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How To Redecorate Your House With Cushions?

Redecorating your house with cushions can be a fun and cost-effective way to give your space a fresh and stylish look.

Here are some tips on how to effectively use cushions to redecorate your house:

1. Choose a Colour Scheme:

Choose a colour palette that complements the rest of your design. Choose cushions that complement your present colour scheme or go for contrasting colours to provide a splash of excitement.

2. Mix and Match Patterns:

Don't be afraid to mix different patterns & textures. However, ensure that there is a common element, such as a colour or theme, to tie them together. For example, you could mix florals with geometric patterns if they share a similar colour.

3. Select Various Sizes and Shapes:

Choose cushions in different sizes & shapes to create visual interest. Mix square, rectangular, & round cushions to add variety to your seating arrangement.

4. Layering:

Layering cushions can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Use different sizes and shapes, placing larger cushions at the back & smaller ones in the front. Experiment with layering textures as well, such as combining smooth fabrics with knits or faux fur.

5. Consider the Room's Function:

Think about the purpose of each room and select cushions accordingly. For a living room, you might want a mix of comfy and decorating with high-quality cushions, whereas for a bedroom, you might want to focus more on creating a tranquil and calming ambiance.

6. Seasonal Changes:

Consider changing your cushions seasonally to keep your decor fresh. Lighter, brighter colours work well for spring and summer, while warmer, richer tones are suitable for fall and winter.

7. Pay Attention to Material:

Choose cushion covers made from durable & washable materials, especially if you have pets or children. This ensures easy maintenance & longevity.

8. Accessorize with Throws:

Coordinate your cushions with throws for a cohesive look. A well-chosen throw can tie together the colours and patterns in your cushions, creating a polished appearance.

9. Create Focal Points:

Use cushions strategically to highlight certain areas of your home. For example, you can place a bold-coloured or patterned cushion on a neutral sofa to create a focal point.

10. Experiment with Shapes:

Explore cushions in unconventional shapes, such as bolsters or large floor cushions, to add a unique touch to your decor.

11. Personalize with DIY or Customized Cushions:

Consider adding a personal touch by creating your own cushion covers or opting for customized designs that reflect your style & personality.

Remember, the key to successful cushion redecoration is to experiment and have fun with the process. Play around with colours, patterns, and textures until you find a combination that enhances the overall aesthetic of your home.

Redecorate Your Space, Not Your Sanity: A Step-by-Step Approach

When you think of the word ‘redecorate’ you probably start thinking of Pinterest boards, interior designers, themes and about 100 other things before palpitating and deciding to just ‘do it later’.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re fans of ‘doing it later’. ‘Doing it later’ is a vibe! But the fact is, it’s super easy to redecorate your house if the only thing you’re going to do is throw a bunch of cushions around. That’s almost…what’s the word for it…umm…FUN. Oh yes, it’s fun!

Cushion covers are available in a variety of fabrics - cotton, velvet, synthetic - to name a few. There are subcategories within these categories too. Cotton itself has so many variations such as cotton duck, cotton samre, cotton jute, tapestry cotton etc. Don’t worry, you don’t need to know all of this. You don’t need a PHD in cushion fabrics to know that a mix of different fabrics in your cushion cover selection will make your house look trendy and aesthetic. What’s more, fabrics like canvas cotton and duck cotton are easy to wash and convenient for summers too.

Now, if you’re someone who prefers to keep it sweet and simple, you can play with prints. There are a million different prints available in the market - floral print, stripes, dotted print, abstract print etc. Mix and match cushion covers is a trend that never goes out of style. Today, you can simply pair a floral print with a minimalistic and plain cushion cover and get featured in a magazine (or a friend's Instagram story)! 

At Vaaree, we focus primarily on design. That’s why textured cushion covers are a big yes. Textured cushion covers involve macrame, waffle weave, woven cushion covers and more! A mix of modern and traditional cushions can give your house a trendy and ethnic look.

To add that ‘oomph’ element to your home, we suggest that you look at differently sized cushion covers as well. While a standard 16 by 16 cushion cover is great, a 12 by 24 cushion will definitely grab the eye. Throw a few extra small and extra-large cushions on your sofa to add that instant freshness to your room.

Also, instead of always placing cushions on your couch, rearrange and place the cushions in new spots like your bedding or garden area. Apart from the added comfort, cushions look super aesthetic and eye-catching in such places.

Cushions make every house look a little bit lovelier and a whole lot livelier! There are never too many cushions. Let’s face it - the child in you still loves to play with cushions! So, do let us know how you use cushions to decorate your house in the comments section below!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I choose the right cushions for my home decor?

Answer: Consider the colour scheme, style, and existing furniture. Look for cushions that complement or contrast with your decor to create a cohesive & visually appealing space.

What sizes of cushions work best for different furniture pieces?

Answer: Larger cushions are suitable for sofas, while smaller ones may be ideal for chairs and accent furniture. Mixing sizes can add depth and interest to your overall design.

How many cushions should I use on a sofa or bed?

Answer: The number of cushions depends on personal preference & the size of the furniture. A common approach is to use an odd number of cushions (e.g., 3 or 5) for a balanced & inviting look.

What fabrics are best for cushions in different rooms?

Answer: Choose durable and washable fabrics, like cotton or linen, for high-traffic areas. For decorative cushions, consider more luxurious fabrics such as velvet or silk.

Should I mix and match patterns and textures in my cushion arrangement?

Answer: Yes, mixing patterns and textures can add visual interest to your space. Just ensure there is a cohesive element, such as a common colour or theme, to tie everything together.

How often should I change or update my cushion covers?

Answer: Changing cushion covers is an easy and cost-effective way to refresh your decor. Consider updating seasonally or whenever you want to give your home a new look.

Can I use cushions outdoors?

Answer: Yes, there are outdoor cushions specifically designed to withstand the elements. Look for materials that are water-resistant and UV-protected for long-lasting use.

What are the best ways to arrange cushions for a polished look?

Answer: Experiment with different arrangements, but a common approach is to place larger cushions at the back and layer with smaller ones in front. Ensure symmetry and balance for a polished appearance.

How do I care for and clean my cushions?

Answer: Check the care instructions for each cushion, as cleaning methods may vary based on the fabric. In general, regular vacuuming and spot cleaning can help maintain their appearance.

Are there budget-friendly ways to redecorate with cushions?

Answer: Absolutely! Consider purchasing cushion covers separately, opting for affordable but quality fabrics, or even DIY projects to give your cushions a new look without breaking the bank.

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