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Buy Comforters & AC Quilts - Renata Floral Comforter at Vaaree online

Renata Floral Comforter

Glace Cotton/Microfiber

From ₹1,422.00₹1,999.00 29%Off
Buy Comforters & AC Quilts - Gleva Reversible Comforters - Olive & Sage Green at Vaaree online

Gleva Reversible Comforters - Olive & Sage Green

Glace Cotton/Microfiber - 130 TC

₹1,578.00₹1,893.00 17%Off
Buy Comforters & AC Quilts - Alastra Floral Comforter at Vaaree online

Alastra Floral Comforter

Glace Cotton/Microfiber

From ₹1,422.00₹1,999.00 29%Off
Buy Comforters & AC Quilts - Mughal Muse Comforter at Vaaree online

Mughal Muse Comforter

Glace Cotton/Microfiber

₹1,525.00₹2,061.00 26%Off
Buy Comforters & AC Quilts - Pretty Paisley Comforter at Vaaree online

Pretty Paisley Comforter

100% Cotton

From ₹4,829.00₹6,899.00 30%Off
Buy Comforters & AC Quilts - Faint Rhombi Comforter at Vaaree online

Faint Rhombi Comforter

100% Cotton

₹2,999.00₹3,999.00 25%Off
Buy Comforters & AC Quilts - Graysquo Comforter at Vaaree online

Graysquo Comforter

100% Cotton

₹2,999.00₹3,999.00 25%Off
Buy Comforters & AC Quilts - Light Blue Floral Comforter at Vaaree online

Light Blue Floral Comforter

100% Cotton

₹4,388.16₹6,582.24 33%Off
Buy Comforters & AC Quilts - Endless Spring Comforter at Vaaree online

Endless Spring Comforter

100% Cotton

₹5,074.00₹7,249.00 30%Off
Buy Comforters & AC Quilts - Floral Funfair Comforter at Vaaree online

Floral Funfair Comforter

Glace Cotton/Microfiber

₹1,525.00₹2,061.00 26%Off
Buy Comforters & AC Quilts - Feather Touch Comforter at Vaaree online

Feather Touch Comforter

100% Cotton

From ₹4,829.00₹6,899.00 30%Off
Buy Comforters & AC Quilts - Monisha Floral Comforter at Vaaree online

Monisha Floral Comforter

Glace Cotton/Microfiber

From ₹1,422.00₹1,999.00 29%Off

Upgrade Your Sleep Experience: Vaaree's Comforters for Every Bed Size

It’s there to hug you when you are sad, to hold you when you are sick, and to cuddle you as you binge-watch on Netflix! They named it a comforter because of the actual ‘comfort’ it brings. The best part is that you never have to part with it, regardless of the season. It is a cool blanket in a summer AC room and a warm layer during the winter.  Seriously, a bedroom without the fluffy warmth of a king-size comforter seems unimaginable, right?

At Vaaree, we are totally in sync with the feeling. This is why you will find an amazing selection of soft comforter designs at an affordable price range to suit your needs. Choose the best comforter size for your bed. We also consider the various size preferences. Whether you require a single or a full-size bed comforter, the Vaaree online store will meet your needs with ease.

Warmth and Comfort: Key Features to Look for in a Winter Comforter

Finding the best winter comforter involves considering factors such as material, warmth, fill power, and personal preferences.

The mix of working from home and winters makes having a soft and cosy comforter by your side even more crucial. It's a must-have for reassurance under stressful deadlines and a warm embrace when you catch a wink. Fortunately, you won't have to go far to find the best bed comforters that will keep you cozy & warm this winter because we did the legwork for you!

Types of Comforter Available at Vaaree

Comforters come in various types, styles, and materials to cater to different preferences & needs. Here are some common types of comforters:

1. Geometric Comforters

Geometric comforters refer to bedding items, specifically comforters that feature geometric patterns or designs. These patterns can include various shapes such as squares, rectangles, circles, triangles, or other geometric elements. Geometric designs are popular in home decor as they often add a modern & stylish touch to a room.

2. Floral Comforters

Floral comforters are bedding items adorned with floral patterns, designs, or motifs. These comforters often feature various types of flowers, leaves, and botanical elements, creating a natural & aesthetically pleasing look. Floral patterns can vary widely, ranging from realistic representations of flowers to more abstract & artistic interpretations.

3. Abstract Comforters

"Abstract comforters" could refer to bedding items that feature abstract designs or patterns. In the context of bedding, a comforter is a type of bed covering that is typically filled with insulating materials to provide warmth. The term "abstract" suggests that the comforters may display non-representational or non-literal designs, often characterized by geometric shapes, bold colors, & creative patterns.

4. Solid Comforters

Solid comforters typically refer to bedding items that have a single, uniform color or pattern throughout the entire fabric. Unlike abstract or patterned comforters, solid comforters have a consistent & even appearance without intricate designs or colour variations.

5. Ethnic Comforters

"Ethnic comforters" refer to bedding items that incorporate designs, patterns, or motifs inspired by various ethnic or cultural traditions. These comforters often feature elements such as geometric patterns, symbols, or textile techniques that are representative of specific cultures or regions. The term "ethnic" in this context doesn't refer to a specific ethnicity but rather encompasses a broad range of cultural influences.

6. Kids Comforters

Kids comforters are bedding items specifically designed for children's bedrooms. They often feature colorful and playful designs, patterns, & characters that appeal to children's tastes & interests.



