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5 Kitchen Essentials That Make Cooking Simple

Kitchen essentials can make cooking faster, safer, easier, and more enjoyable. But that doesn’t mean you pick all the kitchen items out there. In fact, when you load up on unnecessary kitchen items, it does more harm than good. The logic behind it is simple – more items = more clutter = less motivation to cook.

Kitchen essentials are called essentials for a reason. An ideal cooking set should be comprised of items you absolutely cannot do without! Understanding that building the right kitchen set is easier said than done, here we are with our list of super handy & uber efficient kitchen essentials.

These are unbelievably good & have the power to make the already effortful task of cooking, effortless:

  • Chef Knife

    Chef knife 250mm black

    Nothing ruins the aesthetic of a good dish more than uneven chopping. Which makes a chef’s knife one of the most non-negotiable kitchen items.

    A good chef’s knife is sturdy yet lightweight, quite like the one at Vaaree. With its stainless-steel blade and polypropylene handle, it is extremely comfortable to handle and pleasantly sharp to cut. Ergonomically designed, it lets you maneuver the cuts for those *chef’s kiss* kinda pieces. Dice, slice, split or roll cut like a pro, all with this bad boy!

    • Sage Mortar & Pestle

      Sage Mortar & Pestle

      Mortar & Pestle is more than just an Instragrammable kitchen set. It is a must-have kitchen essential especially in the Indian households. Often perceived as the traditional alternative for modern kitchen appliances, we call it the flavour inducer. This is because whether you want to revel in Grandma-style chutneys or dips, everything tastes better when ground in this stoneware mortar.

      The best part about this? You can control the consistency of every ingredient. Need coarse ginger for your tea or fine paste for your tadka? Your mortar, your call! All this with the satisfying experience of watching every ingredient crushed to perfection.

      • Veggetti Spiralizer

        Veggetti Spiralizer

        What if we tell you can have spaghetti every day without putting on those extra inches? If this sounds tempting enough, make Veggetti Spiralizer a part of your kitchen cooking set already!

        A tool that turns any veggie like carrot, zucchini and more into spaghetti, it’s the investment your future self will thank you for. Efficient to use, compact to store and effortless to wash - It is a blessing from food heaven tool for lazy bums, keto followers, and experimental foodies. It is so fun & simple to use, trust us when we say you will reach for this more frequently than you think!

        • Epiphany Cast Iron Skillet

          A skillet might sound like a no-brainer as kitchen essentials cookwareBut it is vital to have the spot-on material. Preferably get a cast iron skillet as its naturally non-stick and comparatively healthier to cook in.

          Another reason to make this cast iron skillet your kitchen essentials cookware – it will practically last for a lifetime. Thanks to its scratch resistance and heat retention properties, it can become your go-to for sautéing, tossing & stir-frying. And did we mention this kitchen cookware requires minimal oil for food preparations?

          • Kitchenware Bundle

            Kitchenware Bundle

            The truth about kitchen essentials is that they are easy to go over-board with. And if you are a beginner or just setting up a new kitchen, nothing can get more overwhelming than this. Well, not anymore.

            Meet our kitchen essentials bundle. A curation of the most efficient tools, this is the only kitchen set you will need. Comprising of kitchen knives, slotted turner, swivel peeler, mini whisk, silicon spatula, a pair of kitchen scissors and tongs, cart this right away to make your cooking a whole lot easier!

            Though these are basic tools that widely found or should be found in any kitchen, this is no way is a comprehensive list. Kitchen essentials can be subjective depending on your cooking skills, kitchen space, frequently prepared cuisine, and more. For instance, someone who indulges in baking regularly will sure have sets of this Perforated Square Tart Ring. That said, no matter what your cooking, home styling, organizing or snuggle preferences are, at Vaaree we have an assortment of kitchenware, bakeware, barware, basically everything nice, everything home! Not only do we offer an extensive range, but we also assure the best prices and even better quality!

            Let Vaaree be the catalyst to make your house, your home. As we say it here, ‘Vaaree Hai Toh Home Hai!’

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