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10 Kinds Of Cushion Covers That Are Ideal For New Homeowners

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we say cushions or pillows? Is it pillow fights or a close substitute for a yearning hug? No matter what it is, we are sure nobody can ever get enough of cushions! 

A home essential for some, a styling accent for others, for us pillows/cushions are the heart of a home. Whether you are just setting up your new home or simply revamping your space, here are a few cushion & pillow covers you just cannot do without!

  • Ivory Tufted Cushion Cover

    Ivory Tufted Cushion Cover

    The theme of your home could be anything – neutral, minimalist, classic, boho or modern and yet this ivory cushion cover will fit aesthetically into it! Being tufted it is one of those stylish cushion cover designs that is warm, cozy, and undeniably inviting. And all of it at the same time! Throw it on your couch and watch your living space elevate in a blink.

    • Flowery Stories Cushion Cover

      Flowery Stories Cushion Cover

      Being called a plant parent is great. But the stress of cleaning, pruning and maintenance that comes with owning a green baby is real. If you want to revel in the joy of being surrounded by blossoming nature minus the mess, our flowery stories cushion cover is the one! Unlike the conventional cushion covers onlinethis one comes with a fringe edge & sturdy zip closing.

      • Sun & Sea Cushion Cover

        Sun & Sea Cushion Cover

        If you search for cushion covers online Indiachances are you will find the same, old and boring covers that have been out since time immemorial. But our Sun & Sea cushion cover is a game changer. Captivating with its tufted body and contemporary with its tasselled corners, this stunner is the epitome of versatility. A perfect balance of playful & poetic, we promise it is one of the most stylish cushion cover designs you will ever stumble across. A rare, rustic beauty indeed!

        • Summer Lovin’ Cushion Cover

          Summer Lovin’ Cushion Cover

          Are you team neon, fruity, leafy or boho? Whatever team you are on, this summer lovin’ cushion cover is going to meet your penchant! Adorned with a print to die for, this cute-sy piece can brighten up even the dullest of sofas. Mix or match with solid or similar vibe cotton pillow covers to create a ‘gram worthy living room!

          • Azure Textured Cushion Cover

            Uninvited guests are about to make an entry. Your house is in a muddle. And your house help is on leave. The safest solution in a situation like this would be relocating to Antarctica. And the second-best solution is having our Azure textured cushion cover on! With killer aesthetics and a palette that works well with everything, this cushion cover is such a delight to look at, trust us when we say your guests won’t notice anything else!

            • Velvet Vibes Cushion Cover

              Velvet Vibes Cushion Cover

              Every new homeowner believes that investing in good quality pillow covers is a no-brainer. But seldom anyone bats an eye on their selection of cushion covers. Though, in reality, any person spends more time on the couch than on the bed! Now that we have spilt the facts, let us also introduce you to a cushion cover that demands to be a non-negotiable addition to your space. This whimsical, velvet cover! Soft to touch and sophisticated in its appeal, it is a perfect snuggle partner for all the rom-com movies you are going to binge on the couch!

              • Woven Vintage Cushion Cover

                Woven Vintage Cushion Cover

                Explore all the cushion covers online you want and yet we assure that you won’t find one as unique as our woven vintage cover! Featuring a design that reflects the opulence of the Victorian era, it comes with tasselled corners for that edgy look. Just the cushion cover for homeowners who want luxury to be their home furnishing vocabulary!

                • Black Boho-Dream Cushion Cover

                  Black Boho-Dream Cushion Cover

                  From giving finishing touches to the house to getting accustomed to the new routine and more, as a new homeowner, you are bound to have endless chores. Amidst all this, you certainly don’t want to take up the additional task of frequently washing your light-colored linens, cushions, and pillow covers. Till the time you find your rhythm, this tufted cushion cover will give you a good hand. Dark black-hued and thus fuss-free to maintain, this is truly the cover of your dreams/ Just dust it once in a couple of days and you’re golden!

                  • Golden Textured Cushion Cover

                    Golden Textured Cushion Cover

                    Buying a new home equals being unasked hosts for all upcoming festivals and parties. For times like these, you certainly don’t want to keep the décor low-key. And finding cushion covers online India that is vibrant enough for a soiree yet don’t burn a hole in the pocket is a task even Siri cannot accomplish. Unless you meet our golden textured cushion cover! Metallic foil printed in the subtlest glow; it ticks all the boxes for stylish cushion cover designs.

                    • Lilac Bliss Cushion Cover

                      Lilac Bliss Cushion Cover

                      Let’s face it, buying cushion covers online is fun and games until they don’t look great together on the couch. Though Vaaree offers quick returns on our range of cushion covers online India, the entire process can seem quite overwhelming. Skip the entire hassle of styling, go for cushion cover sets! For instance, our lilac bliss covers have an adaptable design and palette, arrive in a set of two and can be paired with almost any color out there in the cushion cover universe! 

                      By the end of this article, you must be all thorough with the how’s and what’s of buying cushion covers online. Now put these together with our collection of throws to set up a living room that looks like the re-definition of elegance!

                      Be it cotton pillow covers or dinnerware, whatever you need for your new home, you name it, Vaaree has it. Explore our assortment of all things homes that are as exquisite as affordable!

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