Price (RS)

Crisanne Comforter

₹ 1,538.00

Pretty Paisley Comforter

From ₹4,829.00

Tropics Here Printed Comforter

₹ 1,538.00

Winx Abstract Printed Comforter

₹ 1,538.00

Blue Bliss Comforter

From ₹4,829.00

Green Delight Comforter

From ₹4,829.00

Graysquo Comforter

₹ 2,999.00

Mughal Muse Comforter

₹ 1,649.00

Flowery Grace Comforter

₹ 2,999.00

Buffsquo Comforter

₹ 2,999.00

Light Blue Floral Comforter

₹ 4,388.16

Stargaze Fields Comforter

₹ 2,999.00

Things to Know Before You Buy Comforters Online

Now, before you jump into making a purchase and regretting it later, here are a few tips to ensure you pick a good-quality comforter for yourself:

  • Cotton all the way. Cotton is hands down the fabric you need to keep your sensitive skin happy. Nothing compares to the versatility and ease that cotton brings to any bed linen. Always pick cotton bed comforters for superior relaxation.
  • It’s the “filling”. When it comes to the filling of the bed comforter, natural fibres can get expensive and high-maintenance. Synthetic fillings on the other hand imitate the warmth and luxury of natural fibres and are comparatively very low-maintenance.
  • To pleat or not. If you are looking for higher insulation then pleated comforters are good. Due to their construction, they trap air and feel warmer and fluffier. And if extra warmth is not what you seek, then stick to the dependable non-pleated ones.
  • Machine wash preferred. Comforters are prone to collecting dirt and debris and getting dirty in the process of daily use. So, you must be able to wash them easily at home in the machine. Do check this before you buy a comforter, otherwise, a huge dry-cleaning bill awaits you every month!

Choose the Perfect Comforter for Your Bedroom

Comforters are as much a bedding accessory as they are an essential item. Think of the brilliance they endow upon a room with their eclectic prints and pretty colours! So, never settle for limited choices, rather see as many options as you can before you settle for the one that’s perfect for your bedroom.

When you buy comforters online at the Vaaree store you will be awe-struck by the sheer variety of prints and designs. The exceptional quality of the cotton used in all our double bed comforters is another reason we are a trusted brand that people keep coming back to.

Enhance Your Bedding Experience With Our Affordable Luxury Cotton Comforters

The worth of our comforters far exceeds the price you pay for them. We only source premium natural cotton material to craft each cotton comforter meticulously. The stitching and accessories used in our comforters are top-notch and promise durability. All this is available at the most affordable prices, so you don’t have to think twice before picking up your dream comforter!

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FAQs for Comforters

1. What does a comforter set contain?

double bed comforter set typically contains one comforter for a king-size bed. A single-bed comforter set has one piece in it. That said, at Vaaree, we do offer two single-bed comforters in a set – ideal for people who love to snuggle together but sleep by themselves!

2. What is a comforter used for?

comforter is synonymous with a blanket. Only thicker, heavier, and comfier. So, the basic use of a comforter is obviously to cozy up and sleep in it. Additionally, when styled right, comforters make great bedding accessories for styling. Remember that comforters are not great for heavy summers or very light Mumbai winters unless you plan to sleep with an air conditioner on.

3. Why buy comforters from Vaaree?

The simple reason is that we have the most affordable bed comforters out there! Not only that, but our comforters are also high in quality too. Additionally, we have countless design options both in single & king-size comforters. Materials too depending on your preference like cotton comforters, man-made fiber comforters, etc. Another reason to shop from us is that – we have discount coupons that work over and above existing discounts. We ship out faster than light travels and in cute re-useable packaging. Lastly, everything on our platform is sourced from manufacturers that make it in India!

4. What is the difference between a blanket and a comforter?

Blankets and comforters are both types of bedding, but they have some key differences:

  1. Construction and Thickness:
  • Blanket:Typically, a blanket is a single layer of fabric that is thinner than a comforter. It is often made of materials like cotton, wool, or fleece. Blankets provide a lighter layer of warmth.
  • Comforter:A comforter is thicker and usually filled with layers of insulating material, such as down, feathers, synthetic fibers, or a combination of these. The added thickness and insulation make comforters warmer than blankets.
  1. Appearance and Design:
  • Blanket:Blankets are generally simpler in design & appearance. They may come in a variety of colours and patterns, but the overall aesthetic is often more straightforward.
  • Comforter:Comforters often have a more decorative appearance. They are available in a wide range of colours, patterns, & designs, and they may be used as a top layer on the bed for both warmth and visual appeal.
  1. Usage:
  • Blanket:Blankets are versatile and can be used for various purposes. They are commonly used for extra warmth on a bed or as a cozy wrap while sitting on the couch.
  • Comforter: Comforters are designed primarily for use as the top layer on a bed. They are part of a bedding ensemble that includes sheets and pillowcases, and they are often used for both warmth and decoration.

5. Can we use a comforter as a bed sheet?

A comforter and a bed sheet serve different purposes in bedding, but you can technically use a comforter as a makeshift bed sheet if needed. However, there are some important considerations to keep in mind:

  • Material:Comforters are typically made of thicker, warmer materials designed for insulation. Using a comforter as a bed sheet might be too warm, especially in warmer seasons.
  • Comfort:Comforters are not as soft or smooth as bed sheets. Sleeping directly on a comforter might not be as comfortable as using a bed sheet.
  • Cleaning:Bed sheets are designed to be easily laundered, while comforters may have specific care instructions. Using a comforter as a bed sheet could result in more frequent washing, and the bulkier material may be more challenging to clean.
  • Aesthetics:Bed sheets often contribute to the overall aesthetic of the bedding. Using a comforter as a bed sheet might not provide the same polished look.
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