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At-Home Date Essentials For A Truly Merry Christmas

Nothing beats the charm of getting cosy by the glow of the Christmas tree! The enchanting aura is befitting to kindle the fire of romance with your partner. Also, since everyone is in the holiday mood, it is the only time when your kiss under the mistletoe won’t be interrupted by a work call. So, ditch the noisy Christmas parties outside…stay in for a hot date night!

  1. Your Favourite Movie Stash

Endlessly Browsing Netflix

Line up the movies you both love so that you don’t waste precious time searching for a flick to watch on your date night. All attention should be on chilling and none on endlessly browsing Netflix.

  1. A Snuggly Throw Blanket

Snuggly Throw Blanket

What is better than the soft warmth of a throw to cuddle under as you munch on the popcorn and argue over who’ll get up for a refill? There is no dearth of cutesy Christmas home décor & throws online at the Vaaree store, so pick one and get the couch ready.

  1. Table Accessories Done Right

Scented Candles

Take the time and effort to spruce up the table for a restaurant-like feel. Use beautiful runners, place a pretty candle stand with scented candles, and fill up the vases with fresh flowers to create a dreamy ambience. With the right accessories and styling, you can bring fine-dining vibes to your home!

  1. Make the Serve Ware Stand Out

Serveware For Kitchen

Whether you are cooking yourself or ordering takeout, the right serve ware and crockery make a world of difference. Put aside the boring everyday plates and pull out your finest to make this night truly magical. Think ceramic dinner sets, copper glazed cutlery, cheese on boards etc. to set the tone. After all, good food is good mood, and serving it in style is the first step to a magical Christmas eve date!

  1. Drinks Set The Mood

Stunning Whiskey Glasses

Keep wine goblets to sip mulled wine or stunning whiskey glasses for a superior drinking experience. Even if spirits are not your thing, you can use nice glasses for the mocktails you prepare for your partner. The perfect glass feels opulent and exotic. It’s all about that extra oomph that makes a date night special.

  1. Decorate for Christmas

Traditional Christmas Home Decor

Hang the mistletoe, dress up the Christmas tree, place the gifts, and basically do whatever a traditional Christmas home décor entails to remind yourselves of the fairylike vibes this festival embraces. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, then go all out and adorn it with garden decor items that scream Christmas.

  1. Take Time Off

Celebrate Christmas At Home

Switch off your phones and laptops to give your partner the attention they deserve. Remember, this night is about just the two of you, celebrate it without a worry or care in the world. 

A date night at home is cosy, personal, and absolutely exclusive. If you are already planning a date night on Christmas, then allow Vaaree to third wheel! We have everything you would possibly need to make your date night not only successful but equally special. Shop the best Christmas home décor and date night essentials with us to weave a memory you two will cherish for a lifetime! Just plan in advance, order at least 2-3 days before Christmas eve, and maybe pre-game on the date by prepping the house together.

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