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Kadhai - Glaze Glide Kadhai - 350 ML

Glaze Glide Kadhai - 350 ML

Stainless Steel

₹289 ₹340 15%Off
Mummy Approved
Handi - Craftsman India Online Handi- 3000 ml/11 Inches

Craftsman India Online Handi- 3000 ml/11 Inches


₹1,007 ₹1,499 33%Off
Mummy Approved
Strainer - Drizzle Drain Stainless Steel Strainer - 17 CM

Drizzle Drain Stainless Steel Strainer - 17 CM

Stainless Steel

₹340 ₹400 15%Off
Mummy Approved
Kitchen Tool - Miksa Wooden Flat Turner

Miksa Wooden Flat Turner


₹53 ₹59 10%Off
Pot - Bergner Tripro Triply Cook and Serve Stainless Steel Casserole With Lid - 7000 ML

Bergner Induction Safe Cooking Pot With Lid - 7000 ml/11 Inches


₹3,099 ₹3,995 22%Off
Dosa Tawa - Ebony Iron Round Tawa - 14 Inch

Ebony Iron Round Tawa - 14 Inch


₹2,688 ₹3,162 15%Off
Pressure Cooker - Stahl Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker - 1000 ML

Stahl Kitchen Induction Safe Pressure Cooker - 1000 ml/7 Inches

Stainless Steel

₹2,703 ₹3,180 15%Off
Pot - Stahl Artisan Triply Cook N Serve With Lid - 2200 ML

Stahl Kitchen Induction Safe Kadhai With Lid - 2200 ML/8 Inches

Stainless Steel

₹2,958 ₹3,480 15%Off
Steamer - Dimsum Storage Basket

Dimsum Storage Basket


₹1,400 ₹1,540 9%Off
Pot - Stahl Artisan Belly Sauce Pot With Lid - 4200 ML

Stahl Kitchen Induction Safe Cooking Pot With Lid - 4200 ml/12 Inches

Stainless Steel

₹3,468 ₹4,080 15%Off
Knives & Scissors - Chef's Kiss Knife Set - Set Of Six

Chef's Kiss Knife Set - Set Of Six

Stainless Steel

₹1,689 ₹3,398 50%Off
Handi - Craftsman India Online Handi With Lid - 3000 ml/11 Inches

Craftsman India Online Handi With Lid - 3000 ml/11 Inches


₹1,289 ₹1,874 31%Off
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Wok - Femora Kadhai - 11 Inches

Femora Kadhai - 11 Inches

Carbon Steel

₹1,232 ₹1,270 3%Off
Handi - Craftsman India Online Handi With Lid - 2000 ml/10 Inches

Craftsman India Online Handi With Lid - 2000 ml/10 Inches


₹1,126 ₹1,574 28%Off
Pot - Suka Steel Handi - 1700 ML

Embassy Handi With Lid - 1700 ml/6 Inches

Stainless Steel

₹923 ₹1,025 10%Off
Handi - Craftsman India Online Handi With Lid - 3000 ml/9 Inches

Craftsman India Online Handi With Lid - 3000 ml/9 Inches


₹887 ₹1,499 41%Off
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Kadhai - Embassy Hammered Kadhai - 500 ML/6 Inches

Embassy Hammered Kadhai - 500 ML/6 Inches

Stainless Steel

₹594 ₹698 15%Off
Tadka Pan - Embassy Tadka Pan - 4 Inches

Embassy Tadka Pan - 4 Inches

Stainless Steel

₹293 ₹335 13%Off
Pateela - Embassy Stainless Steel Pateela - 1500 ml/4.68 inches

Embassy Stainless Steel Pateela - 1500 ml/4.68 inches

Stainless Steel

₹560 ₹620 10%Off
Saucepan - Green Heirloom Saucepan - 9 Inches

Green Heirloom Saucepan - 9 Inches


₹5,150 ₹5,600 8%Off
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Handi - Green Heirloom Handi - 12 Inches

