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Comic Call Wall Accent - Set Of Two

Comic Call Wall Accent - Set Of Two


₹2,129.00₹2,979.00 29%Off
Buy Bell Board Wall Decor at Vaaree online | Beautiful Wall Accents to choose from

Bell Board Wall Decor

Metal, MDF

₹4,076.00₹6,999.00 42%Off
Buy Bosa Wall Shelf With Madhubani Pot - Set Of Seven at Vaaree online | Beautiful Wall Accents to choose from

Bosa Wall Shelf With Madhubani Pot - Set Of Seven

Terracotta, Wood

₹2,179.00₹3,049.00 29%Off
Buy Golden Tree Of Life at Vaaree online | Beautiful Wall Accents to choose from

Golden Tree Of Life

₹3,899.00₹6,499.00 40%Off
Holmes & Watson Wall Accent - Set Of Two

Holmes & Watson Wall Accent - Set Of Two


₹2,029.00₹2,839.00 29%Off
Magdalene Floral Wall Accent

Magdalene Floral Wall Accent

Metal, MDF

₹2,969.00₹5,499.00 46%Off
Buy Bird Flight Fancy Wall Accent - Set Of Five Online in India | Wall Accents on Vaaree

Bird Flight Fancy Wall Accent - Set Of Five


₹3,399.00₹4,299.00 21%Off
Jharokha Decorative Wall Accent

Jharokha Decorative Wall Accent


₹1,505.00₹1,999.00 25%Off
Buy Flavian Peacock Wall Decor at Vaaree online | Beautiful Wall Accents to choose from

Flavian Peacock Wall Decor


₹5,499.00₹10,499.00 48%Off
Buy The Alpinist Showpiece (Black) - Set Of Three at Vaaree online | Beautiful Wall Accents to choose from

The Alpinist Showpiece (Black) - Set Of Three


₹1,890.00₹2,590.00 27%Off
Buy Cora Wall Shelf With Pot - Set Of Six at Vaaree online | Beautiful Wall Accents to choose from

Cora Wall Shelf With Pot - Set Of Six

Terracotta, Wood

₹2,109.00₹2,949.00 28%Off
Tribal Loop Wall Accent

Tribal Loop Wall Accent


₹1,600.00₹2,000.00 20%Off

Buy Decorative Wall Accents Online at the Best Prices

There is no home without walls. And no beautiful walls without accent wall decor! If you want to give your home an edgy appeal, a simple and sustainable solution for it is beautiful wall decor.

Once the furniture, soft furnishings, and other aspects of the rooms are almost finalized, complete the interior of your home with wall accents from Vaaree. The best part about shopping for room wall decor from us is – we offer premium quality at the lowest prices! How do we do this? By curating our mind-blowing collection directly from manufacturers, eliminating middlemen, and cutting down on all unnecessary costs like advertising.

Now go on, shop to your heart’s desire without worrying about burning a hole in your pocket!

Shop From a Wide Range of Wall Decor Accents Items Online

There is more to walls than just paints. For homes that speak volumes about their owner, room wall decor accents is a no-brainer addition. Additionally, unlike other types of decor items, wall accents are easy to pair, position, adapt and even change. This makes them one of the most versatile and value-for-money decor accessories for homes.

Vaaree offers the convenience of shopping for a variety of wall decor accents online. We have room wall decoration items for every type of home, like:

  • Traditional wall accents
  • Contemporary wall accents
  • Modern wall accents
  • Rustic wall accents
  • Boho wall accents
  • Indian-themed wall accents

All you have to do is – pick your favourite wall accent, apply coupons for additional discounts, and wait for your package of happiness to be delivered. For added convenience, we also display the tentative delivery date on every product. And more often than not, we deliver earlier than promised!

Explore the Different Range Of Wall Accents Available On Vaaree

Accent wall decor at Vaaree is not limited to frames and posters. We have an endless variety of products to cater to the different moods and themes for home wall decor ideas for every room. Here is a gist of wall accent decor ideas that you can find online on our website:

  • Metal wall art – Metal art is a type of wall hanging decor. It is usually crafted from metals or alloys and is moulded into stunning shapes. Then, it is either hung directly or given a wooden backdrop.
  • Panelled wall art – Panelled wall art is a set of 2 or more pieces of artwork. Panelled artwork is made from metal, wood, MDF, canvas, or even glass.
  • Wall plates – Wall plates are the newest talk of the accent wall decor Usually made in ceramic, they can be hung single or in sets. Extremely versatile to combine with other wall accents too.
  • Sculptures – Wall accent sculptures can range from birds to religious figurines and even 3D flowers or animals.
  • Wall hanging decor Wall hanging decor encompasses quirky items like macramé hangers with planters as well as traditional variants like wind chimes. Most wall accents qualify as wall-hanging decor.
  • Wall hooks – The power of wall hooks as wall accents is truly underrated. Statement hooks in a metal finish are eye-catchy and highly functional too.
  • Murals and paintings – Available in various sizes, materials, designs, and themes, they make classic wall decoration items for the living room.
  • Frames – Because what’s more statement and personalized than a wall filled with memories AKA photo frames set?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. What are wall accents?

    Wall accent is a type of decorative item that distinguishes one wall in a room from the others. A few examples of accent wall decor are:

    • Mirrors
    • Wall Hanging
    • Wall Plates
    • Textured Colors
    • Vertical Garden Setup

    2. What is the purpose of wall accents?

      Just like any other type of decor, the purpose of wall accents is to highlight a section of the home. Additionally, room wall decoration items bring a sense of cohesiveness and class. Lastly, it acts as a focal point in a room – wherein you can decide what you want your guests to see first. After all, the first impression is the last impression, isn’t it?

      3. What are the different types of wall accents?

        Examples of different types of wall accents are listed below:

        • Wall hanging
        • Wall Hooks
        • Wall Shelves
        • Wall Frames
        • Murals
        • Wall Paintings
        • 3D Stickers
        • Wall Plates
        • Metal Artwork
        • Planters
        • Mirrors

        You can find all of these and more for every type of home theme at Vaaree!

        4. What are some creative ways to use wall accents?

          Wall accents are an excellent way to uplift any ordinary room into an extraordinary one. Here are a few creative ways to use wall accents:

          • Choose odd numbers – Whether it is wall plates or photo frames, some accents just look good in odd numbers.
          • Think out of the box – Most people install planters on their balcony railing or in pots. You could create a 20x20-inch vertical garden on the accent wall.
          • Experiment, experiment, and experiment – Be it textures, colors, patterns, or style, don’t be afraid to pick the boldest room wall decor.
          • Mix and match – The entire thought behind room wall decoration items is to make the space stand out. If you can’t pick between two styles that match your theme, we say pick both and play with placement!

          5. Where can I find the best Wall accent products online?

          We've got a diverse range of materials to suit every taste – whether it's the sleek charm of metal, the timeless appeal of wood, the modern touch of MDF, or the earthy vibes of Terracotta. Your walls, your style – we've got just what you're looking for.

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