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Buy Kitchen Knives and Scissors Online at Best Prices in India – Vaaree

Ever imagined entering a kitchen without a proper knife or a scissor? Does it not sound much like an unimaginable aspect? So, for that perfect salad to be served to your fitness freak friend who has come to visit you after long, a perfect cutting knife set along with a pair of kitchen scissors is extremely important, won’t you agree?

We are all aware of a set of chopping knife with a pair of big scissors that comes along, but we seldom notice or wonder about the uses of the various types of knives that come in the set. With a variety of shapes, sizes and usage, kitchen knives have a lot more to them than what we think of - just cutting! Let’s take a look at the four main types of knives and their uses:

  • Chef’s Knife: The length of this kind of knife explains its functionality and most of the chef’s prefer this type as it’s the most efficient. It’s more like an extension of a chef’s arm that’s quick, sturdy and efficient!
  • Paring Knife: It’s a smaller version of the chef's knife with a small blade that offers greater versatility and precision and is great for peeling apples and potatoes, mincing small amounts of garlic and onion, and coring tomatoes.
  • Serrated Bread Knife: It’s a knife that comes with a serrated blade, used  to cut or slice food that is soft on the inside and hard on the outside. It can do this due to its edge, which is perfect for handling food items like croissants.
  • Slicing or Carving Knife: It’s a long-bladed knife, often rounded at the tip that is thinner than a chef’s knife and is used for carving or slicing meat and poultry.

Well, looks like you’ve pretty much understood the variations of knives. Come, shop at Vaaree and get yourself equipped with the best of these tools and show off your culinary skills at its best!

Get Creative in the Kitchen with Our Innovative Knives and Scissors

Testing your culinary skills? Confused what to choose and what not? Let Vaaree help you figure out the exact type of scissor or knife you’ll need for different purposes. With our wide range of kitchen scissors and knives, all your worries about the precise cuts and pieces of veggies and meat will be sorted! Just as knives have their own types and specific uses, so do scissors. Let's take a quick look at the types of scissors and their uses:

  • Triple blade herb scissors: These are handy scissors that help you finely chop herbs and stems and add ingredients directly over the pan. The three blades cut through the herbs without bruising them for great flavour.
  • Poultry scissors: For a perfectly cooked chicken or meat, you need to cut and debone the poultry thoroughly. Poultry scissors are mostly made of forged surgical stainless steel which makes it easier to cut through the meat.
  • Seafood/Fish Scissors: For all seafood lovers, be it to devein lobsters or crack crabs, this scissor is the perfect companion. With a built-in cracker between the handles, cracking hard shells is now easy!
  • All purpose kitchen scissors: From cutting plastic wraps, chopping coriander or cracking nuts, this type of scissor is multi-functional. It’s always a safe and quick option to choose.

At Vaaree, we have a list of knives and scissors to suit your use and now that you know the different uses of scissors, you can now become a pro in culinary arts!

Upgrade Your Kitchen Essentials with Our Professional-grade Knives and Scissors

Professional knives and scissors are specially designed to meet the demands of chefs, to make life easier and boast culinary skills. At Vaaree, we offer you the best quality knives and scissors, be it vegetable scissors or meat cutting scissors made from high quality stainless steel. This makes them durable and corrosion resistant.

One of the most important factors to consider while buying these tools is the sharpness. Not only does it allow easy, precise cutting but also give you a better cooking experience overall. Next factor to consider is the handle’s grip. A comfortable and ergonomic handle gives a secure grip and also reduces the risk of wrist pains while using these tools for long hours.

Investing in a professional quality kitchen tool set is a great upgrade that every kitchen deserves. With great quality and pocket-friendly prices, the products at Vaaree are just the best fit for your kitchen! Shop now.

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