Best Towels For Bath

A Guide To Buying The Best Towels For Bath!

Buying bath towels is not an everyday chore! Bath towels tend to last very long. There are a few factors one must consider before buying bath towels. Let’s get straight to the point!


This is an important factor that most people miss out on. Bath towels are offered in various sizes. It generally varies from country to country, depending on the demographics. In India, generally, the female body is slightly smaller than the male body. So females choose a ‘queen’ size towel and males choose a ‘king’ size towel. People tend to get confused between bath towels and bath sheets. The former is a towel with sizes like large, medium, and small - so each body type can find a suitable option. The latter is an extra large piece of cloth that is highly absorbent and soft but used mostly for luxurious purposes. Buying bath sets is a good practice. That way, one doesn’t have to worry about matching the design aesthetics and gets all sizes of towels in one set itself. 


Every fabric has its own pros and cons. For the best bath towels, one must select a fabric that is strong, absorbent, and durable. Materials like Pima cotton, Turkish cotton, Egyptian cotton, and bamboo are popularly used to make soft towels for bathing. Pima cotton, which is the most premium cotton fabric, is highly used to make soft and luxurious bath towels. Turkish cotton, which is relatively common when it comes to bath towels, is cozy, soft, and long-lasting. Bamboo is an eco-friendly and durable fabric. Egyptian cotton is the perfect alternative to make luxury towels because the fabric is extremely soft and fluffy. Thin towels are preferred in areas where the climatic conditions are cold - because thin towels dry up faster. Thick towels take time to dry so are best suited for warm weather conditions. Checking the fibre content in full-size bath towels is a must. Not all cotton towels are 100% cotton. 


Yes, when it comes to soft bath towels, this is an important factor too! The weight of a bath towel is an indicator of its GSM (grams per square metre). The higher the GSM, the thicker the bath towel will be. Lightweight towels have low GSM. They’re good if one is looking for a basic, low-priced towel. Mediumweight towels have a higher GSM than lightweight towels. These towels are durable and soft. Heavyweight towels have high GSM. These towels are the best towels. They’re extremely absorbent, fluffy, and long-lasting. If one is looking for a luxurious experience, a bath towel with high GSM is recommended. Be mindful of the GSM. A lot of people trick customers by stating a high GSM. Always check the weight and fabric quality before buying expensive towels.


Towels come in various weaves. Weaves of towels basically determine the texture of the towel. Popular towel weaves are terry cloth, waffle weave, and combed cotton. Terry Cloth is super soft and absorbent. It ensures that a lot of water is absorbed into the towel, thanks to its larger surface area. Waffle weave is quick drying and thin. Its honeycomb-like structure makes sure water is absorbed and that it dries fast. Combed cotton, like the name suggests, is a debris-free fabric that ensures that only the longer threads of cotton are used to make the towel. The smaller threads and other debris is combed out of the fabric while weaving. There are various other types of weaves too. Each weave has its own special quality. One must choose a towel based on the weave one prefers. 


Everyone has their own preference when it comes to design. Some people like plain towels, while others prefer printed towels. Designer towels also have a great demand in the market. Depending on personal preference, one can choose between various towel options, however, cotton towels work the best when it comes to pure utility. While towels with lace are extremely aesthetic, very few of them are actually durable. Lace is delicate and it wears off over time. Towels with minimal patterns are recommended. Vaaree offers quality bath towels with specially curated designs. Picking the right colour for a towel is a good practice. Bath towels come in a variety of colours and shades. One must keep in mind factors such as bathroom colour, room colour, and personal colour choice while buying towels. Warm colours are more suitable for the summer season and cool colours tend to look better in winters. The timeless white towel is an excellent choice for all seasons. 

After care

After buying towels, it’s important to gently wash them at least once. A minimum amount of colour bleeding is expected. Hand wash towels separately so other clothes don’t get spoilt. It’s better to avoid using softeners because these chemicals tend to do more harm than good. Gently wash towels to ensure that they remain soft and luxurious. Towels are used to wipe the entire body. Washing towels every now and then helps to keep them clean and hygienic. Dry towels thoroughly after every use. 

In conclusion, a lot goes on behind the scenes to make a good towel. As a smart customer, one must keep in mind all these factors before making a buying decision.

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