Green Heirloom Handi - 12 Inches


From ₹999 ₹1,170 15%Off
Handi - Craftsman India Online Handi- 2000 ml/10 Inches

Craftsman India Online Handi- 2000 ml/10 Inches


₹649 ₹1,124 42%Off
Saucepan - Auram Induction Safe Saucepan With Lid - 1500 ml/6 Inches

Auram Induction Safe Saucepan With Lid - 1500 ml/6 Inches

Stainless Steel

₹824 ₹1,099 25%Off
Cooking Pot - Sinta Clay Pan - Black

Sinta Clay Pan - Black


₹649 ₹1,199 46%Off

Buy High-Quality Cookware Sets Online Only On Vaaree

We all love to savour our meals in fancy dinnerware. But have you ever thought that dinnerware would be of no use without the right cookware sets!

No kitchen is complete without the tools and equipment that are essential cookware for every home kitchen. Every item from knives to pressure cookers contributes towards the practicality of a modern kitchen. One can never undermine the role a flat dosa tawa plays in the making of the perfectly crisp dosa, or the masher that helps in achieving the right consistency of creamy mashed potatoes.

At Vaaree, we are aware of every homemaker’s need to equip their kitchen with the most useful cookware sets & essential cookware for every home kitchen that helps maintain taste and get the food ready in a jiffy!

Vaaree's Cookware Collection

We take pride in making your cookware online shopping easy, peasy, lemon squeezy! As we carefully curate kitchen & dining items directly from manufacturers, everything you find at Vaaree is at the lowest possible prices and of the best quality.

Excited to know the different cookware sets that awaits you at Vaaree? Below is a glimpse into our specially curated collection:

  • Roti Tawa:

It is time to eat rotis that are enriched with an extra dose of goodness! At Vaaree, you can buy cast iron roti tawa and clay roti tawa that are designed to change the way to make and consume rotis.

Clay tawas are perfect to cook all types of rotis like bakra, jowar, and wheat. It also helps in preserving the nutrition and imparting a distinct, earthy taste to the chapatis. Similarly, cast iron tawas retain heat extremely well and also fortify your food with iron. As cast iron cookware is naturally non-stick, these tawas can help reduce oil/ghee usage.

Both types of tawas are a much-needed piece of equipment if you want to eat different and perfectly cooked phulkas, parathas, bhakris, and more!

  • Tadka Pan:

Tempering the food with ghee/oil is an integral part of Indian cooking. And tadka pans are designed especially for this task! Choose from bronze or stainless steel as the material of your tadka pan. Steel is economical, easy maintenance, and durable for the purpose. A bronze tadka pan, on the other hand, is an heirloom piece that can be passed on for generations! It also lends a unique aroma to your dishes.

  • Dosa Tawa:

Unlike a roti tawa which may be flat or slightly sunken in the middle, a dosa tawa is always flat. Our high-quality cast iron dosa tawas ensure you always get super crisp dosas courtesy of their ability to evenly heat the surface and prevent sticking.

Pots serve various functions like boiling milk, making tea, dals, etc. Furnish your kitchen with this necessity form Vaaree where you will find anodized pot sets, cast iron skillets, clay urlis, etc that are efficient in meeting your daily needs.

Whether you are cooking Italian or Indian, Asian or Desi Chinese, you need kadhai or wok. Typically designed with a small flat base and sloping sides, this type of cookware is ideal for cooking sabzis, deep drying, simmering stews, etc. At Vaaree, we offer kadhais and woks in a variety of sizes and materials like bronze, stainless steel, clay, seasoned & unseasoned cast iron.

For all those fancy breakfasts and chef’s kiss kinda snacks, you need killer cooking skills and the right gridles! From grill pans for your grilled chicken, fish, paneer, and sandwich to gridles for shallow fried vadas, falafel, and paniyaram, at Vaaree, we have it all!

