Black


₹5,999 ₹10,299 42% OFF

Buy Showpiece Online at Best Prices In India – Vaaree

Are you looking to buy high-quality and reasonably priced home decor showpieces?

Then check Vaaree!

Our marketplace model ensures that we acquire the best showpieces for home decorations from certified Indian manufacturers who prioritize quality and price.

This means that you can shop to your heart's content and decorate your home with high-end and unique showpieces at affordable prices. Shop at Vaaree right away to find the best showpieces for your home.

Types of Showpieces Available on Vaaree:

You will be enchanted by Vaaree's selection of beautiful showpieces which will transform the feel of any space in your home. Every item has been thoughtfully chosen to leave a lasting impression of beauty and elegance. These showpieces are one-of-a-kind and exceptional with artistic vision!

Look through Vaaree's beautiful selection of showpieces and get ready to make your home the envy of the neighbourhood:

  • Buddha Showpieces:

A beautiful Lord Buddha statue can boost the positivity in your home. Not only is a Buddha statue considered as a symbol of peace and enlightenment but it also serves as an eye-catching showpiece for the living room.

Find the perfect Buddha showpiece from Vaaree that matches your style and let its calming energy bring serenity to your home.

  • Animal Showpieces:

With Vaaree's magnificent range of animal showpieces, you can bring the beauty of the animal kingdom into your home! Each piece has its own unique personality, from gentle elephants to towering giraffes and regal camels to loyal dogs.

Whether you want to add a touch of wildlife with unique showpieces of animals to your living room or bring the spirit of the wild with beautiful showpieces of animals into your bedroom, Vaaree has the perfect showpiece for you.

  • Showpieces for bedroom:

Create a blissful atmosphere in your bedroom with the power of symbolism! Showpieces for the bedroom can be pairs of hearts, love birds, ducks and other showpieces that symbolize love and togetherness. Opt for showpieces in pairs like a pair of doves or a dancing couple to represent the bond of love between you and your partner. Avoid solitary showpieces like single animals or birds in the bedroom. Let the symbolism of paired showpieces enhance the harmonious energy in your bedroom and create a loving ambiance.

  • Showpieces for dining room:

Place scented candles at the center of your table as a dining table showpiece. These are great options as they add a touch of royalty and elegance to your dining table.

You can also keep small figurines or figurine sets in your dining room as they add personality and charm. Select from a range of options such as adorable animal figurines, abstract sculptures or even vintage collectibles that add a nostalgic touch. Choose pieces that resonate with your personal style and taste and see how these tiny additions transform your dining room into a cozy and inviting haven!

Buy Showpiece Online For Home Decoration

With a wide range of unique showpieces to choose from, Vaaree offers quality and convenience at your fingertips. Transform your home into a showcase of style and sophistication with Vaaree's captivating showpieces.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What are showpieces?

Showpieces are decorative elements or objects intended to improve a space's visual appeal. Usually chosen for their artistic, aesthetic or ornamental value, showpieces add style, personality and visual interest to a room or area.

What materials are commonly used to make showpieces?

A wide range of materials such as wood, metal, glass, porcelain, resin, cloth, plastic and organic materials like shells and stones can be used to create showpieces. These components can be moulded, carved, fused, sculpted or sewed to produce decorative showpiece items with distinctive patterns and textures.

What are some popular types of showpieces?

Popular types of showpieces include vases, figurines, sculptures, wall hangings, centrepieces, decorative bowls and trays, candles and candle holders and collectibles.

Can showpieces be used as gifts?

Yes, showpieces can be used as gifts.


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