Curtains and Color: How to Choose the Right Shade for Your Room

Curtains and Color: How to Choose the Right Shade for Your Room

You simply can’t compromise on choosing the right curtains for your home. We don’t make the rules, but it is what it is. Curtains can be a daunting aspect for many when it comes to decorating your home. But thinking about the right colours will get you halfway through that process!

Your home is a portrayal of your personality. It’ll always remain your unique, comfort zone tailored as per your requirements. Before anything else, take a step back and evaluate the space before you dive into curtain color combinations and curtain colors as per vastu. Once you have all the other major elements of your home in place, such as wall paints, furniture and rugs, you can then move onto the finishing touches. Choosing the right curtains will be the shining jewel of your space! Not to worry, how to select curtain color is easier than you might think.

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For a cohesive look, we recommend that the color and design of your curtain matches the rest of your furnishings. The most easy peasy way would be to identify 3 existing colour palettes - your base colour, your supporting colour and your accent colour! While the walls will be dominant in base colour, your quick fix colour for the curtains can be the supporting colour. A quick thumb rule would be to figure out your sofa/furniture and curtain colour combination in a manner that they are in sync with each other. And tada, a step back solves the puzzle!

It is also important to ponder upon questions such as how will the light be filtered into the room through the curtains? Will the colours disrupt the outside view from a window? Will the curtain colours affect the perceived proportions of the room? How to match the curtains with the sofa? Would prints make a statement or a minimal approach? Densely printed curtains are definitely a statement move and a head turner for all your guests but may make the space appear smaller. Meanwhile, pastel color curtains and lighter shades may make the room look more spacious than usual.

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Let’s have some questions answered on curtain selection:

1. How should you choose a curtain color for the bedroom?

There is no singular answer for the best curtain color for the bedroom. Our suggestion would be to evaluate your personal aesthetic and possibilities of color combinations. Curtain colour combinations untangled for a quick makeover:

Light color curtains may be slightly tougher to maintain but will lend a hand in creating a more peaceful, cosy environment without the hassle of figuring out wall and curtain color combinations. Whereas dark color curtains add a touch of drama to the room. They are easier to maintain as they cover the dirt, dust and stains well. Colorful curtains for bedroom, especially for children, will bring in a flair of vibrancy and energy for their personal space.

2. How should you know what color curtains to get?

Curtain color matching is crucial in deciding the mood you are going for - from summery and vibrant to dramatic and ornamental. Then move on to understanding if you would like your curtains to be the focal point of the room or a subdued elevation for the decor. If you are going for a statement, look at prints that will match the aesthetic and complement the furniture and walls. If you are a minimalist, look no further than solid curtain color combinations.

3. How should you match curtains to a room?

How to select curtain color will always remain a mystery for most of us. But don’t worry, that’s the beauty of it. Here are some theories that will aid in decoding it! Light curtain colors increase the perceived proportions of a space and provide a softness to a place. Meanwhile, dark color curtains create a grounding and dominating effect in a space. You may also want to look into curtain color as per vastu if you follow vastu science.

4. How should you choose a curtain color for a living room?

Curtain combination for the living room has to be a blend of functionality and style. Assuming that the living room is one of the most commonly used spaces of the house cumulatively, the type of curtains for the living room become of crucial importance. We suggest choosing floor length, light color curtains for a more elegant and grand look. Or you can make a statement with bold prints and match the sofa and curtain color combination.

5. What colours to choose for light walls?

Best color curtains for cream walls or light coloured walls especially would be colors that are just a shade darker. It’ll provide a more thought-out, comprehensive look without making the space appear smaller. Figuring out curtain color combinations for white walls is like playing with a blank canvas! Ensure there is never a dull season and keep switching up with seasonal print and color combinations. Or you can ditch the fuss with elegant white on white too!

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