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Top 10 Best Serving Bowls In Your Dining Set

Bowls are items that are there in everyone’s house. They’re the most commonly used serveware. There are a plethora of serving bowls available in the market. As time passes, more and more serving bowls are being made. Bowls are used for multiple purposes: decoration, serve war, cookware, and eatware!

Here are the 10 best serving bowls you MUST have in your house!

  1. Cereal Bowl
Cereal Bowl

These bowls are slightly smaller than the regular bowl. As the name suggests, they are primarily used to consume cereal. Other breakfast items can also be eaten in these bowls. These are slightly deeper when it comes to height. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not have it in a pretty and aesthetic bowl, huh?

  1. Soup Bowl
Soup Bowl

Soup bowls are one of the most important bowls. Every home must have it because you can’t consume soup on a plate, can you? Soup bowls are small, deep bowls that ensure that the soup you are having remains hot! 

  1. Ceramic Bowl
Ceramic Bowl

This is a bowl that is present in every house. It’s multipurpose, functional and aesthetically pleasing. Generally, such bowls are microwavable and can be washed in a dishwasher. If you are looking for a one stop destination for bowls, this is the one! Whether it’s ramen or rice, this bowl is the go-to product! Pro tip: use these bowls for decor to attract attention!

  1. Rice Bowl
Rice Bowl

Rice bowls are slightly larger than cereal bowls. They are used predominantly in Asian countries because they are high on rice consumption but with time they have gained popularity in the Western world as well. Rice bowls are needed in every household.

  1. Wooden Bowl
Wooden Bowl

Have you seen anything more aesthetically pleasing than a Wooden Bowl? These bowls are becoming more and more common. With increasing importance given to health, a lot of consumers have switched to wooden crockery from plastic products. These bowls are used to mix dry snacks and salads. These bowls must be hand-washed so as to retain their qualities over time.

  1. Pasta Bowl
Pasta Bowl

Typically known as Pasta Plate, a Pasta Bowl is a flattened bowl with higher rims and edges on the side. Food like spaghetti and ravioli require a wider bowl because of the amount of sauce that is put into these dishes. If you are a fan of Italian cuisine, buy this ASAP!

  1. Dip Bowl
Dip Bowl Sets

As the name suggests, a Dip Bowl is used to serve dips like cheese dips, salsa dips and even jams! These super small bowls can be used to serve sauces, chutneys and any small accompaniment that you’d like to serve with food! These bowls are becoming popular because of the new variety of dishes being developed!

  1. Ice-cream Bowl
Ice-cream Bowl Sets

Who doesn’t like ice-cream? Majority of the population does! Ice-cream bowls are super small, deep bowls that can usually hold upto 2 scoops of ice-cream. These bowls are generally made of glass and are easy to wash.

  1. Salad Bowl
Salad Bowl

A Salad Bowl is bigger than a rice bowl. Typically while making salad, a lot of mixing and stirring takes place. This bowl is big enough to hold a lot of veggies and ensures a smooth preparation process. It’s not a bowl that you eat salad in, but a bowl that you make salad in!

  1. Glass Bowl
Glass Bowl

Similar to ceramic bowls, glass bowls are usually used to serve dishes in than to consume food in. Glass bowls are microwavable and can be washed in a dishwasher. They do well in refrigerators as well. They are an all-time classic and favourite. These bowls ensure that people can see what they are eating. They are fragile and can break easily. They are available in a variety of sizes and are the best kind of bowls in the market. 

As there are meals intended for them, there are as many distinct varieties of bowls. You'd be mistaken if you assumed they were all the same. One of the most practical containers in a kitchen or dining area is the bowl. Additionally, bowls enhance the flavour of the food by bringing out the aroma well, and even just holding one of these bowl dishes can improve your mood, imagine, for example: steaming hot Maggi on a cold winter night!

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