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Prayer Tools: How to Enhance Your Spiritual Practice

Having a temple at home emanates positive energies that permeate the space. Most Indian homes have a dedicated space assigned for spiritual and prayer purposes. While your inner devotion is what truly counts, the ambiance of the sacred space does contribute to the spiritual experience. The beauty and aura of the home temple can be enhanced using spiritual items that add to the décor. Below are some suggestions that can ensure your mandirs is a place that is both beautiful and inviting.

Importance of a Home Temple

If you are contemplating having a temple at home, here are a few reasons that highlight the importance of this space:

  • It’s a space to practice meditation to counter the stress of our daily lives.
  • The vibrations channeled through prayers and chanting reverberate positive vibes throughout the home. 
  • The ritual of daily prayers can be a chance for the family to bond and come together. 
  • It serves as a mark of respect and gratefulness to Him for his eternal blessings.

How to Improve Your Spiritual Practice?

Prayer tools and items are a great way to augment the spiritual quotient in your mandirs. The following spiritual items for the home are some essentials that will truly enhance your prayer routine:

1. Idols:

    The idol of your revered deity is what occupies the central space in your mandirs. It is the point of focus with all activities directed towards it. In Hinduism, setting up a home temple with an idol means creating a devotional pathway to connect to God and create a fulfilling home aura.

    While metals like silver and brass are considered auspicious for temples, you can also opt for polyresin, stone dust, acrylic, etc. These options are pocket-friendly and easier to maintain. But remember never to keep a chipped idol at home as it is considered unfavourable.

    2. Pooja Thali:

      A sparkling thali with diya and other items kept in the mandir is considered a good sign. The commonly kept items in pooja thalis are vermillion, incense and candlesbroken rice, sweet offerings, flowers, holy water in a Kalash, etc. Every ingredient kept in the thali is said to bring a particularly positive effect on the home.

      For instance, Kumkum brings good fortune. The thali shape is usually round, but you can pick oval or any other shape too! The sight of a decorated thali definitely brings more glow to the pooja experience.

      3. Diya:

        Lighting a diya for the deity is pivotal to the prayer experience. While erstwhile diyas were a standard design and shape, you now have a plethora of choices of material and design. Engraved diyas, diyas in the shape of birds, etc., are all available to grace your home temple. Ghee, sesame oil, and coconut oil are some of the oils that are preferred when lighting diyas. 

        By lighting ideas in different parts of your home, it is said that its frequencies can invite good luck, new days, prosperity, and freedom from dark times.

        4. Incense and Candles:

          No pooja is complete without the whiff of incense pervading the house. The smoke and fragrance emanated by it fill the home with sacred vibes and an uplifting spirit. Thus, leaving you calmer, refreshed, and feeling optimistic. Here too you can pick a variety of aromas depending on the one that appeals to you. Incense cones and religious candles are both equally adept at creating a meditative space.

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          Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

          1. What are some common prayer tools?

            Some common prayer tools & items are:

            • Diya
            • Pooja Thali
            • Tarot Deck
            • Spiritual Books
            • Crystals
            • Idols
            • Spiritual items like showpiece of deity
            • Incense and candles

            All this and everything else that you would need to elevate your prayer practice is available at Vaaree and ready to ship. 

            2. How can prayer tools enhance my spiritual practice?

              Prayer tools can enhance your spiritual practice in a lot of ways. A few of their benefits with examples are listed below:

              • Tarot cards help strengthen intuition.
              • Crystals assist in coping with stressful situations, support your inner healing and accelerate manifestation.
              • Incense and candles aid in developing a positive and calmer state of mind.
              • Spiritual books create a sense of hope and a belief system.

              3. How do I choose the right prayer tool for me?

                You can choose the right prayer tool for yourself depending on how you are feeling mentally and physically. For instance, if you are feeling extremely mellow, meditation with a few incense sticks will be right. 

                4. How do I use candles or incense in my prayer practice?

                  If you are meditating, just candles as a prop for increasing your focus. If you want to engage in rituals that make you feel more spiritually connected with God, just light an incense stick, candle, or diya and place it near his/her idol.

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