5 Creative Ways to Use Idols & Accent Pieces in Your Home Decor

5 Creative Ways to Use Idols & Accent Pieces in Your Home Decor

Thinking about buying some decorative and positive energy items for your drawing room? These ideas will definitely adorn your home and you would want to stay in even more than you already do.

1. Create a Vignette: A vignette is a curated grouping of objects that tells a story. To create your own vignette, pair up some idols, accent pieces and arrange them on a table or shelf to create a visually appealing display.


2. Bookshelf Styling: By including idols and accent items into your display, you may give your bookcases or living room showcase items a boost of appeal. Use them to break up rows of books or to fill in blank areas between books. Even as bookends, you can utilise them to accompany your favourite reads.

 Bookshelf Styling


3. Create a meditation corner with idols and accent pieces: Have a serene and tranquil meditation area in your home using ornaments and idols. To create a calm and spiritual mood, position a cosy cushion or chair in the corner, add a few candles or incense burners and arrange the accent pieces and idols in the living room as per vastu.

 Idols and Accent Pieces: Meditation Corner


4. Wall Art: If you have an attractive idol or accent item, then you can place it on the wall as artwork. This is a creative way to redefine your home decor and make it a discussion starter with your guests. Create a space that feels fresh, on-trend and timeless.

Wall Art


5. Add to unexpected spaces: Don't limit yourself to using idols and accent pieces in traditional spaces like living rooms and bedrooms. Consider adding them to unexpected spaces like your bathroom, kitchen or even your home office. A small statue or colourful vase can add a touch of personality to any space.

 Idols And Accent Pieces In Traditional Spaces


Here are some frequent queries answered that will definitely help you add an  oomph factor to your home:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do you make creative decorative items at home?

Crafting is a great way to reduce stress and ease your mind. But don't worry if you're not feeling so crafty; many of these ideas are really simple to execute:

Fabric Wall Art: You'll be able to make one of a kind pieces of craftsmanship by stretching any extra printed or woven texture at home over a canvas or embroidery hoop and adding on some embellishments like buttons, globules or bind.

Fabric Wall Art


Painted Mason Jars: Mason jars can be painted in a variety of hues and patterns to serve as candle holders or flower vases.

Painted Mason Jars


Paper Flowers: Tissue paper, crepe paper or origami paper can all be used to create vibrant paper flowers.

Paper Flowers

Homemade Wreaths: Making your own wreaths is possible with supplies like twigs, flowers and paper. The shape of the wreath can be created using a wire frame and the materials of your choice can then be added to it. To add more flair, you can also use ribbons or other decorative components.

Homemade Wreaths


    2. What are the different ways to decorate your house?

    Depending on your personal style and preferences, here are a bunch of different ways to decorate your home:

    Wall Art: A great way to give your home personality is by adding wall art. You can make a gallery wall out of paintings, prints and posters.

    Wall art


      Lighting: Lighting additions like lamps, chandeliers and sconces can alter the ambience of a space and add a decorative element.

      Lighting Home Decor


        Curtains and Blinds: Window coverings like blinds and curtains can lift up the decor, add privacy and help control light.

        Curtains and Blinds


          Decorative Accessories: Adding decorative accessories such as pillows, vases and sculptures can add texture and interest to your home.

          Decorative Accessories


            Plants: In addition to adding a natural element to your home, adding plants can also help with air purification and relaxation.

            Plant Home Decor


              3. How do you use waste material for home decorations?

              Upcycling: Upcycling is the way of taking trash and transforming it into something more valuable or quality. For instance, you could use old jars to make a creative candle holder or recycle old wine bottles into vases.



              Repurposing: Repurposing is the process of giving waste material a new consumption. For instance, you could make paper mache bowls out of old newspapers or a patchwork quilt out of old fabrics.


              Recycling: Recycling is the way of creating something new out of waste. For example, you could recycle old magazines to make a vibrant paper wreath or old cans to make a one of a kind planter.



                We hope that these positive energy home decor will help you elevate the interiors of your home. You will be amazed to see that there is something for everyone. Shop from a wide range of idols and accent pieces on Vaaree.

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