Decorating with High-Quality Cushions: Styling Tips and Ideas

Decorating with High-Quality Cushions: Styling Tips and Ideas - Vaaree

The sight of fluffy plush cushions instantly invites you to lounge and chill! Besides the ultimate comfort they provide, cushions are also an important styling tool in home décor. 

If you thought just buying living room cushions and plonking them around the sofa or chairs is good enough, then think again! They form a crucial ally in the curtain-rug-upholstery nexus that is key to making your living room appear classy and stylish. 

We are here to help with some savvy sofa cushion design ideas that will inspire you to rearrange those cushions right away!

Top 6 Ways to Decorate Your Home Using High-Quality Cushions:

  1. Balance is Key

You might think that the homes in magazines have thrown just anything together and it works but look closely. There is always a colour palette in the cushion design ideas which balances the neutral with the bold. Using tones like beige, brown or grey alongside bright prints and colours creates an aesthetic balance as well as makes the cushions pop.

For instance, team up our Coconut Lagoon Cushion Cover with Sandy Beige Cushion Cover for a room that screams class!

  1. Bring it together

Cushions are a perfect way to tie your room’s décor together. Even if your curtains and rugs are different colours, you can borrow elements from both and incorporate them into the cushions. These sofa cushion design ideas will make sure that everything appears coordinated.

Our Embroidered Lattice Cushion Cover in purple will look impeccable with any pastel and neutral room elements.

  1. Art of Layering

Knowing the layering game in home décor just takes your home’s aesthetics to another level. It works by creating visual interest and imparting an opulent touch to the space. Mix and match different shapes of cushions when placing them on the couch. Place the largest one at the back followed by a smaller one and then add a lumbar for some drama.

Our Gigil, Knop & Caramel Queen Cushion Covers will be a perfect combo for boho-themed homes.

  1. Think Patterns and Textures

The only rule in creativity is that there’s no rule! Put together various fabrics and textures for a bold statement. Do the same with prints and cushion colours too. Like pairing a solid velvet with an embroidered faux silk lumbar. Don’t worry too much about the sofa cushion color combination, if it looks good to the eye, then it’s good to go!

Our solid Walnut cushion cover designed from recycled wool will undeniably complement the texture & print of The Rising Sun cushion cover.

  1. Experiment with Arrangements

There are different arrangements that you can try out. Like the separated trio cushion arrangement on either end of the couch. Or alternating designs/patterns and covering the sofa from end to end. Or you could go quirky and place cushions towards the centre and slightly away from corners as is the norm. Use at least three cushions when trying out this arrangement. You could also try placing a large and a small cushion on each individual seat of the sofa for a stylish look.

  1. Big Inserts, Small Covers

Wondering how the home decor cushion covers in magazines look all fluffy and plump? Well, the secret is to buy cushion covers in a size smaller than the inserts! This way when you put the fillers inside the cover, they will fill in all the space and add oomph to your arrangement!

There’s really no rule book when it comes to picking cushions or arranging them. Just a few guidelines that can help you find some method in the madness! You can shop cushion covers in a plethora of colours, sizes, and textures at Vaaree. Check out our curated collection that is high on quality and super affordable in pricing!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  1. What are high-quality cushions?

High quality cushions are the ones that you find on Vaaree. Basically, the ones that retain their color, size, shape, and skin-feel even after years of usage and washing.  

  1. How do I choose the right high-quality cushions for my decor?

  • Pick the right material.
  • Choose elements from your room and match/contrast covers with them.
  • If you are choosing embellishment on your high-quality cushions make sure you like the skin-fee.
  1. What are some popular styles of high-quality cushions?

Some popular styles of high-quality cushions are:

  • Throw cushions
  • Bolster cushions
  • Lumbar cushions
  • Pillow cushions
  • Box cushions
  • Accent cushions
  1. How do I arrange cushions on my sofa or bed?

Here are a few tips to arrange cushions on your sofa or bed:

  • Place single cushions in the silhouette of your sofa/bed.
  • Another way is to place the bigger cushions at the back, followed with medium sizes and lumbar.
  • Arrange cushions at the corners of the hand-rest and pair it with a throw.
  1. How do I clean and care for high-quality cushions?

Check the care instructions label on your high-quality cushion covers. As a thumb rule:

  • Always wash with a mild detergent in cold water.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • Do not dry in harsh sunlight.
  • If your cushion cover cannot be washed, dry clean or wipe with damp/dry cloth.

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