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A Guide To Decorate Your Home With Cushions!

Have you ever heard of something like too many cushions? We sure haven't! Cushions are soft, huggable, and aesthetic. Cushions are the perfect way to beautify any surroundings without compromising on comfort. Every room looks prettier with stylish cushions, well except the bathroom of course! Choosing the right cushion covers can be a tedious task. Here’s a guide that will help you redecorate your home with stylish cushions!


Cushion covers are available in a variety of fabrics - cotton cushion covers, velvet cushion covers, and synthetic cushion covers - to name a few. Every cushion cover fabric has its own pros and cons. Synthetic, for example, looks very pretty but doesn’t suit every body type. Cotton, on the other hand, is extremely soft and smooth but needs maintenance. There are smaller categories within these categories too. Cotton itself has so many variations such as cotton duck, cotton same, cotton jute, tapestry cotton, etc. A mix of different fabrics in your cushion cover selection will make your house look trendy and aesthetic. What’s more, fabrics like canvas cotton and duck cotton are easy to wash and convenient for summers too. Regardless of the fabric that you think matches your house’s mood the best, cushions are always the pop of colour that you need. 


Another way to create variation in your house is to work with different designs - play with prints. There are a million different prints available in the market - floral print, stripes, dotted print, abstract print, paisley print, etc. Mix and match is a trend that never goes out of style. At Vaaree, even though quality comes first, design is a close second. That’s why textured cushion covers are a big yes. Textured cushion covers involve macrame, waffle weave, woven cushion covers, and more! A mix of modern and traditional cushions can give your house a trendy and ethnic look. If you like the traditional and royal look, go for an embroidered cushion cover. And if you are more of a minimalist, yet love to spruce up once in a while, bold and colorful designs are the way to go!


Look at differently sized cushion covers as well. While a standard 16 by 16 cushion cover is great, a 20 by 20 cushion will definitely grab the eye. Throw a few extra small and extra large premium cushions on your sofa to add that instant freshness to your room. Oh, and the kind of back support that a 12 by 20 cushion provides is unparalleled. There is also the option of going more quirky in informal settings by indulging in cushions shaped like clouds, mountains, etc. And let’s not get started on how cute round cushions with cute cushion covers look. It is the perfect addition to your children’s rooms. 


While choosing the right stylish cushion covers are important, it’s also important to know where exactly to put them and how to use the cushions. Like, one can’t use stylish cushion covers in the kitchen. Many online platforms and content creators tend to explain which cushions to use in which place. Watching such tutorials and checking out online blogs is useful. It’s always good to use a mix and match of cushion covers and cushion sizes so your home looks trendy. Also, instead of always placing cushions on your couch, rearrange and place the cushions in new spots like your bedroom or garden area. Apart from the added comfort, cushions look graceful and eye-catching in such places. A mix of neutral luxury and stylish cushion covers tends to look extremely beautiful. 


Colour is something that we absolutely love at Vaaree. Whether you are a person who likes more neutral cushion covers like beige with a little gold, a nice maroon velvet cushion cover, or if you like to be out there with cushion covers with bold and big design and bright hues mixed together, it is just the uniqueness shining there. Who wants to fit in when you can stand out! 


If you are someone who likes to splurge, there are many designer cushion covers out there which exude luxury. They are not just a piece of cushion cover, but they carry a piece of art and express a certain status symbol. Gone are the days where we bought the same print and design of cushion cover for all the cushions in our living room. The best way to style your cushion covers is to have a mix of some interesting patterns and design, and then borrowing from their colours to have a few neutral or basic cushions in different sizes. This not only beautifies the living room, but also lets the individuality of your style shine through.

Cushions make every house look a little bit lovelier and a whole lot livelier! There’s never too many cushions. We think the way we decorate our houses, with love, care and thought- it is all a form of self-expression unmatched by any other.

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