7 Reasons Why You Need Dohars In Your Room!

7 reasons why you need Dohars in your room

A dohar is basically the Indian version of a quilt. It is made using super thin and soft cotton fabric. It’s quite common in the Northern region of the Indian subcontinent. Dohars are usually designed using the Indian block printing technique. The multiple layers of soft and thin cotton used to make Dohars ensure that the quilt keeps you warm and cosy. Dohars are a must in every house. Here are 7 reasons why one NEEDS to have Dohars in the house!

  1. Lightweight In Nature

Dohars are woven using thin, premium quality cotton - the cotton muslin fabric. This fabric is extremely light in weight. So, unlike thick and heavy blankets, Dohars don’t occupy a lot of space. Dohars are convenient to carry and can be packed in suitcases as well. Dohars ensure that your bedroom doesn’t look crowded. The design of most Dohars also make them an alternative to bed covers. Especially for people who live in hot and humid countries like India, owning a Dohar is a must. Dohars are also super thin and easy to store!

  1. Adds To The Room Aesthetic 

Believe it or not, people want their bedrooms to look pretty. Dohars bring a very homely and warm vibe to rooms. There are multiple prints and designs available in the market when it comes to Dohars. Kantha work and Indian hand block print are just a few to name. Dohars are not only functional but also innovative products. Every design is different and versatile. Dohars add a punch of elegance to the room!

  1. Alternative Bed Cover

A bed cover is a large piece of cloth that covers your bed - it can be in the form of a duvet cover or a comforter or even a cover bed sheet. However, items like duvet covers and comforters can be slightly expensive. A Dohar is an economical and equally good alternative for a bed cover. Usually, Dohars have 2 different prints on them - one on the front side and one on the back side. One can alternate between the two different designs as a bed cover. 

  1. Suitable Throughout The Year

Dohars are made up of soft muslin cloth. This makes them warm and cosy. Because they are made up of the cotton fabric, Dohars are also breathable and skin-friendly. So be it the winter season, when one wants to wrap themselves up in a warm cover, or be it the scorching summer season, when one wants just a thin and light covering for their body, a Dohar will do justice in both situations!

  1. Skin-Friendly 

Dohars are made up of 100% soft and premium quality cotton. The cotton fabric is extremely skin friendly. Bulky blankets are usually made up of synthetic fabrics that don’t do very well on all skin types. However, Dohars are made up of pure cotton and so work well with most skin types. The fabric is breathable and ensures that the skin is breathing too. 

  1. Extremely Durable 

Dohars are long lasting products. In fact, they get better with time! Because they are hand woven and every little detail is looked at, they’re quite strong. They are easy to wash and can be dried easily too (unlike thick blankets). The cotton fabric provides multiple benefits to the user - the product is sturdy yet delicate. For people who’d like to invest in something for long term usage, Dohar is a great option!

  1. Uplifting Indian Textile Forms 

Well, Dohars are made in India. As globalisation is taking place, Indian textile forms are losing their charm. Dohars come with historical designs printed on them. They represent Indian history, art and music and even agriculture. These designs give people a sense of the traditions they come from. Items like Dohars have been used since the time of Maharajas - that means, this product is tried and tested! Dohars are an Indian beauty. People from all over the world come to buy these items. Especially in today’s modern homes, a Dohar will stand out! Indian artisans work day and night to make a beautiful, hand-woven Dohar. 

Dohars are beautiful and long-lasting products that everyone must have! In fact, Dohars are a great gifting option as well. Apart from being comfortable and durable, they are also a show stopper when it comes to aesthetics!

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