Which bed sheet type is best for you?

Which bed sheet type is best for you? - Vaaree

Types of bedsheets? Different types exist? Caught you off guard, didn't we? Yes, there are different types of bed sheets in the market. And against contrary belief, all bed sheets are not suitable for everyone!

Cotton is the king of fabrics. Cotton is most suitable for people who live in warm climatic conditions. When it comes to bed sheets, cotton is the BEST option available. The fabric is soft, breathable, light and easy to handle. Within cotton itself, there are variations. One of these variations comes in the format of ‘threadcount’. There’s 144 TC, 210 TC, 300 TC, 400 TC and many more!



The higher the thread count, the superior the quality of the bed sheet. Another variation within cotton is Egyptian Cotton. This is the most premium variation of cotton. It’s made from the softest, smoothest and highest quality cotton. If you want to blindly trust a fabric, this is the one! It’s an all-time classic. 

While cotton is king, and we all know about satin and its seductive nature, it’s time we give the due credit to other bed sheet fabrics like bamboo. Bamboo? Isn’t that grass? Well, yes. Bamboo bed sheets are made by crushing and steaming the bamboo sticks. In fact, bamboo bed sheets are soft, breathable and durable. They’re the go-to option if you're an advocate of sustainable living, or not, cuz either way they’re super comfortable.

Tencel is another fabric which is famous when it comes to bed sheets. Sigh, if only consumers knew about the magic there is in tencel bed sheets. These sheets are made up of wood pulp. They are super soft and have good absorption capabilities. They’re a tad bit expensive but, mehengai badh gai hai so what to do. 

Linen bed sheets are like wine - they get better with time. To give you some reference, linen is inherently a tougher fabric when compared to cotton. However, with every wash, they get softer and softer. Plus, if you’re living close to the equator it’s better to choose linen - since it’ll keep you cooler. 

Apart from these, bed sheet fabrics like polyester, silk and microfiber also exist. Stay tuned to find out more about them!


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