Top 5 Home Wall Decor Ideas for Every Room

Top 5 Home Wall Decor Ideas for Every Room

What’s the one tip interior designers swear by? The answer is wall decor. It’s an element that has a huge impact on the vibes and ambiance you wish to create in the living room decor. By getting this crucial design element right you can easily transform any room from regular to magazine-worthy!

Wall Designs for Every Room

Since wall decor sets the tone of the room, one must be careful in selecting the right pieces for the right room. Living room wall decor will be very different in its approach and aesthetics from bedroom wall decor. Both spaces have a distinct functional value in the house and the décor elements must reflect the same. This theme holds for all the rooms!

Wall decoration ideas for small spaces - Walls are a space full of possibilities and opportunities to express your style and creativity. There are numerous ways to use them to add personality to your home and decorate it with flare.

Wall Decor Ideas To Decorate Your Blank Wall

Keen to learn more about how to elevate your interiors? Below are a few wall decor ideas for living & bedroom for your homes to exude oodles of style:

  1. Invest in large-scale art

Large-Scale Art for Wall Decor

Huge metal wall art like this beautiful piece consisting of three metal spokes is a valuable addition to your living room. It is built to impress and acts as a focal point that will bring together the various elements of the room. A *chefs kiss* kind of living room wall decorOn the contrary, for bedroom walls, one must stick to demure paintings or smaller pieces that lend a feeling of warmth and cosiness.

  1. Create An Accent Wall

Accent Wall Designs for Wall Decor

One of the coolest bedroom, as well as living room wall decor ideas, is to design an accent wall. To make an accent wall, pick one of the walls of the room and paint it in a different colour. Follow the 60-30-10 rule. This means, 60% of the room must be in the dominant colour, 30% in the secondary colour, and 10% in the chosen accent colour. Once the accent wall is done, consider installing minimalistic wall art like this retro bicycle to further enhance the jazz.

  1. Incorporate interesting clocks

Vintage Clocks for Wall Decor

Vintage clocks are a great way to infuse personality into the room. They are both functional as well as accentuate the aesthetics of the room. The ideal wall clock can serve as a classy décor piece that lightens up the room effortlessly. Choose metal or wood depending on the existing decor and furnishing. We suggest rustic wooden ones for the bedroom and elaborate metal for the living room!

  1. Make Utility Decorative

Make Utility Decorative

There are plenty of utility items we mount on our walls that can be used to amp up the space too. Like hooks! Everyone needs hooks for a variety of purposes. They are a requirement both in living and bedroom wall decor. Select artistic hooks instead of plain ones and instantly be rewarded with a room that pays attention to details!

  1. Curate a Gallery

Curate a Gallery

When you are running out of living or bedroom wall decor ideas, a classic solution is to craft an artistic, visual gallery. The simplest way to do this is to mix and match wall decor pieces and textures.

Combine decorative wall plates with paintings or unique wall art pieces in different sizes to fashion a wall that speaks your style.

Such walls not only permeate your personality into the room but are also great conversation starters when entertaining! Simple pieces like this golden artwork enclosed in a white frame are ideal to get started.

Keep these few pointers in mind and decorate your walls like wall decor experts! And for all the curious cats like us who want to know it all, here we are decoding all the frequently asked questions on wall decor:

1. What is best for wall decoration?

The best wall decoration is anything you would want to be. Decorative wall plates, frames, paintings, or metal artwork. And if we can be a little biased, anything you would find at Vaaree! We mean, where is the lie when with our largest curation of wall décor, we can be your oyster?

2. How do I arrange my wall?

Arranging your wall depends on a lot of factors. To name a few – the dimension of the wall, what type of wall it is – accent or regular, which wall it is – bedroom or living room.

In an ordinary scenario, do not cover more than 40% of your wall with décor. Furthermore, choose pieces that align with the theme of the home or go rad and contrast. If you are not big on experimenting, choose wall décor items with similar silhouettes as they are easier to style.

3. How can I decorate my whole room?

We do not recommend decorating your whole room. Even if you are the maximalist kind of personality. If you decorate your entire room, there will be a lot of unnecessary clutter. And no space or piece will be able to shine through the noise.

Your best bet will be to pick a few walls (if they are smaller in dimension) or one big wall and adorn it with wall decor. A few tips are covered beautifully above!

4. What should I put on my wall space?

You could put anything on your wall space as long as you like it. We believe be it bedroom wall decor or living room wall decor, it is an extension of your personality. Additionally, other than quirking up your space, its secondary responsibility is to evoke a feel-good vibe the moment you enter your home. 

Pick any wall décor item for homes that look straight outta your Pinterest board!

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