Top 10 Tips To Decorate Your Home

Top 10 Tips To Decorate Your Home

Home decor is an ever-evolving creative process! All of us cherish making tiny or big changes that sustain the vibrance and charm of our homes. If you too are a decor enthusiast, then dive into these ten home decor tips we borrowed from our in-house interior design specialists!

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Easy Home Decorating Tips

  1. Don’t Ignore the Door

The front door is what greets your visitors first and sets the tone about what to expect. Besides adorning it with home decor items, the easiest thing is to paint it in glossy hues. Choose bright colours that are warm and welcoming. 

  1. Lighting Sets The Ambience

Besides the overhead lighting fixtures, deck up your rooms with additional lighting in the form of table lamps or floor lamps. Aside from giving a glow to the room, lamps also make for the best room decoration items. 

  1. Mirrors Work Magic

By bouncing light around the room, mirrors are one of those home design items that can make any space look brighter and bigger. The best spot to hang them is opposite windows so they can reflect and enhance natural light.

  1. Deck Up The Walls

Hanging paintings, wall art or any other wall décor makes a space look inviting. Choose home decoration things that sync with the room’s colour palette and create a synchronised appeal.

  1. Focal Points are Important

Focal points are visual interest items that immediately draw attention. They can be a high-back chair, accent walls, or home decor items that are statement pieces. It is advisable to have at least one focal item in each room to act as a design anchor and bring the room together.

  1. Pick Multi-Utility Pieces

When shopping for home decoration items online, buy products that can be styled in different ways. For example, choose planters that can serve as a means to display plants but also be used to stock cutlery or other items when you get bored of their intended use.

  1. Ceilings Can Be Decorated Too

It’s a simple suggestion but brings an impactful transformation to the room. Painting the ceiling with textured paint or using wallpaper on it will make it pop. An underrated home decor tip, trust us!

  1. Cushions Are Game Changers

Always keep a stack of vibrant cushion covers with you in different shapes and sizes. Throw them on the couch, chairs, and bed to instantly sprinkle some colour. They are the easiest and best room decoration items that can renovate a room without spending big bucks.

  1. Get Creative With Rugs

While they do add warmth, rugs are not necessarily limited to the floor. You can spread them on a chaise sofa instead of a throw. Or hang lightweight rugs on walls to give them a new life. 

  1. Display Your Collectibles

Bring out your home decor items curated over the years and showcase them around the house. Don’t limit yourself to shelves, spread them on tables for a unique flavour. Use the layering technique to keep objects of different heights to create drama.


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You can thank us later for this compilation of easy-peasy tips that can be incorporated into every home! And for the curious cats who might have more questions on home decor, we’ve got them covered here:

  • What is the best order to decorate a house in?

The best order to decorate your house is to go from top to bottom & then from big to small. To elaborate a bit – Go from selecting your ceilings to walls and then your flooring. Likewise, choose your wall colors, furniture pieces, tables and more before you deep dive into cushions and centre piece accents.

  • How do I start decorating my house?

The first step to start decorating your house is to know what you are looking for. Rummage through Pinterest, Architecture magazines or hit the Gram to get all the inspiration. Once you have set the theme for your home, bream down the decorating plan by room. Start by ordering in all the accessories and equipment with over 60+ days of delivery. Followed by painting, furniture and lastly furnishings.

  • How can I decorate my home like a pro?

To decorate your home like a pro you must be extremely clear of what you are looking for. Research about all the existing materials and combinations to understand its utility. Then blend in what you envision with what the market has to offer and voila! You have designed the house of your dreams, like a pro!

  • How can I make my house look beautiful?

The article covers this quite fluently!

Whatever your definition of home décor, at Vaaree you will find it all! Explore your heart out here.

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