Gorgeous Diwan Cover Set

Top 8 Gorgeous Diwan Cover Set to Get an Elegant Look for Your Living Room

Diwans have a ubiquitous presence in our Indian living rooms. It’s where the stories are told, gossip exchanged, evening tea shared, and the family members catch a few winks. After all, it serves the purpose of an elaborate cozy couch and a comfy bed for one too!

Given the importance it holds in every home, it makes sense to deck it up in the finest diwan cover set! We bring you 8 heavenly designs to adorn your diwans in finery.

Lovely Diwan Sets That Look Beautiful in Your Home

There are many options in the diwan set covers online India, and we bring you the prettiest ones here:

  1. Burst of Colour Diwan Set

Burst of Colour Diwan Set

Colour is always your friend when decorating a space and diwan sets are no exception! Feel the power of vivid hues when you spread this vibrant specially crafted diwan set for living room.

  1. Floral Caress Diwan Set

Floral Caress Diwan Set

What’s stopping you from bestowing your home with the elegance of floral linen? This lovely diwan cover set will remind you of spring always with its pretty design. Go ahead, indulge in some floral grandeur.

  1. Razzmatazz Diwan Set

Razzmatazz Diwan Set

The truly contemporary design of this set will impart your living room with a modern touch. Featuring a geometric design and the versatile blue colour tone, it will complement any interior with a panache. Always pretty and forever bright, this is a true show-stealer.

  1. Beige Paradise Diwan Set

Beige Paradise Diwan Set

Sometimes when the room has many design elements, one prefers to keep the diwan set simple. If that’s the case then this unassuming and non-fussy set will fit your needs. Fashioned in a neutral beige shade, it will blend in the room effortlessly.

  1. Pinky Promise Diwan Set

Pinky Promise Diwan Set

Ever wish you could fall asleep in a garden with flower-laden branches peering at you from above? This exquisite baby pink diwan set will replicate the setting right in your home! You will fall in love with the gorgeous colour and nature-inspired design of this set.

  1. Crimson Paisley Diwan Set

Crimson Paisley Diwan Set

Need an instant living room makeover for unexpected guests? You can always depend on the refinement of this paisley design diwan set to uplift the room and infuse it with class and style to surprise your guests with your preparedness!

  1. Crafty Colours Diwan Set

Crafty Colours Diwan Set

Festivities get everyone in a celebratory mood, and it’s the living room where all the revelry happens. So, ensure that it is decorated in peppy colours with this beautiful diwan bed cover that exudes a feisty energy of its own.

  1. Rangoli Green Diwan Set

Rangoli Green Diwan Set

Not a fan of florals? Then sample this enchanting green diwan set featuring an abstract print bedcover. This is definitely the recommended style if you are aiming at a chic and up-to-date décor theme. After all, what says contemporary better than cool abstract prints?

Match with your perfect diwan set at the Vaaree online store. All our sets are premium cotton with cushions to match. With a lovely array of choices to select from, you will be spoilt for choice!

Understandably, you might have tons of questions about diwan cover set, especially if you are new to decorating. Which is why, just like every time, we have got you covered with answers to your most asked questions about diwan sets!


  1. Which is the best quality of the diwan set?

We are big believers of sustainability and breathability. So, for us, the best quality is cotton diwan set. Preferably with a high thread count or spun in a way that feels extremely soft-to-touch. Because come on, who doesn’t want a soft base for the tushy?!

  1. Which are the top brands for diwan sets?

All the diwan cover sets that you find on Vaaree are top-notch – both on quality & price! As we curated these pieces directly from the manufacturer, you can only the best diwan set at a cost lower than you can imagine.

  1. What are the patterns available for diwan sets?

If you are Vaaree, the world is your oyster, at least in the case of diwan set patterns. Whether you like your dohar sets to be bold or subtle, with cushion covers or without, here you will find everything your heart desires. Other than the regular solid dohar covers, in printed pattern we have floral, geometric, striped, Indian print & abstract dohar set to name a few.

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