Wall Art for Every Style: How to Choose Artwork that Fits Your Decor

Wall Art for Every Style: How to Choose Artwork that Fits Your Decor - Vaaree

The right artwork in the right space can elevate your home’s style statement. Although it may seem that selecting the ideal wall art is a challenging task, we are here to make the selection of paintings for home decor a fun task. With so many available styles and types of artwork, it's crucial to pick pieces that not only speak to you but also go with the decor of your home.

Here’s your guide to upgrading to a gorgeous home by choosing artwork that fits your space perfectly:

  1. Determine your style:

Identifying the general style of your space is the first step. Is it eclectic, minimalist, modern or traditional?

An eclectic style is a dynamic fusion of vintage, antique and modern styles. You should always mix and match your home decor based on items you genuinely love to ensure that your space is multi-dimensional.


This artwork works perfectly with an eclectic style of interior.

Minimalist space has simple, uncluttered lines and a monochromatic colour scheme with accents of colour. It typically combines an open floor plan with lots of natural light, practical furniture and a narrow focus on the shape, colour and texture of a select number of key components.


This fanciful abstract art evokes a whimsical dreamscape and is perfect for a minimalist style of interior.

The Modern Style in interior design produces practical spaces with a lovely aesthetic. The Bauhaus aesthetic which emphasises the use of straight lines, geometric shapes and natural materials serves as the style's inspiration. A simple yet elegant lifestyle is evoked by modern interior design which can elevate your art room decoration.

These vibrant abstract design wall paintings are perfect to complement the modern style of interiors.

Indian traditional interior design is exotic, affluent and brimming with a royal and elegant appearance. The Indian style of home decor includes intricate patterns like paisleys, flowers, birds and mandala motifs. These motifs and patterns create a strong connection across culture and religion. Indian culture is reflected in the mosaic flooring, patchwork quilts and exquisite tapestries.

This will enable you to focus on the kind of artwork that will suit your home best. Here are some suggestions that you can try out:

Oriental Charm Wall Art

Royalty Wall Art

These bold wall art paintings go well with traditional Indian home decor.

  1. Consider the room’s function:

The use of the room influences the kind of wall art you select. For a bedroom, for instance, you might want to select soothing pieces, whereas a living room or home office might benefit from bolder and colourful pieces.

Showcasing a picturesque artwork that's a sight for sore eyes. The blue colour has a soothing effect not just on the eyes but on the mind too. Thus, making it a perfect choice for displaying it in your bedroom.

This vibrant illustration of countless faces and figurines is apt for your living room.

  1. Size matters:

It's crucial to think about the wall art’s size and compatibility with the room's existing decor. Even though a large piece of art can make a bold statement, a small room may not be the best place for it. Take into account the artwork's scale and size in relation to the display area.


  1. Colour scheme:

Your wall art’s colours should go well with the decor of the space. A vibrant piece of art can enhance a room with a neutral colour scheme. If your room is already quite colourful, then you might want to go with a more subdued or monochromatic piece of art.

  1. Choose a Theme:

Additionally, you can select pieces of art based on a particular theme such as abstract art, nature or animals. This can bring your decor together and give it a unified appearance.

  1. Personalise Your Space:

Don't be afraid to select artwork that reflects your interests and personality. A personal touch can be added to your space with artwork. In the end, the wall art you choose should reflect your individual taste and fashion. Choose items that speak to you and that you love


  1. Consider the Framing:

Your art's compatibility with your decor may also depend on how it is framed. An ornate frame will look better in a traditional setting while a modern frame will fit in a contemporary setting.

Let’s Answer Some Questions That You May Have:

Q. How do I choose the right wall art?

With so many options available, selecting the ideal wall art can be an overwhelming process. Choose a wall art that you love and which matches with the design and colour scheme of your room. Take your time and look for art that speaks to you.

Q. How do I choose my art style?

Choosing wall art is a personal decision and there are no hard and fast rules. The most important thing is to select a piece that you love and that makes you happy when you see it on your wall. Consider the overall aesthetic and size of your space while selecting the wall art. Also, you can look for inspiration in various magazines, websites and social media. 

Q. How do I choose art for my gallery wall?

Firstly, we would suggest that you choose a theme that goes with the design language of your space and personal taste. Variety can add interest and depth to your gallery wall. Mix it up with different types of artworks such as photographs, paintings, prints and sculptures.

Vaaree’s Wall Art Will Match Your Home And Style

While selecting wall art, take into account the style, colour scheme, size and theme. However, the key to selecting artwork that complements your decor is your personal style. At Vaaree, you can find artwork from a wide range of wall art and paintings that will enhance your decor and add visual interest to your home.

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