Like sous chef, our range of kitchen tools and gadgets make working in the kitchen super-efficient and time-saving. Consisting of an assortment of items like mortar pestle, graters, knives, scissors, and spatulas – both available a-la-carte and in sets, they make a necessity for functional kitchens and can also be used as thoughtful housewarming gifts.

Pressure cookers and steamers are kitchen appliances designed to cook food quickly and efficiently while retaining their flavor, texture, and nutritional value.

Cookware You Can Trust: Vaaree's Premium Quality Collection

When purchasing kitchenware and cookware sets one must stress the quality of the item. Poor quality cookware will disintegrate over time leading to contamination of food due to the inferior coating, breaking of handles etc. Since kitchen safety is an important concern, never compromise on the quality of your cookware. When you shop at Vaaree, check out the top 10 quality cookware under ₹700.

  • Our premium collection of cooking set for kitchenhas undergone a strict quality check. This ensures that your cookware and bakeware are safe to use and are made to last.
  • Not only that, but all our kitchen cookwareis also curated directly from manufacturers. This means, you only pay for the product and save on all unnecessary expenses that increase the price like advertising, sales commission etc. Lowest price, highest quality and value is a promise from Vaaree to you!
  • Our packaging is minimal yet strong enough to ensure all your items reach you in the best condition.
  • As we partner with the best logistics team, on time is something we love to brag about!

Now all you need to do is select what you need from our wide range and bring home a companion that will assist you in the kitchen!

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) :

1. What are the various types of cookware?

    A few of the various types of cookware include:

    • Sauce pan
    • Saute pan
    • Tadka pan
    • Roti tawa
    • Dosa tawa
    • Uniappam pan
    • Grill pan
    • Skillet
    • Frying kadhai
    • Wok
    • Kadhai (both with and without handles)
    • Steamers
    • Pressure cooker

    The good news is you can find all this, and other types of cookware sets at Vaaree!

    2. What materials are used in cookware?

      Every type of cookware & bakeware is designed with a unique material as per its end usage. The major materials used in cookware include:

      • Stainless steel
      • Clay
      • Cast Iron
      • Aluminium
      • Carbon Steel
      • Non-stick coated surfaces like Teflon, ceramic
      • Bronze
      • Copper
      • Glass
      • Granite
      • Stoneware

      3. What should you look for in high-quality cookware?

        Given the countless styles, materials, and varying rates, cookware online shopping can be tricky. If you do not want to regret that purchase, focus on buying high-quality cookware. Here’s what you should look for:

        • Budget:

        You don’t need the most expensive cookware sets on the market. You just need the right one. Decide on a budget and look for options in that price range.

        • Right material:

        The right material in kitchen cookware is mostly subjective. For instance, cast iron cookware is ideal if you are looking for naturally non-stick, affordable cookware for Indian cuisine. Likewise, clay cookware is perfect for Mughlai items like biryani, gosht gravy, etc. Don’t forget to check the inner material/coating too!

        • Thickness:

        In general, irrespective of the material, the thickness, the better will be heat conductivity and retention. Which in turn leads to faster, tastier cooking.

        • Sturdiness of the handles:

        Some pans and kadhais have handles. Avoid buying cheap plastic ones that will break with usage, turn too hot while cooking on high flame, or worse melt away.

        If these are too many pointers for you, just skip the hard work, shop from Vaaree, and never break a sweat over shopping quality cookware!

        4. Which cookware to buy for baking?

          Baking is usually done at high temperatures. So, we suggest high-quality glass, carbon steel, and stoneware cookware for baking.

          5. What is the best cookware for cooking?

          The best cookware for cooking often includes options made from copper, clay, and cast iron due to their unique properties. Copper offers excellent heat conductivity, clay provides slow and even heat distribution, and cast iron is known for its durability and heating. Vaaree offers a diverse range of cookware options, including pans, kadhais, and cookers, allowing you to choose the perfect cookware for various cooking purposes.


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