Top 6 Decorative Indoor Pots & Planters For Your Home

Top 6 Decorative Indoor Pots & Planters For Your Home

Your indoor plants can be more than just air purifiers! With the right accessories, you can flaunt them as interesting decor items. All you need are some peppy pots & planters and voila, you are ready to ramp up your home interiors. Browse through these six delightful flower pots online to get started!

Affordable and Decorative Indoor Flower Pots

  1. Clay Turf Planter Set:

Clay Turf Planter Set

Just the right size for the console or dining table, this home decor flower pots set gives you the freedom to use the 4-piece set together or individually. You can place each planter on various levels of a floating shelf and fill up the remaining space with books or photo frames. An alternate use for the multipurpose tray can be to keep candies or tiny tea-light holders for a festive feel.

  1. Sooty Patootie Planter-Gold:

Sooty Patootie Planter-Gold

We love this round planter for the exquisite luminosity of the gold polish. With a beautiful bonsai placed it in, it’s a natural fit for the side table in your living room. And when you are bored with the flower pot design, you can always use it as a small fruit basket!

  1. Minimalist Desk Planters:

Minimalist Desk Planters

Can you blame us for falling head-over-heels for this gorgeous planter set? The clean lines and minimalistic design are a refreshing sight! Besides furnishing it with live plants, you can also put it to other creative uses. Like doing your own décor mix-and-match using one of the planters as a pen stand and the other two for placing pretty succulents.

  1. Textured Tranquillity Planter:

Textured Tranquillity Planter

The vase-like shape of this stunner makes it one of those versatile home decor flower pots with dual use. Add colour to your bedroom by placing artificial flowers of your favourite colour and style the bedside table. Or utilise it for short and slender indoor plants like jade. The neutral colour and stone-like texture makes it effortless for you to adorn your favourite nooks or boring corners.

  1. Vertical Lines Copper Planter:

Vertical Lines Copper Planter

This flower pot stand design is a great find if you’re looking to keep medium-sized plants air-purifying plants like the peace lily. The tall and sleek design takes up minimal space in your room. It will sit pretty in any corner and liven it up with greenery and a dazzle of sophistication. You can also place it at the entrance to greet guests with greenery!

  1. This or That Planter:

This or That Planter

Finally, a flower pot design that can adorn the wall of your home and free up floor space for other things! This lightweight metal planter is easy to hang and looks every bit chic and modern. Allow your easy-to-grow pothos to hang from this and bring nature indoors. It will also work wonderfully with faux creeper plants.

Buy Plant Pots Online in India at Best Prices

Ready to introduce some green magic in your home? Check out the largest collection of carefully curated pots & planters and be spoilt with choices. Whether you are looking for balcony flower pots or hanging planters, we have a plethora of designs, shapes, and sizes to cater to every mood. Go green, the Vaaree way!

Want to leverage the many charms of bringing decorative indoor flower pots into your homes? But have countless questions with no one to answer them? Let us be your knight in shining or should we say green armour and break out the most commonly asked questions about pots & planters.

  • What are the best pots to use for indoor plants?

The best pots and planters to use for indoor plants are crafted from ceramic, concrete, metal and even high-grade plastic. Just pick a material that matches with the aesthetics of your home and you will be golden. To avoid the inevitable wet mess, choose a flower pot stand design that either comes with a water collecting plate or buy one separately.

  • Which is the best flower pots?

The best flower pots are the ones you find at Vaaree! Exclusive, exquisite and cost-efficient, they tick off all boxes for being the best flower pots online.

  • How can I decorate my house with flower pots?

Love, styling home décor flower pots is like playing with clay…You can mould it any way your heart desires. And yet, it would look absolutely breath-taking.

Deck it to fill any empty space on your TV unit, bed side table, odd corners around the sofa, dining tables or even walls! The possibilities are endless. If your outdoor rail is feeling too lonely, let balcony flower pots give it some company! Long story short – there is no one size fits all to decorate houses with flower pots. You do you!

  • How do you style indoor planters?

The first step to styling indoor plants is by getting any gorgeous pot. Simply plant the green baby in it and watch it shine. That’s how low maintenance it is to style indoor plants! For that extra touch of drama, you could ornament it with rice lights or even place stones on the top of the soil. If you have a table top planter that needs additional styling, either use a set or pair it with thick candles and accent pieces.

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