Best Comforter Size For Your Bed

How To Choose The Best Comforter Size For Your Bed

What is a bed comforter you ask? Only the most relaxing part of your bed that lends you coziness and warmth after a hard day’s work! This fluffy bedding essential makes your bed look welcoming and adorns it with a rich layered appearance. Considering the wonders it can do for a good night’s sleep, it is imperative that you select the absolute right comforter for the ultimate comfort. Here’s a quick guide to assist you in buying a comforter for your bedroom.

Best Comforter Size For Your Bed

Size Guidelines for Comforters

Comforter sizes are not standard, unlike mattresses. Every brand has a different size chart that you need to consult before zeroing in on the desired size. Since everyone prefers to lay their comforter in a different manner, the right bed comforter sizes vary from person to person. For example, a comforter of 90*108” inches dimensions may be perfect for a king-size bed with an 8” mattress if you wish to just hide the mattress with it. On the other hand, if you are looking to let the comforter fall all the way down on either side then you will need a bigger size. 

Choose A Comforter That Complements Your Mattress

Always do consider mattress thickness when looking for the right comforter. The comforter dimensions must be in sync with the mattress for a luxuriously made bed. So, when buying a comforter, measure the length, width, as well as depth of your mattress to reach the right size for your comforter.

Purchase an Extra-Large Comforter

Large comforters are ideal for king-size beds as they provide ample coverage as well as help in styling the bed with versatile looks. An extra-large comforter can be folded multiple times at the top to give it a cosy layered charm that is warm and inviting. To mimic a casual appearance, simply spread the comforter on three-fourths of the bed and let it swing on either side. This creates more layers and works like drapery around the bed so you can skip the trouble of adding a bed skirt. If the idea of your comforter touching the floor doesn’t appeal to you, you can always choose the more popular style that leaves the comforter mid-way between the bed and the floor. Remember, the comforter drape is a personal preference and not a necessity!

Do keep in mind that while XL comforters are versatile, if they are not handled properly, they can end up making your bed look crumpled and untidy. Certainly not a happy thought, right? So, always strike the right size balance when buying a comforter.

Get It Right

Buying bed comforters can be a tricky business since there is no one-size-fits-all option! Always measure your mattress appropriately and decide on the look you wish to create in your bedroom before you pick a comforter. The above guidelines will definitely help you in assessing which comforter sizes would work best for your bed.

To make everything a tad easier, we are addressing all the possible questions you might have while buying a comforter online:

  • What size comforter should I get for my bed?

The right comforter for your bed depends on the size of your bed and your draping preference. Look for the brand’s size guide and align it with the size of your bed.

  • Should your comforter be bigger than your bed?

Yes, comforter should be bigger than your bed if you prefer to cover the bed sides. And no, if you want to lay it on top of your mattress only.

  • What size comforter should I get for a king size bed?

A typical king size bed is 90x108 inches. An extra large comforter with the same king size bed dimensions or larger should be perfect.

  • How big should a comforter be for a queen bed?

Standard queen size bed dimension is 60x72 inches. So, your comforter dimensions should be same or bigger depending on how you would like to style it with your bedding set.

How big should a comforter be for a queen bed

We hope this comforter size guide will help you make an informed decision. Explore the widest range of comforters at Vaaree. Be it king size, queen size single or double bed comforter, here we have it all. Happy cuddling under the comforter to you!

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