The Top 5 Glassware & Drinkware Products for Daily Use

A lot of things make a home. For some, it’s décor that is an extension of their personality. For others, it could be glassware products that let them revel in the simple pleasures of life. If glassware & drinkware is your game, here are a few handpicked recommendations that you, your guests and us will never get enough of!

  • Tusker Coffee Mug (Set of Two)

Tusker Coffee Mug (Set of Two)

No feeling comes close to sipping a freshly brewed cuppa on a misty morning or breezy evening! The only thing that can elevate this entire experience is our tusker coffee mug. Laden with gold elephant prints, these porcelain coffee mugs are sure to make you feel like the Queen/King of wherever you are from! 

An absolute must-have drinkware to indulge in freshly brewed pour-overs, French pressed, moka pot & aero press coffees. For the ones who are team milk/cream with coffee, check out this confluence cup.

  • Majestic Maharani Kulhad (Set of 6)

Majestic Maharani Kulhad

There are only two types of people in this world – the first type who drinks tea and the second type who spills. Irrespective of the category you fall in, this Maharani drinkware set is perfect for both! A contemporary twist to the traditional terracotta kulhad, this ceramic stunner will make your tea-time as sassy as you are! Special shout out to the vintage floral print on it.

If you are someone who hosts a hell lot of tea parties or binges on kulfis randomly whilst crying over rom coms, you cannot afford to miss out on this drinkware, our highness!

  • Cooper Wine Glass (Set Of Two)

 Cooper Wine Glass

Every home has at least one set of drinkware glasses reserved for that special night. If you don’t have one already, this copper wine glassware set is it! Think Friday evening, laptop slammed shut, favorite jazz music over the top and the love of your life with a super chilled Shiraz poured in this aesthetic charmer. Date night couldn’t get better now, can it?!

Thanks to its wide body and tapered rim, with this glassware, you can engage all your sense to enjoy the wine the way it is meant to be. Swirl your poison, draw its essence and savor in. Available in 3 size variants that hint date nights need not be reserved for Fridays! 

  • Curvy Mocktail Glass (Set Of Six)

Curvy Mocktail Glass (Set Of Six)

Chanters of ‘Don’t talk to me before my first cup of coffee!' unite to appreciate the curves of this glassware set! Appealing with its silhouette, it makes just the glassware for all those ardent caffeinators, known for their enviable cold brew shots. 

Versatile and how, it makes one of those glassware sets that double as an invitation to try all the experimental beverage recipes sitting saved in your Youtube & Instagram list. With this glassware in your cabinet, though your day might start with coffee, we know for a fact it sure will end on fun or should we say mocktail-y note!

  • High Waves Water Glass (Set Of Six)

High Waves Water Glass

The internet is loaded with reminders to hydrate yourself. You see a meme, a health coach or probably anyone on planet earth, everyone is giving out subtle signs to drink a gallon of water in a day. If drinking water would also drown all our problems and maybe exes, we are sure no prompts would have been necessary. As this is not the case, we have something that might help. Meet our high waves water glassware!

Classic ergonomic glassware that fits right in the hand and holds just the amount of water you’d drink in one go. Unlike other glassware products out there, these are as affordable as adorable! 

Understandably, your glassware and drinkware set needs as well as preferences can be different. Which is why Vaaree brings to you the best glassware brands in India, at one place and jaw-dropping deals! The fact that we curate our drinkware sets, glassware products and all things home from certified manufacturers only, unmatched quality at unbeatable prices is a pinky promise we never intend to breach!

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