Top 6 Decorative Ideas With Accent Pieces For Home Decor

Top 6 Decorative Ideas With Accent Pieces For Home Decor - Vaaree

Accent pieces are décor items that enrich your rooms with an element of design, colour, or texture. They can be indoor decorative itemssmall furniture pieces, or home accessories like rugs and cushions, that complement the interiors. 

Unique home accent pieces give you the opportunity to renovate your room without burning a hole in your pocket. We bring you some inspirational ideas using accent pieces that will add value and beauty to even the dullest of rooms.

Best Living Room Decorating Ideas & Designs with Accent Pieces

  1. Animal Figurines

Animal Figurines

Everyone is always on the hunt to incorporate an interesting and quirky vibe into their homes. And what better way to do it than animal figurines! Available in a variety of materials and designs, they can be chosen based on your preferences, current décor and size of the area you intend to display them. 

Like these stunning flamingo figurines that pink up any corner table. A gorgeous addition if your spirit animal is flamingo and your aesthetic is royal! 

  1. Versatile Baskets

Versatile Baskets

Peppy room décor is incomplete without baskets! Crafted in eco-friendly materials like jute, cane, as well as metal, baskets can be styled in countless ways. Our current favorite home decor items in this set of distressed look metal baskets – a vintage piece that keeps on giving. 

Have some random magazines lying around? Toss it into our classic basket, and place it in the living room to create an organized and oh-so-captivating corner. Additionally, you could fling in a bunch of faux flowers in the basket & fill the space with some vibrance. 

  1. Water Fountains

Water Fountains

The sound of gurgling water is therapeutic and regarded as auspicious by both Vaastu and Feng Shui. The water fountain can be placed at the entrance where it will serve as a welcoming sight for guests. This Ganesha fountain crafted in resin emits a warm glow and will fill your space with positive vibes.

  1. Brass Accent Pieces: 

Brass Accent Pieces

The exquisiteness of brass makes such accent pieces a breath-taking choice for a rustic or traditional theme décor. Brass artifacts are durable and carry an aesthetic opulence. Sample the luxury of brass with this Kamdhenu Idol that will bestow your mantlepiece with unmatched grace.

  1. Cushions


You can’t buy a new sofa every time your heart yearns for a change. But you sure can amp it with accent cushions! 

Cushions are ethereal home accessories, that are as effortless to style as affordable. Place them on sofas for cosiness and to lend a sprightly aura to the ambience. Use a combination of plain + printed cushions and highlight them with a tufted accent cushion like this one for a chic look.

  1. Throws


Like cushions, throws serve the purpose of imparting warmth to a room. They are wonderful home interior decoration items that can act as conversation & snuggle starters! You can achieve different looks with a throw by experimenting with fabrics and tones that contrast or match your couch. Think styling this hand block throw on a bright sofa to spread cheer in your living room.

Creative Home Decor Ideas

Home décor is simply a reflection of the personality of those who reside in it. You can use your own creativity and take inspiration from home decor online to fashion the interiors you desire. Make your home a canvas as you play with hues, themes, placement of accessories, floorings, wall designs, drapes, etc. to achieve synergy and a distinct panache. And to bring your imagination to life, shop for them at Vaaree! A curation of the coolest accent pieces, we have something for even the pickiest person in the room. 

Unusual things to know about buying home decor online:

    • How do you decorate with accents?

Be very clear about what part of the room you want to highlight. That way you can pick the right accent pieces. For instance, if you want to make a loner wall stand out, wall shelves and ceiling lamps make suitable indoor decorative items

    • What home decor sells most?

Are you asking us to spill the sale beans at Vaaree?

    • What are the best home decor items?

We believe the best home decor items are the ones that align with your soul. The ones that make your house feel like home. The ones that you can muse over for hours! 

  • What are the most popular style of home decor?

We don’t know about the world, but our forever favourite styles of home accessories are minimal, boho, vintage and contemporary! Yes, all of them at the same time in no particular order!

Be it unique home accent pieces or furnishings, Vaaree is your one-stop shop for all things home. A handpicked assortment of everything your humble abode would want at prices you would need! 

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