Tips To Pick The Best Bedsheet Design For Your Bed

Tips To Pick The Best Bedsheet Design For Your Bed

It’s truly amazing how bedsheets are a quick, easy, and affordable means of breathing new life into your bedroom! They allow you to dress up your room per your mood and seem to affirm the saying that change is the only constant. Of course, a bedsheet serves another important purpose i.e., lending you the comfort for a good night’s sleep. But for that too, the look & feel matters, doesn’t it?

Seeing how important the bedsheet is to your relaxation and room decor, we are here to help out with tips to pick the right bedsheet for your room. Read on to know everything that you should know!

Things to Consider Before Buying Bed Sheets

From the comfort point of view, here are a few aspects to keep in mind when purchasing bedsheets online.

  1. Fabric: Cotton bed sheets rule the roost when it comes to softness, comfort, and being ideal for all-weather usage. You could opt for regular cotton bedsheet or go premium with Egyptian cotton variants.
  2. Thread Count: Thread count is the number of threads woven per square inch of fabric. So, the simple math is that the higher the thread count, the more densely packed the threads will be resulting in softer bedsheets!
  3. Size: Measure not just the bed, but also the mattress thickness so you select the right size! Sometimes, queen-size beds will need king size sheets if the mattress is 10 inches or thicker.

Factors to Consider for Choosing a Perfect Bed Sheet

Now that we have gone over the functional aspects, let’s sample the different patterns and designs in bedsheets for your room.

  • Floral Print Bedsheet

Floral Print Bedsheet

When you want your room to look cheerful and vibrant always then florals are what you need. The sight of blooming flowers has a revitalising effect on the mind and thus makes for the perfect single bed sheet or double bed sheet print. You can choose a white base with colourful flowers for summer like this ravishing cotton bedsheet with a sprinkling of blossoms.

  • Abstract Print Bedsheet

Abstract Print Bedsheet

Abstract prints are excellent when you wish to impart a touch of quirkiness to the décor. It defines the room’s narrative in a creative fashion and makes it feel energised. Like this cream and brown bedsheet. Subtle yet statement enough, it endows the room with an unusual flair.

  • Geometric Print Bedsheet

Geometric Print Bedsheet

Geometric print bedsheets are pure bliss for all those who like symmetry! The aligned designs and neat lines make the room look fashionable as well as ordered. Envision the tranquillity this black and white checks cotton bed sheet will bring to your bedroom space. We don’t know if it’s just us, but on the days we spread a geometric bedsheet, there is this sudden urge to get organized! Blame the shipshape patterns!

  • Solid Bedsheet

Solid Bedsheet

The classy solids are always dependable to lend elegance to your bedroom. The best bit about plain bedsheets is the freedom they give you to play around with prints and textures using multi-coloured cushions and pillow covers. If you buy a plain green bedsheet like this one, you can deck it up with printed yellow cushions for a cool setup.

  • Indian Print Bedsheet

Indian Print Bedsheet

The earthy touch of Indian prints instantly evokes warmth and cosiness in a room. Bedsheets in Indian prints are ideal if your décor theme relies on traditional elements or when you are looking for a 360-degree turnaround from your present settings. It also makes an ideal furnishing when you want to take a quick nostalgic trip. Take this sanganeri print queen bed sheet in black for instance. Doesn’t one look at this bedsheet transport you to an era when life’s pace was simpler?

There are myriad factors to take into account when selecting a bedsheet for your room. We hope this short guide is helpful in your shopping endeavour! Whether you need a king bed sheet or queen, the one in solid or a never-seen-before print, at Vaaree we have it all. Just browse through our handpicked assortment to find the one for you!

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