Light up your Home with Decorative Table Lamps

Light up your Home with Decorative Table Lamps

If you thought table lamps are mere showpieces, think again! As all interior designers will tell you, lighting is an influential tool in setting up the ambience of a room, and the humble table lamp is a crucial part of this magic. Explore a mind-boggling variety of table lamp online as we introduce you to some of the coolest designer lamps around.

Designer Table Lamps To Light Up Your Home

Every room deserves modern table lamps for the warm glow they dissipate which infuses the space with an enchanting aura. The fact that they are portable and look fabulous even when switched off makes them the perfect décor accessories too! Check out these 5 pretty table lamps certain to make your homes look LIT, literally!

  • Beige Magic Table Lamp

Beige Magic Table Lamp

Why not be eco-friendly and a décor whiz at the same time? Incorporating natural elements is a much-desired way to achieve a cosy ambience. This fabulous table lamp uses a natural jute lampshade which imparts a rustic charm to it. Being a neutral shade and texture, this lamp can easily be accommodated into both traditional and contemporary décor styles.

  • Dark Secrets Table Lamp

Dark Secrets Table Lamp

Mood lighting is definitely a thing! The type of light in a room has a sub-conscious effect on our feeling and emotions. So, when you are thinking romance this naughty bedroom table lamps is just what you need to bring in the sizzle. The multi-panels in flashy hues add to its wicked vibe. Imagine the sensuousness it will bestow on the bedroom as a bedside table lamps.

  • Retro Match Lamp

Retro Match Lamp

Table lamps are a cool way to emphasise the décor theme you have in mind. Looking to recreate a retro aura? Take some help from this eye-catchy lamp featuring a collage of vintage images. With a sleek metallic stand to hold the quirky lamp shade, this piece is ideal for the living room. Deciphering the cool pictures on the lamp can be both an icebreaker and a conversation starter

  • Pyramid Style Table Lamp in Wood

Pyramid Style Table Lamp in Wood

Tribal Dhokra art inspired artefacts adorn the lovely teal wooden base of this table lamp. Its artistic aesthetics give it a distinct appearance making it a one-of-a-kind piece that exudes a cosy glow. A perfect partner for your mantelpiece or console table, the versatile elegance of this lamp makes it a good fit for any room.

  • Dome Light Stand

Dome Light Stand

If quirkiness were a table lamp, this would be it! The timeless vintage design fused with dainty fairy lights makes you stop and stare. Being battery-operated and crafted in robust metal, this piece is adaptable enough to be placed anywhere you wish. It will look particularly beautiful when beautifying the wall shelves in the gallery. Or as an accent accessory on the center table as well as a light lamp on your bedside table!

  • Designer Table Lamps Online in India

Partake in the many advantages decorative table lamp confer upon your homes. At the Vaaree store, you will some of the quirkiest, coolest, and most amazing table lamps online in India to brighten your space. So, as they say, let there be light!

Everything you should know before buying lamps

Lighting is the element that takes your home from ordinary to extraordinary. With the right lighting, your homes look bigger, moods get better, and selfies brighter! And don’t sweat about doing it right, especially if it is your first time. Just go through the below-stated guide to know where & how to start.

How do you illuminate a house?

There are many ways to illuminate a house. To name a few:

  • Decorate with a lamp of your choice. Let’s say table lamps, floor lamps, or ceiling lamps.
  • Give pieces/corners the attention they deserve with spotlights or accent lights.
  • Match the lighting to every mood with ambiance lights that have a color customizable setting.
  • Big rooms demand more than just table lamps. Think life-sizedx exquisite chandeliers.
  • One of the most romantic approaches to illuminate homes is by lighting the old-school scented candles.

How do you use a table lamp in a living room?

You could use table lamps on your side tables. If you have selected a really petite design, it could go well on your dining table too. Likewise, if you have a chest of drawers in your living room, table lamps and other accent pieces look breath-taking on the top and fill the weird empty space.

How do you light a large room with floor lamps?

The placement of the floor lamp in a room depends on the structure of your living room as well as the décor. For instance, if you have a Barcalounger alongside your sofa and you read a lot, a curved floor lamp whose light directly falls on the lounger would be ideal. Furthermore, if you have a conventional room, place the floor lamp in any corner that has no accent w    all behind it and you’ll be golden.

Pro tip: No need to fill the entire room with floor lamps. Toss it with other lamp options for an added sense of appeal.

Do all lamps need to match in the living room?

There is no rule book on table lamps. If your heart & home theme says you must match all the lamps in the living room, go for it. If not, play around a bit. We like to go all out on our selection of lamps. We believe every corner tells a unique story and so should the lamp!

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