Top 8 Ways To Wash Your Bath Towels To Keep Them Soft

Tips to Wash Your Cotton bath towels

Soft and fresh-smelling bath towels are tiny bits of everyday luxury! But to gain this opulence, your cotton bath towels need regular maintenance that extends beyond dumping them in the washing machine. A few easy wash care tips can restore their softness and make them good as new again. How do I get my towels to feel soft again and more of your everyday questions cracked open. We bring you eight delightful tips to pamper your cotton bath towels. Read on!

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Tips for Washing Bath Towels

  • White Vinegar Bath

Vinegar is an excellent solution for towels that bleed colour or have become scratchy. It calms the fibres of the bath towels online and lends them a cushy feel. Just mix a cup of vinegar with your regular detergent while washing. Repeat once every six weeks and you can skip chemical-based fabric softeners which harm in the long run.

  • Sprinkle Baking Soda

Using baking soda along with detergent works wonders in giving your bath towel sets a thorough scrub. It’s a sort of deep cleaning process that rids your towel of dirt and grime. As an additional benefit baking soda removes odour from bath towels too!

  • Skip the Softener

Fabric softeners and bath towel sets are not a good match. Rather than making the towel fluffy, over-use of softeners can lead to remanent deposits on the towel which makes them hard and less absorbent. Limit their use to once every five wash cycles.

  • Do Not Overload

A common mistake that people make is to put in all towels together for washing. Towels need space to move around and too many towels in the machine makes cleaning ineffective. You can put up to six cotton bath towels in a washing machine with a 7kg load capacity. 

  • Cut Down on Detergent

The right amount of detergent is key to towels that stay soft. If you put in too much detergent bath towels tend to stiffen. Besides, extra detergent means your machine will use up more water to get the sticky detergent out.

  • Use Warm Water

Other than thinking about what's the best cycle to wash towels on, you must also think about the temperature you are washing it on. The optimum temperature for cleaning your towels is between 30-40 degrees. Washing at this temperature kills bacteria while retaining the integrity of cotton bath towel fibres.

  • Shake Well

Shake your towels well after pulling them out of the dryer. This helps to loosen the terry loops of the bath towel and make them furry. Hang them to line dry for a bit even if you’ve run them in the dryer.

  • Add Essential Oils

How do you wash towels and keep them smelling good – If we got a dollar every time someone asked us this question, we would be swarming in a pool of towels right now. LOL. A dash of your favourite essential oil added to the rinse cycle lends a lingering fragrance to the bath towels. Even the best bath towels India are prone to becoming smelly over time. This simple technique ensures that there is a sweet smell that always permeates your towels.

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We hope these easy tips solved your query about how to wash bath towels in the right manner. Follow them and you will always have plush towels in your home!

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