Summer Accessories: Adding the Finishing Touches to Your Seasonal Decor

Summer Accessories: Adding the Finishing Touches to Your Seasonal Decor

Changes in the season are not just a time to change your wardrobe but your home decor too! After all, a home is a reflection of its owner, isn’t it? Also, let’s be honest summer decorations are a thing. And who doesn’t want another reason to redo their homes? 

That said, summer decorations are not just a fancy concept. But a rather practical one when it comes to making your home comfortable and inviting. It’s time to do away with the warmth of heavy rugs and drapes and replace them with light accessories that blend well with the scorching summer months. The whole idea is to infuse your abode with a coolness that sets the mood for this beaming month. 

Unsure how to go about the big spruce-up spree? Why worry about your decorating knack when Vaaree has got your back?

Must-Have Summer Accessories

Here’s a list of home decor essentials that will help get your home ready to face the heat in style:

  1. Rugs: 

Think eco-friendly options like cotton or jute for a home for summer. These naturally woven rugs lend a refreshing feel. Not only do they make the space look cool but also feel cool! Also, can double as another place to cuddle, just saying!

  1. Curtains: 

For rooms that receive heavy sunlight, it is best to choose heavy drapes in polyester or other fabrics. Keep in mind that the colours should be pastel for summer. In areas of the home where there is minimal sunlight, you can put light cotton curtains that will give the room an airy feel and allow natural light.

This linen blend Blurred Lines curtain set will be perfect for low-lit rooms.

Thick polyester curtains in a cheerful print reminiscent of the beautiful spring and summer-time. Ideal for medium to high-lit rooms. 

  1. Flowers: 

Using flowers in summer decor ideas living room is an excellent way to usher in the season. Spread them around the house in pretty vases and soak in the vibrant feel. You can use fresh or faux flowers to achieve the look.

What better way than these Burst of Orange Flower Bunch to celebrate the grand arrival of summers? Style them with any of our vases to let your home scream class! 

  1. Ottomans: 

Keeping the décor minimal is very important in summer. So, try to bring in small summer house accessories like stools and ottomans. Opt for bright colours and vivid prints in sync with the season.

  1. Cushions: 

Switch from heavy cushion covers to cotton ones for summer joy! Mix and match colours and patterns for your summer home decor.

Place a square shaped sun on your sofa as you adorn it with our Concentric Cushion Cover. Tasselled edges make it a show-stealer. The best part is – it blends well with all decor themes.

If your vibe is more boho, our Gigil Cushion Cover will be perfect for your summer homes. Fringed, gorgeous colour and super squishable!

  1. Plants: 

Placing plants in and around the house is definitely recommended to keep the area cool and beautiful looking. Decorate your window sill too with them and let a bit of nature inside! Along with the obvious ornamentation, plants will also keep the temperature of the rooms and thus electricity bills down – just what we need in sultry summers!

Chlorophytum Spider aka the Spider Plant, is a must-have indoor plant. Fuss-free to maintain and famous for its air purifying properties, it is perfect for amateur and pro plant parents. 

Summer Decor Ideas

When thinking of a summer top design for your home the colour palette holds the key. Living room summer decor is ideal in light colours like white and ivory. 

You could also go nautical to impart a beach vibe by mixing whites and blues. Keep the dominant furniture and upholstery in these colours but do bring in bright shades like yellows and greens as accent pieces of summer house accessories. Using nature-inspired themes as a reference point, go creative with your home for summer designs and ideas. 

And to help you execute your ideas Vaaree is here! Be delighted by the endless choices of summer house accessories available at Vaaree. We guarantee the trendiest designs at the best prices to make your shopping experience savvy and pocket friendly. Everything from curtains to rugs, wall decor to accent pieces is available on Vaaree. Shop now and give your home a fresh summery look! 

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