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A Proper Guide To Picking The Right-Hand Towels

A guide for hand towels? Is that necessary? OH YES, it is! It is one of the underestimated essentials in our home, but most people do not put much thought into it before buying hand towels

Here is a simple guide that will help you pick the right-hand towel:

1. Purpose

The first and foremost step is deciding the purpose. While many people purchase hand towels for bathrooms they can be used for several other instances like while playing sports or cleaning the kitchen. Each purpose requires a different quality of hand towels. For example, people who are using a hand towel while playing might prefer a softer towel. For people who use hand towels in the kitchen, they should prefer a highly absorbent towel.

2. Choosing the Right Material

Handtowels come in many different types of materials. Cotton is the best when it comes to hand towels as they are more durable, absorbent, and breathable. It can be used for a quick dry. There are materials like Pima cotton, Egyptian cotton, and bamboo which are used to manufacture softer towels, among which bamboo is a strong and environmentally sustainable fabric, and Turkish and Pima cotton are known for their softness and durability. Egyptian cotton, which is incredibly soft and fluffy, is the ideal substitute for making luxury hand towels. 

3. Eye-Pleasing Designs

The design of hand towels is important - design encompasses colour and patterns. The colour of a hand towel ideally must complement the colour of the bathroom. The work on the hand towels must also be eye-pleasing. When it comes to design, preferences vary from person to person. While some people love patterned hand towels, others prefer plain hand towels. The market has a strong need for designer and luxury hand towels as well. One can choose from a variety of towel options depending on personal desire, however, cotton hand towels are the best. Although lace towels are quite attractive, relatively few of them are durable and long-lasting. Lace is fragile and eventually loses its shine. Simple patterns on hand towels are advised. Quality towels with carefully chosen designs are available at Vaaree.

4. GSM (Grams per Square Metre)

The GSM of a bath towel can be determined by weighing it. The hand towel will be thicker if the GSM is high. Low GSM hand towels are lightweight. They are wonderful if you want simple, economical, and quick-drying hand towels. In comparison to lightweight towels, medium-weight towels have a slightly higher GSM. These hand towels are silky and long-lasting. High GSM towels are heavyweight. These are the best hand towels available. They are puffy, incredibly absorbent, and durable. In conclusion, GSM accounts for the weight of the hand towel. The higher the GSM, the better the towel. 

5. FEEL the towel

This may sound like a very cliched thing to do - but whether you order hand towels online or whether you buy hand towels from a physical store it’s extremely important to inspect the towel. A lot of the time the stitching around the edges and corners may not be well done. This causes the tearing of the towel. Many times, the fabric just looks pretty but doesn’t feel good. Once you touch the towel, the fabric, the texture, the weight, the stitching, the weave - all are accounted for. So, when you order towels online do check the return policy of the product. When you purchase towels directly from physical stores, touch and feel the towel properly. 

6. After Care Instructions

It's crucial to wash towels gently at least once after purchasing them. A minimum amount of colour bleeding should be expected. To avoid destroying other clothing, hand wash these new hand towels separately. Since softeners typically contain chemicals that cause more harm than benefit, it is preferable to avoid using them. To keep hand towels smooth and soft, wash them delicately. It’s very important to wash hand towels regularly since germs and bacteria can start accumulating. Hand towels remain damp most of the time, so keeping them clean is recommended. 

Hand towels are a super important part of every house. Investing money in hand towels must be done carefully. Hand towels are a little more high maintenance than tissue papers and dryers, but it’s the best product to dry hands. At Vaaree, there are multiple hand towels available that are specially curated for you.

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