What Do I Do With My Old Bed Sheets?

What Do I Do With My Old Bed Sheets? - Vaaree
Old bed sheets are a part of every home. Instead of throwing them out, here are 6 innovative things you can do with old bed sheets!

1. Make eco friendly cloth bags 

An old but pretty bed sheet can be used to make beautiful cloth bags. Instead of buying a paper/plastic bag every time you go grocery shopping, you can use these sustainable bags and save money!

2. Keep one in the car

Be it last minute picnics or nausea emergencies, having a bed sheet always helps.

3. Floof blankets

Just like how you pamper yourself, pamper your pet! Having a comfortable bed sheet will keep your pet warm and cosy. 

4. Wall hangings

Use an old bed sheet to make an aesthetically pleasing wall hanging in your bedroom. You can even put it up in one corner of your house and decorate that corner with plants and pots!

5. Transform the sheets into pyjamas

An old flowery or printed bed sheet will be great to make pyjamas and nightwear.

6. Create beautiful cleaning rags 

Fed up of looking at the dirty cleaning cloth in your home? Cut up an old bed sheet into different sizes and design your own cleaning clothes collection!


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