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What is a Dohars?

Typically, a Dohar blanket consists of three layers of cloth sewn together. The layering ensures adequate warmth without making you feel too stuffy. Regular or mal mal cotton is the preferred fabric for crafting dohars as cotton is breathable and versatile enough to be used in any weather.

What makes dohar blankets different from its close cousin, the comforter? Unlike a quilt or comforter, cotton dohar blankets do not have any filling of fibre or cotton between the layers. They are also devoid of the quilting that is a common feature in quilts and some comforters.

Why Dohar Blankets Are Essential for Every Indian Home

When the AC chills the room or the monsoons make the temperature drop, it is the dohar blankets you think of! The dohar comes to your rescue when sleeping without a cover feels cold, but a comforter feels too hot. It is a truly Indian innovation made to be useful in our sultry weather. No wonder, it is a household ‘summer-monsoon-light winter’ favourite anywhere in the country.

5 Reasons That Make Dohars Set An Instant Hit

  • It’s easier to sleep in the AC when you have the embrace of a soft and light dohar around you.
  • Dohars are easy to wash at home in the machine, unlike bulky comforters.
  • Folding and storing dohars is a breeze as they are super lightweight and will fit in small spaces as well.
  • Cotton Dohars are low-maintenance and will serve you well even with minimal care and upkeep.
  • They make for a great gift. After all, who wouldn’t love an item of such valuable utility?

How to Style the Bed with Dohars Blankets?

Can dohar blankets are used to style beds? Yes! It would be foolish to relegate the stunning dohar to a mere cover for sleeping. You know you love the prints on it, then put them to good use by using the dohar as a bedspread. It’s an interesting way to keep the sheets clean and your room looking bright and welcoming all day.

You can play around with the draping variations when you buy dohar blankets online to attain multiple looks:

  • Full Spread:

Spread out your beloved dohar blankets over your bedsheet and then plonk your pillows on top. For good measure, throw in some accent cushions to upgrade the look.

  • Three-Quarter Love:

With a plain bedsheet underneath, cover just three-fourths of the bed with a dohar. You can tuck the edges of your dohar blanket for a fitted look or allow them to hang for casual flair.

  • Set Me Up:

If you are the perfectionist with a penchant for matching everything, then dohars give you that option too! Buy a full dohar set, that consists of matching Dohars, bedsheet, and pillow covers to achieve a cohesive appearance.

  • Bed Throw:

Single Bed Dohars can be laid out on the bed as throws if you seek contemporary decor!

Why Buy Dohars from Vaaree?

Well, if not Vaaree then where else? Where else would you find a plethora of eye-catching prints that are love at first sight? Or the durable regular cotton and unimaginably soft mal mal cotton dohars? We aim to be the best dohar blanket brand in India, with a wide and unmatched collection and supreme emphasis on quality.

This means that your dohar blanket online purchase at Vaaree would be pretty, premium, and absolute value for money. So, why delay the inevitable! Browse our dohar collection and gift yourself and your family a good night’s sleep for years to come.

Types of Dohars Blanket at Vaaree:

Here are the different types of Dohars blankets you can find:

  • Floral Print Dohar:

Our most popular cotton dohars because who doesn’t like florals?

  • Abstract Dohar:

Perfect to add a sense of mystery and art to your bedrooms.

  • Indian Print Dohar:

It is almost impossible to find dohars to match with traditional room settings…Unless you are looking for dohar blanket online on Vaaree!

  • Quirky Dohar:

Your bedroom is a reflection of your personality. If you are all rainbows and sunshine, any ordinary dohar online wouldn’t work. You’d need the quirky dohars from Vaaree!

  • Geometric Dohar:

No one liked geometry in school. But everyone sure will love the aesthetics of geometric dohars!

  • Handblock Print Dohar:

The epitome of timelessness and redefinition of elegance, a handblock print dohar is heritage spread on a sheet, designed for your comfort!

  • Solid Dohar:

Like aloo parathas on Sundays is a no-brainer, so is a solid dohar set in any home!

  • Reversible Dohar:

When your mood changes faster than light travels, reversible dohars to the rescue! Toss it and style it as the room demands.

  • Kantha Dohar:

Is it a dohar? Is it a razai? It is anything and everything you want it to be!

FAQs on Dohars

1. How do I care for my Dohars blanket?

To care for your Dohar blanket, follow these tips:

  • Machine wash in cold water with a gentle cycle.
  • Use a mild detergent to avoid damaging the delicate fabric.
  • Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals.

2. Can I use a Dohars blanket as a throw or for decorative purposes?

Yes, Dohars blankets often feature attractive patterns & designs, making them suitable for use as decorative pieces on sofas or chairs. You can also use them as lightweight throws to add a touch of warmth to your living space.

3. Are Dohars blankets suitable for babies and young children?

Yes, Dohar blankets made of 100% cotton are safe & gentle for babies and young children. Ensure that the size is appropriate for their crib or bed, & always keep an eye on them while using any bedding item.

4. What are Dohar blankets made of?

Dohar blankets are primarily made of natural materials like cotton, making them highly breathable and suitable for use in both warm and cool weather.

5. How do I choose the right size of Dohar blanket?

Dohar blankets come in various sizes, similar to regular blankets. Common sizes include Single, Double, Queen, and King. Choose a size that matches your bed dimensions or personal preferences.

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