10 Must-Have Kitchen Tools

10 Must-Have Kitchen Tools

Kitchen tools are a non-negotiable element in the kitchen. No matter what your cooking style or eating preference is, you simply cannot do without them. That said, who or what qualifies as kitchen essentials products? How does one know if you actually need them, or the product is simply hyped? Get all your answers & cues with our specially curated list of useful kitchen tools. We promise these kitchen tools and equipment will make your life in the kitchen easy, breezy, and fun!

      1. Basic Wooden Salad Spoon Manali Grey (Set of Two)
        Basic Wooden Salad Spoon Manali Grey (Set of Two)

        If you are a lover of all things handmade, rustic, or multipurpose, you are going to love these Basic Wooden Salad Spoons! Whether you want to toss your cold pasta salad or give that final to stir to pan fried veggies, these spoons can do it all. Thanks to its earthy color, it pairs well with all kinds of table & serve ware. A necessity in the kitchen tool set!

      2. Mini Chopping Knife
        Mini Chopping Knife

        Dream of dicing and slicing like a ninja? Then this mini chopping knife is a definite pick-me-up. With a blade thickness of 1.2mm and crafted in Magnetic Stainless Steel AISI 420J2 Grade, every inch of this chopping knife screams supreme quality. One of those kitchen tools and equipment that is as aesthetic looking in the kitchen as ergonomic.

      3. Smart @contact- Garlic Press
        Smart @contact- Garlic Press

        A garlic bulb holds the potential to make everything taste better. And garlic-y, of course! However, if you want to revel in its lip-smacking taste, you have to go through the cumbersome process of doing away with the oh-so-hard to peel top layer. 

        Let us say somehow you manage to pull it off. The sad new is - only to land on a step you will dread even more! Depending on the recipe, you will either have to finely chop the already petite garlic cloves or worse, mince it. A simple & smart kitchen tool for dodging this is our Smart @contact- Garlic Press. The best part about using this tools is your hands will not smell like a garlic field after. 

        Pro tip: To peel off garlic skin quickly, soak them in water for an hour.

      4. Utility Tong 9"
        Utility Tong 9"

        Even your most long-lasting kitchen essentials cookware that are practically indestructible will not sustain without the right tools. For instance, you have a sturdy, stunning and pre-seasoned cast iron skillet. You decide to cook on it with super scratchy & uneven stirring spoons or spatula. The result? Worn out kitchen essentials cookware. Not forgetting the off-looking appeal of spatula edges. 

        Now, swap this with something like our utility tong and you’re game. Flip a fish, parotta or anything your heart desires on any cookware without worrying about scratches. Courtesy its heat-resistant nylon edges, the tong will not lose its shape. A non-slip and definitely functional kitchen tool designed to uncomplicate everyday kitchen chores.

      5. 3 in 1 tool

        3 in 1 tool

        Don’t you hate it - When you have just fought, yet have to ask for help with opening a lid as stubborn as your partner? We feel you. If it is a tin or a bottle, you are in luck because this 3 in 1 tool will get the job done. In a blink. And without the help or involuntary eyerolls. One of the best kitchen tools if space-saving is your mantra. Also, perfect if you want to fight longer and make-up hotter!

      6. Professional Butter Spreader

        Professional butter Spreader

        Bread is awesome on its own. But just apply one layer of butter, jams or spread on it to witness the scrumptiousness just reach a whole new level! The thing about butter, jams & spreads is it must be applied evenly, or it kills the texture of the bread. Worse, it clumps leading to excessive product in one bite and none in others. Meet our practical & useful kitchen tool - this professional butter spreader. Wide application body for effortless application, it helps you spread…the spreads!

      7. Chef knife 250mm black

        Chef knife 250mm black

        What is a kitchen tool set without a knife in it? Uncomplete, for sure. But also, blunt and varying chops. Everyone’s stash of kitchen essentials products must comprise of a knife. And not any random one, just this chef's knife. Unbelievably adaptable and jaw-droppingly comfortable to handle, it lets you cut, dice, slice, chop as fine as you like. Though its sharp edged stainless steel blade cuts through anything (and anyone), we recommend using it for chopping vegetables only!

      8. Pizza Slicer (Mincing Knife)

        Pizza Slicer (Mincing Knife)

        You are absolutely lying if you say you have always received perfectly cut & portioned pizzas. Believing you are someone like us who hates separately pizzas with that weird & white pizza saver, you NEED this pizza slicer! Two reasons it makes to our kitchen essentials tool list is – it is crafted with magnetic stainless steel AISI 420J2 grade that is hardened & tempered in a controlled atmospheric furnace. Put in simple words, it is going to retain its inverted shape forever! Secondly, it is comfortable enough to finely mince leafy vegetables, meat and more. Totally worth investing in.

      9. Flexible Dough Cutter/ Scraper

        Flexible Dough Cutter/ Scraper

        Say you got our pizza slicer, your bae and weekend. What is the obvious date plan? DIY pizza night! For those flawless scraping, lifting, and cleaning techniques to culminate into a pizza that feels transported from Italy, our Flexible Dough Cutter/ Scraper promise to be your BFF. It is one of those kitchen tools that becomes an essential for all bakers or anyone who indulges in all things dough.

      10. French Whisk

        French Whisk

        Whatever your goal maybe be – an enticing style photo shoot, mimicking French patisserie or simply whip the batter for your fritters, this whisk has got your back for everything. Extremely sturdy stainless-steel body and contemporarily designed, this multipurpose whisk is a game-changer in the kitchen. And the key smooth, drooling textures!

Understandably, this extensive list of kitchen tools is for individuals with an intermediate/advance culinary experience. Beginners in cooking or individuals who are just setting up a new house can check out our super affordable kitchenware bundle.


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